Top 10 AI Cartoonizers to Cartoon Yourself Online Free 2023 (Updated In June)

Summary: This article lists the top 10 online AI Cartoon Yourself tools that allow you to turn your photos into cartoons. Each tool is rated based on its ease of use, customization options, and output quality.

Do you want to see what you look like in the cosmic world? The creative tools driven by AI in my article will let you do something cool: cartoon yourself online automatically. All you need to do is prepare a digital selfie and upload it to an AI anime character maker. Well, sounds like magic. But AI is now helping you become an amateur artist.

Here we list some of the best AI animation character generators that allow you to turn photos into cartoons free available now, including free and paid generators, and several conventional platforms that are fun to use.

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Top 10 AI Tools to Cartoon Yourself 2023 (Updated June)

ToolOutput QualityProcessing SpeedAI BasedCustomizationSuitable Audience
Toongineer Cartoonizer★★★★☆★★★☆☆✔️✔️Artists, businesses, and individuals seeking advanced customization options.
Toonify★★★★☆★★★★☆✔️Casual users looking for a simple and free-to-use tool for cartoonizing their photos.
Befunky★★★☆☆★★★★☆✔️Individuals, businesses, and artists looking for a user-friendly and versatile tool.★★★★☆★★★☆☆✔️Casual users and businesses looking for a customizable and easy-to-use tool for cartoonizing their selfies.

Please note that prices and detailed features of the following products are subject to change as products are updated. We will try to update the articles as much as possible so that the information presented is correct.

our-pick1. Toongineer Cartoonizer

Price: $4.95/100 images; $6.95/200 images; $11.45/500 images

features Notable features: Supports Avatar, Character, Manga styles, Batch processing, Quality Adjustment

Rating: 10/10

Toongineer Cartoonizer  AI cartoonizer review

During my in-depth testing, I found ToonGineer Cartoonizer, designed by VanceAI, to be a dynamic tool catering to anyone who seeks a myriad of animation styles including Avatar (An electronic depiction, often seen in video games, that portrays and can be altered by a computer operator), Character, and Manga. Its excellence lies in the power to swiftly customize cartoon pictures, making it an ideal choice for individuals with time-sensitive projects.

What makes Toongineer Cartoonizer stand out from the crowd is its efficient batch-processing capability. It allows you to upload and modify multiple images simultaneously, which drastically optimizes the workflow. However, its performance in processing images with complex backgrounds falls short of expectations.

This time I am going to use this photo (the first one from the left, download from Unsplash) to test all tools that I reviewed today so that you could see the difference more clearly.

Toongineer Cartoonizer

I tried animate the girl image three times, in models like Character, Avatar, and Sketch Avatar. The images processed by these models are able to satisfy me. Both in terms of color and accuracy, Toongineer Cartoonizer has achieved good results. I would also be surprised if I zoomed in to see the details of the eyes and hair. Every hair, even the eyelashes, look like they were realistically drawn with a pen. For such simple backgrounds, it also handles them very well.

Also, I should tell you, when the background of the image is complicated, there might exist some small errors.

Pros:     Cons:
Easy and fast to useNot that perfect when it comes to caricature images with complex background
Cartoon yourself online for free and 100% automatically 
Output clear and natural images based on the photo you upload 

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2. Toonify - Cartoon Yourself

Price: Free; Paid start at £3/10 images

featuresNotable features: Offers API, Diverse art styles, High-resolution output

Rating: 9/10


Toonify API, created by AI enthusiasts Justin Pinkney and Doron Adler, proves to be a capable web-based application for turning photos into cartoons. It is ideally suited for developers looking for an AI model for their apps or websites.

Toonify API's strength lies in its ability to blend faces with its cartoon model to produce Pixar-like (Pixar's animated movies are very popular all over the world, and now you can turn yourself into an animated character too.) results. Its impressive range of styles such as Adventure Time, Rick and Morty, and Bob’s Burgers, offers an abundance of options for customization.

