Google's AI experiments are increasing day by day. Google's latest AI experiment is a music-playing piano bot that digests whatever keyboard tunes you give it and tries to answer in kind. The piano bot is called AI Duet. This Google AI Duet is a part of an ongoing push from Google's Creative Lab unit to help the public train themselves with AI and all the ways it can imitate human behavior and even create art. Now AI Duet online an open-source effort that's available to the public. This music-making application from Google powered by artificial intelligence to create its own melodies. In this article, we will see how AI Duet work and respond to make fun and amuse people.

What is AI Duet?

AI Duet is a music-playing piano bot from Google's Creative Lab unit that uses artificial intelligence to create its own melodies. After receiving the user inputs a melody, or even just a bunch of key bashing, it makes amuse by responding back its own performance in returns of what you played.  It helps the public to train themselves with AI and all the ways it can imitate human behavior. More about AI Duet Music Maker.

Google AI Duet uses neural networks, which are essentially computer emulations of the way the brain solves problems. With this neural network, it analyzes patterns in what the user played, eventually spitting out its own performance of the melody. A.I. Duet online is part of a project called Magenta that is running by Google's Brain unit. AI Duet is an open-source effort that's available for public.

Its special about A.I. Duet is not just as a machine that's programmed to play music with notes and rules hard-coded into it but it also plays with you using machine learning. Google A.I. Duet has been exposed to a lot of examples of melodies, Yotam Mann, a member of Google's Creative Lab team, said. You don't need to be a musician to use AI Duet online, because the AI responds instantly, even if you just click on the keyboard. And in that case, its notes definitely sound awesome to hear than your notes. This is because in the results of "natural" responses, used in AI Duet and the computer can even produce something it was never programmed to do.

What is AI Duet?

How does AI Duet work?

Google AI Duet works by taking the notes the user play using their computer's keyboard and running it via neural network that has been trained using AI machine learning with different examples. Then the neural network looks for melodic and rhythmic patterns, it can detect to understands concepts like timing and staying in keyboard from a hard data perspective and It doesn't mean it was ever explicitly told what to do, it just performs this action automatically. After that it's able to generate its very own organic melodies and rhythms and that, melodies sound like a direct response to your own. It was developed by musician and computer scientist Yotam Man in cooperation with the Google's Creative Lab and Magenta, Google's open-source computational music and art project. With the passage of time, it learns the relationships between notes and timing and creates its own music maps based on what it's "listened" to.

The maps created by AI Duet online are saved in the artificial intelligence's neural networks. It compares what you're playing with what it's learned and reply with the best match in real time when you play music to the computer. Every time in a while, you do get a melody music sent back at you that feels eerily as if it had to have been made by a fellow human to   fits in well with your original notes.

AI Duet online is effective yet another fascinating exploration of the creative side of AI, is that fits well with the Google's other musical experiments. Those have an "infinite" drum machine that is bizarre but incredible phone app that can raps about what it sees through your phone's camera by mixing image analysis and a voice synthesizer. This experiment allows you to play a duet with the computer. You just play some notes, and in return the computer responds to your melody, even you don't know how to play piano, but you get experience. So, it's fun to just press some keys and listen to what comes back, and in that sense, it can inspire people to be creative in new ways.


AI Duet is a music-playing piano from Google's Creative Lab unit that uses AI to create its own melodies responds to your melody. The aim of this is to get everyday users to play around with Google AI Duet experiment to help inform how it is built and how it can be improved, as well as to help independent developers and musicians get new experiences using powerful AI machine learning software.

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