This article reviews the top 10 AI-powered text adventure games that are alternatives to AI Dungeon. The article provides an overview of each tool's features, such as story generation, character customization, and world-building options. It also highlights the pricing model and compatibility of each tool.

In the creative process, the inception of a project often starts with a simple idea that evolves over time. However, getting started can be challenging for many. AI tools like AI Dungeon aim to alleviate this problem by assisting users in generating content based on their provided inputs. These tools enable users to focus on their imagination while the AI handles the writing. This review will discuss AI Dungeon alternatives, highlighting their key usage scenarios and addressing common pain points faced by users. Drawing from my own experience, I will objectively assess these alternatives to help you find the most suitable tool for your creative needs.

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AI-Generated Short Story

The AI-generated story is basically a story in which you will have to provide certain outlines to the AI, and it creates a sort according to your headlines. You can create unique content that is according to your requirements easily without typing the whole content. Just provide the simple headings of the information of the article or story you want to generate, and the AI will analyse your requirements and create a story instantly. You can create as many stories as you want with AI beyond your imagination without typing the whole story. Just provide the theme of the story, and the whole scene will be automatically generated with AI.

Top 8 AI Dungeon Alternatives

If you want to know about AI dungeon alternative, which has the same games as dungeon AI then here are our top 8 recommendations. Carefully read the features of the following alternative to Dungeon AI.

Tool Generating Speed Output Quality User-Friendliness AI-Based Free/Paid
Write Holo ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆ Free
Novel AI ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ Paid
Text Synth ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆ Free
Magium ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆ Free
Dwarf Fortress ★★☆☆☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆ Free
Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆ Free

1. Write Holo

Notable features: Text-to-speech narration, autosave, voice recognition

AI Dungeon

Write Holo is an AI dungeon alternative that allows you to organise your unique ideas and thoughts into an outstanding quality novel or eBook with the accommodation of a powerful AI system. All you have to do is simply provide the required information of your requirements by typing or speaking your thoughts into the provided text editor. Just simply provide your information and leave the rest to AI. If you want to export your information, then simply export your information and publish it for further editing.

It has a liberating feature that allows you to explore intensive details with unlimited options and outcomes that will bring out the best from your provided information. You can create anything you want with the assistance of AI technology. It requires proper hand guidance in most of the logical outcomes. It is an AI dungeon alternative that is much easier to control than that AI dungeon. Here are some of its features given below.

However, Write Holo's AI may require close guidance for logical outcomes, which may hinder some users seeking a more autonomous experience.


  • Text into speech narration with AI.
  • Automatically save your articles.
  • Export from one format into another.
  • Undo/redo feature.
  • Voice recognition features with end-to-end encryption.
  • Datasets for all kinds of writing.

2. Novel AI

Notable features: Feedback and suggestions, unique character creation, adaptive learning

NovelAI is an AI dungeon alternative that allows you to have AI-assisted authorship subscription services that help you write articles without effort. An alternative to dungeon AI that uses powerful AI algorithms and provides you with proper feedback with suggestions to help you improve your writing. If you love to floor around, then you can entertain yourself with AI conversations and spin seductive stories.

Novel AI is a fun and easy way that helps you in writing a novel. Natural language processing AI programming enables the AI to understand your text and provides you with deeper feedback.

Your style will survive as it allows you to create unique characters with proper plot roles. In NovelAI, you are the creator of your work, and everything is created according to your requirements. The best thing about Novel AI is that it constantly learns as you provide it with information it learns from time to time.

The platform's main drawback is its reliance on user input for optimal learning, which may not suit those seeking instant high-quality content.

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  • It provides you with feedback on all of your requirements.
  • The more you write, the more it becomes according to your information.
  • It deeply understands your given information and instantly writes content.

3. Text Synth

Notable features: Chat function, GPT-J and NLP programming, realistic text generation

AI Dungeon

Text Synth is an easy-to-use AI Dungeon alternative, offering a powerful AI programming system with natural language processing models, suitable for both developers and casual users.

This platform boasts a chat function, GPT-J and NLP programming, and the ability to generate realistic text based on user input. Its text completion capabilities can be accessed through both a REST API and a playground.

However, Text Synth's main shortcoming is the absence of advanced customization features, which may limit the creative possibilities for some users.


  • It allows you to chat.
  • You can generate unique written stories effortlessly.
  • You can find answers to your related questions. 
  • It contains GPT-J and NLP programming systems.
  • Create realistic and exact text according to your given information.