Here is the testing image processed by the free version of Toonify:

Cartoonizer form Toonify

Looking at this photo, Toonify has handled the details of the face very well, the eyes and eyelashes are drawn in a very pleasing way, and the lips are very much like the style of Princess Disneyland. However, Toonify has made some mistakes in the hair details, the edges of the hair have been mixed with the background.

The image is cropped, and the body and background are missing in this image. There are many other interesting styles and models to be chosen, however, they are all available in paid versions.

Pros:    Cons:
Convert a photo of any face into a cartoonLimitation on a free trial
High-Resolution OutputOnly preserve the head part image
No Watermarks 

How to Use Toonify API Cartoon Yourself Online?

It is quite easy to use Toonify API to toonify yourself in only one click.

Step 1: Open the website and select the transformation model.

Step 2: Go to the Toonify API website and upload your photo.

Step 3: Save the download.

3. Befunky

Price: $9.99/mo

featuresNotable features: Intensity adjustment, High-level customization

Rating: 8/10


Befunky, a web-based photo editor, allows for effortless drawing style creation through a single click. Best suited for artists and businesses seeking to imbue photos with an artistic touch, it stands out with its user-friendly interface.

The strong suit of Befunky lies in its ability to adjust the intensity of effects. Its advanced AI algorithms render the tool versatile and efficient, providing users with personalized cartoonized images that closely mirror their preferences.

Now, look at these images we made with Befunky:

Befunky image processed by Befunky

In the process of using it, we can find that Befunky is cartoon yourself by adding filters and we can make an adjustment of the intensity of the filters, which is better. Among the following four styles, we think the other three images are more satisfactory, except the third one which is not so good (blurring).

Despite its capabilities, the product's main drawback is its complexity, since it is an all in one image editor, you will need to learn more to use it. And you should note that they caricature an image by adding a filter with AI, not redrawing it.

Powerful to deal photo with complex backgroundNot friendly to beginners with multiple functions
Turn picture into cartoon onlineNot free to use
Enhance the photo details while make it sketch style 


Price: Starts at $5 for 40 credits/mo

featuresNotable features: Customizable cartoon avatars, Variety of art styles, Custom text addition

Rating: 8/10

From my research and testing,, an AI Cartoonizer, offers a simple and engaging way to transform photos into custom manga avatars. Ideal for creative enthusiasts, it offers everything from KPOP-inspired visuals to intricate manga portraits.

Its strength lies in its extensive customization options and a variety of art styles, making it possible for users to create anime images personalized to their taste. It even allows for adding custom text or speech bubbles, further expanding the creative options.

Here are 4 images draw by with 4 styles, K-pop, k-pop avatar, Disney style and Pixar style. The K-pop style is good, just like the first product, VanceAI Toogineer Cartoonizer. However, the girl in the photo using the Disney style seems to have gained a lot of weight and should be a great photo if she can slim down. Also using the Pixar-style picture, the girl's eyes seem to have a little problem.

image processed by

Another shortcoming of is the limitation on the free trial version, and some features remain locked behind the paid plans. Moreover, the resolution of output images could be a disappointment for users seeking high-resolution results.

Wide range of art styles to choose from. Limited free trial version available.
Wide range of art styles to choose from. Some features are only available in paid plans.
Batch processing capabilities for multiple selfies. Output image resolution is limited.

5. Image to Cartoon

Price: $4.9/day; Premium: $6/mo; Pro: $14/mo

featuresNotable features: High-resolution output, No watermark, Affordable pricing plans

Image to Cartoon AI cartoonizer review

Image to Cartoon, it became clear that this is an intuitive platform for converting photos into unique comic-style representations. The service is perfect for anyone desiring high-quality images for various digital mediums or printing purposes.

This tool offers notable features such as high-resolution outputs, up to 3000x3000 pixels, and watermark-free images. The affordability of its pricing plans with unlimited feature access makes it a cost-effective choice for creating unique comic-style images.

