Ultimate Novel AI Review

There have been lots of technology circling in the name of AI, but not all of them are as authentic as they seem in the first place. Out of those artificial intelligence tools, one is a great tool that can be used to create high-quality AI-assisted authorship and written texts. This program is known as “Novel AI”.

The need of the hour instigates that writers often get congested and brain-blocked, due to which ideas and plans start to get significantly decreased in their imaginations. In order to help get quicker ideas for multiple types of writing, AI tech can come in real handy.

What Is NovelAI?

Novel AI is a tool that can help in getting great storylines, authorships, and multiple written texts. All of the working mechanism of this platform is based on natural language processing enabling things to seem as humane as possible.

Writing stories from scratch or even finding ideas for a different genre, Novel AI will help attain great quality literary work and profound sustenance regarding what the user requires.

Novel AI is a GPT-Powered AI Storyteller application that is created for the sole of getting massive ideas for people that suffer from writer's block. Regarding the robotic touch, the developers claim that each piece of writing will be generated as humanly as possible with the help of its GPT technology in AI.

With its AI Technology, users can also generate images from texts using Novel AI.

NovelAI has started getting a lot of attention as its working mechanism portrays quality over quantity. However, in the coming future, we will see a hype of extra coverage on this technology as most educational sectors might also start talking about it.

Key Features

  • Automated system with quality sustenance.

  • Reestablishes and makes amends to older contexts.

  • Generates Images

  • Uses ‘Sigurd’ storytelling model.

  • Best for novels and short stories.

  • Free-trial enabled for demo quality check.

  • GPT-powered and EleutherAI trained.



  • Customizable Editor For User Convenience.

  • Novel AI is reachable and portable.

  • Thoroughly secure and privacy-oriented - Only you can read your writing.

  • Pocket-friendly packages.



  • Novel AI is not a complete 100% human text.

  • You can mostly rely on ideas and write something on your own.

  • You might get totally dependent on the tool.

  • It could be costly for some users as well.

Guide to Use NovelAI

Guide to Use NovelAI Image Generation

NovelAI can get a little bit of information by the name itself. It writes novels automatically with the help of your imagination. All you have to do is just imagine a story in your mind, write the text at NovelAI and generate beautiful images online with artifificla intelligence software designed in NovelAI. GPT-powered sandbox converts text from the story into an image. It can auto-generate pictures according to the Novel you are writing. No need for any manual drawing. It reduces the effort to write an article by auto image-generating powered tools provided by NovelAI.

It offers a monthly subscription for storytelling and virtual assistance to boost your story with an automated system. It creates a human-like writing base article based on your imagination. Just simply write the story at NovelAI. Merely provide an excellent topic to the platform and instantly get an auto-generated tale according to your case. It can generate images based on cartoon graphics to give a fantastic look to your article.

You can create beautiful photos related to your story with high-quality pictures to give in-depth details about your case. Nowadays, hiring a writer costs a lot of money, and there is still no guarantee that the story will get a proper ranking or not.  You can create a proper image with AI image optimization that makes story-related images within no time.

Procedure to Generate Images at NovelAI

Here is a complete guideline by which you can generate images relating to your story online in no time.

Step 1

Novel AI

First of all, you would have to open the platform by clicking here: NovelAI and click on image generation; they will ask you for an account, but you have an overview with a free trial; just click on it.

Step 2

Novel AI

Type a word like a valley in the given column above. After typing the word, it will start generating images relating to your word automatically.

Step 3

Novel AI

Within 3 to 4 seconds, it will generate an image that is precisely related to you and also create a story-type intro image. The above image looks like someone is looking at a valley.

Guide to Use Story Generation

You can simply write a story by typing your imagination after opinion on the official platform of NovelAI.you can add an empty canvas, and the story will be automatically created without any issue.

It is tough to write a story. It can take more than months or maybe years to complete a full and authentic story. Writers have to think all day about their story, and still, they can only think about one chapter or page of the story. With the help of NovelAI, you can relax with the powerful tools the platform provides. It takes the responsibility of writing an article for you. You can reduce your efforts in writing an article quickly. It is straightforward and straightforward to use.

Anyone can operate it from anywhere they want to. All you have to do is simply put the story of your imagination into NovelAI and generate a story that relates to your creativity in no time. Don't worry about the quality of the article, as it is programmed with the help of professional writers.

The experience of professional writers is transformed into an automated system to create beautiful reports in no time. Create a masterpiece Novel with the brilliant performance of NovelAI that makes mind-relaxing and easy-to-read articles without effort.

It provides the knowledge of the internet that contains vast information about different themes. It combines your imagination with automated style writing and generates elegant literature that coincides with the information you provide. It can reduce the amount of time you spend writing manually.

NovelAI's Difference from Other AI Image Generators

NovelAI has many advantages and more benefits that other AI image generators do not provide. AI image generator like MidjourneyAI only offers image generation based on your text. NovelAI not only creates beautiful images related to your reader but also writes a  story related to your image.

NovelAI's main aim is to generate a Novel based on imagination, while other AI image generators only create images related to your written text. If you are looking for something that makes more information rather than just generating photos, then you can use NovelAI. If you are looking for simple AI image generators, there are more than a lot available on google.

Will NovelAI's Popularity Keep?

NovelAI popularity will keep until there is no competitor for this platform. NovelAI work is unique to most other media. It has created a wave of relaxation among most writers. Most new beginners have a craze for writing an article, but don't have enough time and experience to start their work.

They can visit NovelAI to begin their field of writing. It will keep its popularity as most writers have started their careers at NovelAI. Even if some new shark emerges with the same services, it could not quickly overtake NovelAI. Almost every new beginner article writer who has started his work At NovelAI will not let go of it because he is attached to its usage.

It would be tough to adopt a new platform because writers would have to start from zero again to understand the new platform. Why would anyone waste their time understanding the same thing again? They would continue using NovelAI and will not leave it until NovelAI creates any issues.

NovelAI FAQs

1. Is NovelAI free?

It is not exactly free, but rather it has some of its features that are available for free. You can use it without consuming any money. Start the free trial that can provide a variety of free text-generating articles to give you an overview of its performance.

2. Are there any other NovelAI alternatives?

NovelAI is the best AI writing platform, doesn't mean that it is the only one. There are also a lot of other image-generating and text-generating platforms that can create a whole story with one single word. There is a massive list of platforms with the same performance as NovelAI.

3. Does NovelAI provide API?

Yes! NovelAI does provide API; however, there are some specific other APIs that this platform does not use, including Hugging face and Inferkit, etc. Mostly, the NovelAI REST API kit is used by developers to keep things organized by their users.

4. What if I need higher-resolution images generated by NovelAI?

An useful image editor gives you a solution. NovelAI can indeed generate amazing images. But when you enlarge your AI-generated images for printing, wallpapers or posters with normal upscaing, their resolution will be lost. Image editors can perfectly help you improve resolution of image online or offline.


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