4. Magium

Notable features: Rich storyline, choice-dependent outcomes, diverse spells and enemies

Magium is one of the most well-known AI dungeon alternatives with some exact features with a little bit of enhancement. It is a game like a dungeon AI in which you can do everything you want without any blockage. It depends on you what you want; you can choose to play as a wizard or a warrior. Your choices throughout the whole game will affect how it ends. There are about 100 different spells with tons of various enemies to fight with.

Along with these features, there are also a lot of secrets and side quests that are available for your to discover and play. It is an epic game like dungeon AI that you will never want to miss.  

As compared to dungeon AI, the storyline is richer, with more amount of gameplay features added to it. This alternative to dungeon AI does not have as much customization as dungeon AI but has an immense amount of details within the storyline. Here are some of its features.


  • Proper storyline.
  • The story is dependent on the choices you make.
  • An immense amount of details.
  • Side quests and hidden secrets.
  • One hundred different spells with a lot of enemies to fight with.

5. Dwarf Fortress

Notable features: Strategy-based gameplay, character and obstacle control, Dwarf era setting

AI Dungeon

Dwarf Fortress is just an example of another game like dungeon AI that you can enjoy and entertain yourself with. This game is all about the dwarf time in which you will have to manage and settle the Dwarven era. It depends on you that your dwarfs should be safe and happy. Along with these features, you will also have to keep an eye on everything that is happening within your fortress.

There are a lot of other things rather than your fortress that you will have to keep track of properly. This text-based game provides quotes and simple graphics details. Anyone who has any type of interest in strategy games; would love to play this game. You should give Dwarf fortress a try; you can find it on the internet for free. 

This is another game like dungeon AI. You have some control over your characters and some non-character-based obstacles in your way. You can enjoy yourself with an advanced level of control over your fortress and with various management features in which you will have to choose the best strategic options.  Here are some of its features.

The game's major limitation is its text-based format and simple graphics, which may not appeal to players seeking a visually engaging experience.


  • Strategic game with immersive features.
  • Control over your character and non-character-based obstacles.
  • Manage all the things by yourself and make your dwarfs happy.
  • A brainstorming game that relates to the Dwarf era.

6. Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

Notable features: Survival-based gameplay, limitless options, post-apocalyptic setting

AI Dungeon

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead is an AI Dungeon alternative that immerses players in a text adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world, where they must employ their wits to survive.

The game offers a wealth of survival options and challenges, including scavenging for food and water, finding shelter, and avoiding mutants and raiders. The countless items and various ways to die add to the game's depth.

However, the game lacks the creative freedom found in AI Dungeon, which may disappoint players seeking a more open-ended experience.


  • Fungi infestations.
  • Disastrous events
  • Lovecraftian monsters.
  • Zombies, along with raiders.

7. Infinite Story

Notable features: Survival-based gameplay, limitless options, post-apocalyptic setting

AI Dungeon

Infinite Story is an AI Dungeon alternative that allows users to write an endless number of stories, making it an excellent choice for creative writers seeking a fresh challenge.

The platform enables users to create stories of varying lengths and genres, pitting them against an unpredictable AI opponent. The unique puzzle content and contests add to the fun and excitement.

The primary drawback of Infinite Story is its limited guidance and support for users, which may hinder those who require more structured assistance in their writing process.


  • Create an unlimited amount of stories.
  • Fight against an AI.
  • Curiosity is at its peak level with unique puzzle content.
  • You can win contests on writing an infinite story.

8. Philosopher AI

Notable features: Text-based gameplay, random philosophical questions, GPT-3 Davinci model

AI Dungeon

Philosopher AI is an AI Dungeon alternative that caters to users interested in pondering philosophical questions, offering a text-based gaming experience with a focus on deep inquiry.

The game employs the GPT-3 Davinci model, generating random philosophical questions for users to contemplate, such as "What is life?", "What is justice?", and "What is happiness?".

While the game is thought-provoking, it may not satisfy those seeking a more action-oriented or creative gaming experience typically found in AI Dungeon.


  • Text-based game with random questions.
  • Free to play a game with a certain number of queries. 
  • It is a philosophical question-based game.


It is easy to cooperate with AI and not go towards manual effort. Simply create anything that is inside your mind with AI. You can enjoy a game in which you are the creator, and everything that will happen will be an outcome of your own choice.


  • How does AI Dungeon work?

AI dungeon is a text-based AI-generated facility in which there are infinite possibilities for one problem. Unlike other games in which all the things are designed before the game is launched by the game designers. In this game, the AI creates a world, characters scenarios for your character to deal with.

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