These two images are generated using Image to Cartoon, you can see that the first one works well, the girl becomes still good looking, inside this image. And the other picture, same as the previous tool, the girl's face is much fatter. But its details, such as hair strands, eyebrows and eyes, are handled really very well.

Image to Cartoon AI cartoonizer review

The main drawback, however, is its limited customization options, which might not be sufficient for those seeking more creative control. Furthermore, the free version of the service includes a watermark and the output resolution could be improved.

Quick and easy cartoon conversionLimited customization options
No software download requiredWatermark on free version
User-friendly interfaceLow resolution output

Rating: 7/10

6. Picsart Cartoon Yourself

Price: Free; $13/mo

featuresNotable features: Comprehensive features, User-friendly interface, Community and social sharing

Rating: 7/10


From my experience, PicsArt proves to be an efficient platform for those seeking a quick and effortless tool. It's particularly useful for social media enthusiasts who wish to add a fun twist to their pictures.

Its Photo to Cartoon tool, based on my observations, is feature-rich, enabling fine-tuning of images. It offers settings for hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast adjustments, giving users the ability to produce highly customized artwork. A unique "Magic" effect brings an array of filters such as Flora, Pastel, and Pop Sketch.


As Befuncky mentioned above, PicsArt is also a versatile image editor, and its sketch effects are actually filters. As you can see from our experience with them, some of these filters work well, but some of them are not really qualified cartoon pictures. These filters, you may need to learn these and try them yourself.

However, the advanced features require a subscription which might be a drawback for some. Additionally, we found the app to be resource-intensive during our testing phase.

offers a comprehensive set of features, including filters, effects, stickers, text Advanced features require a subscription
AI-powered and User-friendly interfaceResource-intensive
Community and social sharing 

7. Colorcinch

Price: $8.99/mo

featuresNotable features: One-click cartoonization, Variety of filters

Rating: 8/10

Colorcinch review

Colorcinch stands as a reliable cloud-based app, empowering users to cartoonize their photos. Its user-friendly interface caters to all users, even those without a technical background.

The platform's distinct feature of one-click cartoonization makes it a practical choice. A wealth of filters for customization allows users to adjust the intensity and achieve the desired look effortlessly. But not all of these filters can cartoon yourself well, many errors in some of them.

Here are some images that I made with Colorcinch:

image processed by Colorcinch

You can see that the first two filters are not perfectly animated, and the girl in the second filter even has a strange crack near her mouth, but her hair is better depicted. The third filter is the one I'm more satisfied with because there seem to be no mistakes here, however, this is not strictly speaking cartoonization, it's just a filter.

Like Befunky, Colorcinch is an all-in-one photo editing tool and you may need to spend some more time with this software to get better results. Also, the processing takes longer and the free version comes with an annoying watermark.

A great number of filters for you to chooseNot free
Can be used onlineSlow processing speed
Good image quality 

8. The Cartoonist [Cartoon yourself by experts]

Price: Free

featuresNotable features: Versatility, Privacy protection, AI technology

Rating: 7/10

The Cartoonist

The Cartoonist is a website and service run by a skilled artist who has been transforming regular photos into cartoon versions for over a decade. The service is incredibly versatile, offering manual drawing not only for individual portraits but also for pets, couples, business logos, and more. Its specialization in this unique art form makes it particularly useful for special occasions or important tasks.

The Cartoonist’s talented team can provide customized images that capture the essence of the original photo while adding a fun and artistic twist. Overall, it offers a reliable and high-quality service for anyone seeking to transform their photos into creative and visually appealing photos.

This is a good tool for those who want a perfect anime drawing style avatar. Because here you can find a platform to communicate with the artist as a way to achieve the cartoon effect you want. But this can take both a lot of time and money.

