Top 10 AI Transcription Software

Got dozens of audio files that need to be converted to text format? It'll be tedious work unless you make use of audio transcription Software. Well, the same applies for a video file that needs to be converted to audio or text files, in this case, you have to seek help from a video transcription Software.

Top 10 AI Transcription Software

1. Trint

This audio transcription software uses AI-based, highly advanced technologies to quickly understand human voices and then convert them easily into readable text files. Trint is available for both, Android and Apple users. You can also use this software in your macOS or Windows OS. The mobile version of Trint allows you to input contact numbers, upload files to Trint, record phone calls, and whatnot.Trint is capable of transcribing audio, video, text files swiftly. When most of the AI-based transcription software fails to meet accuracy in the work, Trint stands out with a 99 percent accuracy rate.

In addition to all these pros of Trint, it also provides its users with the ability to edit search through transcripts.




  • A user interface that is easy to use.
  • The transcription speed of a file is fairly good compared to other platforms.


  • There are limitations in the number of files you transcribe, that is, if you are transcribe 30 files daily, you will not be able to access the platform after a week.

2. Sonix

Sonix has gained the trust of many giant companies, including Adobe, Uber, Warner Bros. It has a record-breaking number of users, nearly forty million people all around the globe. This stands as a remarkable solution for all your Transcription problems. Sonix provides you with a bunch of interesting features that attract everyone who is looking for the best transcription software, both audio and video transcription software. Another interesting feature of Sonix is that you can enjoy seeing the process of the files when it is transcribed.




  • The transcription speed is quick and simple and the interface is easy to use.
  • If you are facing any sort of issues on the Sonix website, the customer service is always ready to help you, at any time.


  • You can access Sonix website only if you have the paid membership and you will be charged a fee based upon your usage.

3. Otter

Otter is an automatic transcription software that uses AI technology for transcribing audio files to text files in real-time.  With the help of Otter, you can either record and transcribe the audio file in real-time or upload a recorded file from any device or other communications apps.

This transcription software stands out to be highly useful and efficient for its users. Otter has both desktop and iOS versions. Apart from these, Otter allows its users to easily transcribe audio files just from their Android smartphones. Otter transcription software is powered by Ambient Voice Intelligence. This software comes with a basic plan, that is, you can use Otter as a free transcription software for up to 600 minutes of transcribing per month.



  • This platform helps you by providing a written transcription, even for a previously fetched file of yours.


  • The time it takes for uploading your audio or video file is too much.
  • The accuracy of the transcribed work is not upto the mark.

4. SpeechText

SpeechText is known to be the first and foremost transcription software that is multilingual and industry-specific. It can efficiently transcribe audio and video files with high precision, close to human accuracy. This is one of the powerful AI software that helps its users in transcribing speech to text and audio transcription.



  • This platform can transcribe conference calls, audio files with great accuracy.


  • The only language that the SpeechText platform supports is English.

5. Verbit

In the year 2021, Verbit has proved to be the ultimate transcription software that is developed based on AI technology. Apparently, Verbit has gained a lot of audiences and has widened its market by providing services in many sectors including the education sector, media, enterprises, and a lot more.

Verbit is well-known for its automated speech recognition technology, which works carefully in transcribing files, because of this much precision in the work, Verbit has grabbed the top and much-deserved position in the 2021's best AI transcription software.



  • It is user friendly and offers a good package of tools for a freelance transcriber.


  • It is a paid platform and the only payment mode it allows is PayPal.

6.  Scribie

Scribie is a well-known transcription software that is capable of delivering accurate results at a low and good cost. But this software has a minor disadvantage too. The user interface of Scribie could be streamlined and it doesn't have an Android version for smartphones.

If you are busy with bundles of work and still you want to record and transcribe a meeting, then a transcription software like Scribie will be really helpful and could make your life easier.

If you want to transcribe a video or audio file, you just need to upload the required file to the cloud-based website of Scribie, wait for a few minutes patiently. That's it, your transcribed file will be ready for download and the file will have high accuracy in work.




  • This platform promises to deliver accurate results in its work, at a good and low price.


  • This platform lacks a mobile application.

7.    Amazon Transcribe

Again, here comes audio transcription software from one of the international companies, Amazon and it comes with the name of Amazon Transcribe. In the year 2021, Amazon Transcribe has proved to be the best transcription software. Its services are being offered to many enterprises including VOD, contact centers, and a lot more.



  • You can dictate your content that needs to be transcribed, instead of typing long passages for hours.
  • The time taken for transcribing a file is quick and the accuracy of the work is appreciable.


  • When you are dictating your content, the transcription can miss a word in between and the punctuation will not be up to the mark.

8.  Jog

Jog transcription software allows its users to transcribe phone calls. Combining the two technologies of AI and NLP, Jog is an efficient audio transcription tool that performs the task of an intelligent personal assistant.

Not only does it serve giant companies but also small organizations with the same accuracy in its work. Jog's speech recognition platform comes into action whenever a call is made or received by its user.




  • The user interface is simple which makes the platform easy to use.


  • The platform has some unfixed bugs like the international support is not strong enough for making conference calls.

9.  Descript

This audio transcription software is jam-packed with impressive features. Descript has a wide range of functions, including a full-fledged podcast editor, video editor, screen recorder, transcribing audio and video files, etc. When your file is ready for transcription, you can share the file through a web link, and therefore, quickly provide access if you’re working with a team.

Descript comes with an ultimate feature called speaker identification. This allows any of its users to add speaker labels. Your data is highly protected under the data protection policy. This transcription software allows you to sync your files in a cloud.




  • All your work will be automatically saved to the cloud.


  • The default options of the application do not work properly.

10. Fireflies

This is again an AI-based transcription software that helps in transcribing meetings, and also offers search capabilities across any voice conversations. Founded in the year 2016, Fireflies is known as a predominant meeting assistant, but only for businesses and teams, and not for individuals.

This transcription software can transcribe and record meetings, and also lets you search your meetings. Fireflies provide its users with some exciting features like integrations with your dialers, CRMs.



  • The platform keeps track of your work and you will be able to fetch the files or calls later if you want.


  • Even after a meeting is over, the fireflies platform keeps running in the background, which you may not know sometimes.


If you are struggling to convert your audio or video files to text documents, get the help of these top 10  best transcription software that will reduce your workload by half. The best transcription software can swiftly turn anything, from video lectures to audio files, voice notes to text.


1. Is there a free transcription app?

Google's Live Transcribe is an Android App, capable of transcribing audio to your phone's screen live as it “hears” it. You can also transcribe audio using Google Docs. While these are free, they’re not as accurate as the AI software mentioned above.

2. What is the best way to transcribe audio?

You can use AI transcription software like Scribie, Jog, Otter, Sonix, and more.

3.  Can voice memos be transcribed?

There are some apps for iOS and Android that can do this, but you need to pay for the transcription. You may have to pay anywhere between 79 cents to $1 per minute of audio. Many of the same tools are available for dictation and transcription, for those who use Android.

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