Top 10 Best Tools to Convert Photo to Sketch Online Free 2021

Do you like pencil sketches and want a pencil sketch of yourself? Now, you don't have to ask a painter to sketch you and pay for that. Through a free photo to sketch converter, you can convert your photos to pencil sketch within seconds. Let's move on and see how to sketch a face from a photo. You can also check out more creative AI tools from our previous post: Selfie to Anime with Best Anime Selfie Apps 2021.

Top 10 Free Photo to Sketch Converters Review

If you think using photoshop is a little bit challenging and want to find some easier tools to convert photo to sketch for free, please read on and we list the 10 best online photo to sketch converters for you. They're really good alternatives to photoshop. Easy-to-use and no software involved.


1. Vance AI Sketch Converter

Driven by deep learning and AI technology, Vance AI Sketch Converter can not only transform your portrait into sketch but also the entire photo into a sketch. Photos with multiple portraits can also be converted quite accurately thanks to advanced algorithms. If you have some memorable photos shot during a birthday party or journey, try this AI to convert them into sketches before you share them on social media.



  • Convert portrait or entire photo into sketch 100% automatically
  • Deliver more accurate results than conventional tools
  • Turn photo into sketch in seconds


  • Lack editing feature
  • Upload image less than 5MB

Performance of this Photo to Sketch Converter


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2. allows uploading images from the computer, by URL, or from Facebook. If you don't have a proper photo and just want to test if this web tool works well, you can pick one image from their listed images. When your image is done, you can choose to download directly, get links, share with social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or save to Dropbox. On the result page, you'll notice that there are some additional features available, like frames, stickers, and custom text. But when you click these features, you'll be redirected to an editing panel which is also an online tool of


Easy & fast process
Upload image through several methods
Support share with social media & cloud drive
Other tools available

Can't make an adjustment to the output


3. is a newly released AI photo to sketch converter I came across a few days ago. This is an amazing tool you can use to convert portraits, pets, products or any photos into sketches. Trained on millions of real world photos, AI Portraits Online is more intelligent in detecting the lines in photos and turning them into sketches. Read our full tutorial: How to Convert Photo to Line Drawing & Sketches with

Free to use
Automatic sketch converter
Turn any photo into sketch effortlessly

Can't make adjustments to the result pencil sketch



4. Lunapic

Lunapic is another free online photo to pencil sketch converter. You may find a great number of editing features through its navigation bar. For converting a photo to pencil sketch, just upload a photo and adjust to get the result you want. Then you can save to your device or share with social media. A lot of editing features are available if you want to edit the result to get a more custom photo.


Upload images from device, Facebook, its stock, or through URL
Share the result to Facebook, Imgur, Pinterest, Twitter, Google photos
Able to adjust the result

The output is not very closed to a pencil sketch


5. Image Online

Image online lists a large number of tools on the left hand of its web page which is quite overwhelming. Although not many options are provided during your use of this free photo to pencil sketch converter, for example, you can only upload an image from device and download to it, the output is really not bad.


Able to adjust pencil shadow before processing

Can't make adjustments to the result pencil sketch
Upload images only from the device
The tools of the left column are a bit overwhelming


6. Photofunia

Photofunia, a free photo to pencil sketch converter, is able to sketch a person from a photo in an easy and quick way. Though no additional features are offered here, this free photo to sketch converter is worthy of a try because of its good performance. Some excellent examples are listed on its homepage and you can have a look before you use this web tool.


The produced pencil sketch looks not bad
Easy steps & quick process

Not able to adjust or edit the output
Can't upload from or share with social media
The area for upload is too small




Besides converting images to various formats, also serves as a free online photo to sketch converter. Every time you process a photo through this web tool, you have to click to agree with its terms of use, which is a little bit troublesome. The processing speed is as fast as previous web tools.


Many additional tools available

The interface is a bit confusing
Can't adjust or edit the result
Only upload from the device


7. Snapstouch

The interface of Snapstouch is a little bit confusing because you have to click the button UPLOAD after clicking the button Choose File and selecting an image. Then you can make some adjustments and click PENCIL IT. A couple of seconds later, you'll get your custom pencil sketch.


Able to adjust pencil color from black, red, green, and blue

Not very easy-to-use
Only upload image from the device


8. Tuxpi

Upload an image and you can get the result within seconds. This free photo to sketch converter allows you to make adjustments to the result pencil sketch, like adding text, changing color and contrast, rotating, resizing, and cropping.


The preview is available while adjusting color and contrast
Able to download and share the output

Not very closed to pencil sketch
You can only upload an image from the device



Photo funny supports photo to sketch online for free. After you upload an image, it will produce the result almost in a flash. Upon the pencil sketch, you can add stickers, text, comment, and crop or rotate the image.


Allow to add text, automatically adjust and add a filter
You can choose to download or share the results.
Editing features included

Can only upload image from device



10. Online photo converter

When you use this free photo to sketch converter, it may confuse you after you upload an image from device because you don't know whether the image is uploaded successfully or not. Besides, there is no preview of the finished pencil sketch.


Quick process

The interface is a little confusing
No preview while making adjustments





Online photo to sketch converters are quite easy to find now and most of them are free. Most of them are designed just for fun so the output pencil sketch perhaps looks not very real. Well for me, I don't need to sit down for a long time to get a sketch of myself. More importantly, it's totally free. Then why not? Also read: How to Convert Photo to Line Drawing & Sketches with


1.How to convert photo to sketch in Photoshop?

Speaking of editing images, the first tool that comes to your mind is probably Photoshop. It's no doubt that Photoshop provides a feature for converting photo to sketch. Check out this clip for quick tutorial:

You can also follow the step-to-step instruction listed below.

Step1: Import an image and make a copy of it
Step2: Click on the Adjustment layer button and choose Hue/Saturation
Step3: Reduce Saturation to -100
Step4: Click on the thumbnail to make it active
Step5: Change the blend mode to Color Dodge
Step6: Invert it and go to Filter and choose Blur - Gaussian Blur
Step7: Slide the Radius to adjust

Step1: Import an image and make a copy of it
Step2: Click Filter and choose Filter Gallery
Step3: Choose graph pen under the Sketch category
Step4: Adjust stroke length and other elements

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