Protect users' privacy by limiting the validation of the processed photo for 5 minutes onlyNeed more time and more money
Drawing by real experts 
Professional and Personalized 


Price: Free & Paid

featuresNotable features: Simplicity, Disney character style, 2D & 3D styles

Rating: 6/10

In my experience, AI. IMAGE ENLARGER is a convenient and straightforward app. It's particularly suited to those seeking a quick way to caricature themselves for social media sharing.

The key feature that caught my attention is the app's simplicity. With just one touch, users can turn their photos into Disney 3D face style. IMAGE ENLARGER will turn you into an animated princess in Disney, and you only need to choose 2D or 3D to download.

However, this tool also misses a lot of customization options because it is too simple, such as custom style, size, etc. Output quality may not meet some people's needs for HD pictures.

Much like Image to Cartoon's style, the girl's face becomes fatter in the 3D style. And in 2D style kind, the background is not handled as well as Image to Cartoon, there are some small mistakes.

Easy to useToo simple that many functions and customization are missing
Turn photo into cartoon online free 
Download for free 

10. Photo Cartoon

Price: Free

featuresNotable features: Wide effect range, User-friendly

Rating: 6/10

photo-cartoon AI cartoonizer review

After experimenting with Photo Cartoon, it emerged as a versatile online tool offering free services. It is ideal for users looking for a quick and no-cost way to transform their pictures into appealing cartoons, paintings, or caricatures.

Based on my observations, the platform provides over 50 captivating photo manga effects ready to be applied to images. The process is simple: upload the photo, select the desired effect, and download the image.

Here are the testing image that made by Photo Cartoon:

Photo Cartoon

This picture tool provides a comic style that is different from other products, such as Simpson style, Disney 2d style, etc. These are the styles that I find more interesting. But the pictures it generates are quite different from the original ones and can be said to be changed.

However, from our hands-on experience, we found the AI performance to be subpar in cartoon creation. Moreover, to remove the watermark from the final product, users are required to purchase a premium version, which may deter some from using the service.

You can try the watermark remover tools from our previous post: Top 20 Best Watermark Removers to Remove Watermarks from Photo, Video, Word, and PDF.

Can used online and freeNot perform well
Easy to useLarge difference from the original picture


Don't want to be regarded as a boring person on social media? Try the above cartoon yourself tools in this article to toonify yourself then. Some of them allow you to caricature yourself for free and some of them are paid to get more excellent features. Adding it as a profile can make you more approachable on social media. Or if you want to attract more people with the same hobby. It would be a great way to post a manga avatar on your profile, especially when the fantasy image is yourself. Thanks to the AI cartoonizer tools in this post, you can easily draw yourself online. It’s great to see more and more AI companies and enthusiasts improving this powerful technology and developing more tools to help us in every aspect. The development of AI-based tools enables us to live in a more creative world with endless incredible imaginations. But there is a still long way to go before AI dominates creative tools like cartoonizers.

Besides cartoonizing, you can try another way to make your portrait creative, such as converting your photo to sketch or oil painting. Follow us to find the best pencil sketch converter and pick your most desired one.


1. how to cartoonize a photo with AI tools?

There are many online AI image generators for you to cartoon yourself. If you want to toonify free, tool like Toongineer Cartoonizer is recommended which allows you to turn picture into cartoon with AI technology. All you have to do is to upload your photo to this online AI toolto toonify photos in seconds.

2. How does AI cartoon tools work?

AI caricature tools are generally powered by advanced AI technology taught by deep learning. This technology has been trained by millions of photos which helps these cartoon tools process the photos intelligently. By using these tools, you can apply AI filters on your image to toonify photos.

3. Is AI better than a human artist?

An artist is a profession that requires the involvement of feelings, consciousness, thinkings, emotion, and creativity. Artificial intelligence may be able to learn faster and imitate more realistically to toonify photos but never create new techniques.

More tools to toonify yourself in our previous post: Top 10 AI Painting Generators 2020

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