Top 10 AI Photo Culling Software Review 2023

One of the most important parts of a photographer’s job is the culling stage, or photo selecting. During each photo session, you take a lot of pictures ‘just to be safe’ and choosing the best one is a huge and daunting task. Do you also sometimes feel like it’s a lot of work?

The photo/s you choose represents your work and hence there is a lot of pressure on you when you are trying to select them. If you are one of those who captures hundreds of  photos in one go, the pressure just multiplies.

For your ease there are a lot of photo culling apps and software out there which simplify the process and save tons of time. These software are powered by AI and are able to sift through hundreds of photos and make the culling process a lot smoother.

There are multiple photo culling software on the market which makes it all the more challenging to choose from! So, for your ease we have put together a list of the 10 best photo culling software. We have ranked them according to their features, prices, and ease of use. Do give them a try!

1.  After Shoot

After Shoot

After shoot is an AI photo culling software which makes photo culling easy for you and cuts down time you spend culling and selecting your pictures. Unlike other photo culling software in the market, After Shoot can run locally on the photographer’s system and allows the user to have full control over the process. It makes it easy for you to edit and review all the selections which are made by the AI photo culling software. It’s ideal audience or users are all the photographers who shoot pictures in very high volume. After Shoot runs on both MacBook and Windows and supports all kind of photo formats including RAW, JPEG and PNG.


  • Easy to use
  • Is compatible with other software
  • Can work locally on any system
  • Supports many picture formats


  • It is paid
  • Has to be installed

2.  Filter Pixel

Filter Pixel

Filter Pixel is an advanced software for photo culling. It has the ability to import photos 10 times faster than normal photo culling software such as Lightroom.

This software extracts JPEGs from your RAW format photos and processes them, leaving the RAW format photos untouched. After importing, its system starts working on the images. It first rejects and discards out of focus and blinks.

Moreover, from the many similar photos, Filter Pixel chooses the best ones. Its advanced AI uses lighting, composition, and more than 20+ parameters when making this selection. It automatically zooms in on faces so you can observe and decide to discard or keep them, all while not disrupting your workflow. After you are done, you can export your photos to photo editing software such as Lightroom, Bridge etc., or you can simply save them too.


  • It is compatible for both Windows and MacBook
  • It has great synergy with editing software, thus making your workflow smooth
  • Has many tools such as AI sliders, Auto Group, Sleek layout etc.


  • It is paid
  • Has to be downloaded before use

3.  Photo Mechanic

Photo Mechanic

Photo Mechanic is a Media browser which helps you fulfill many photography functions under one roof. It makes editing, browsing, and culling in photography very easy. After ingesting (bringing your photos from your memory card to your hard drive, Photo Mechanic starts working), you can first start culling photos and when you are done, this software has the option to edit them too!


  • Offers many features in one App


  • Not made for culling specifically
  • More suited for other options such as editing

4. Narrative


Narrative is another software for professional photographers which incorporates many functions under one roof. It not only allows you to cull photos, but you can also post SEO blogs through this website.

Narrative Select is their advanced AI photo culling software which allows you to make quick decisions while selecting your photos. After importing photos onto Narrative, you can instantly start reviewing them. It automatically zooms in on faces which allows you to quickly choose or discard them. It gives you an alert on your worst photos before starting by reviewing many parameters and makes your job a lot faster.


  • Is very quick and easy to use
  • Gives you an alert on your worst photos so you can quickly discard them
  • Has a free option


  • Is only compatible with MacBook

5. Optyx


Optyx is another photo culling software which can cull up to 1000 photos in a minute. It is powered by AI and has several features such as Face Analysis which recognizes similar faces and evaluates them for expressions, blinks, and focus.

If you want, the app can automatically select the photos for you through its advanced evaluating options with a single click. Moreover, its lightning-fast previews allow you to choose or discard photos.


  • Is extremely fast
  • Auto culls photos for you


  • Has to be installed

6.  Camera Futura

Camera Futura

Camera Futura is an AI photo culling software which is designed to save your time. Its AI is designed to automate photo culling. It groups similar photos and proposes you to discard them. Its AI detects the under or over exposed photos and discards them automatically. Moreover, it has the ability to sift through the images and find all those which are poorly focused or have motion blur.

This is known as their acutance test. This test also detects pictures with closed eyes. In addition, it can differentiate between RAW and JPEG formats, process them together and allow users to discard or keep them.


  • Is mostly automated
  • Advanced AI which discards useless images


  • Has to be purchased and downloaded

7.  Post Pro

Post Pro

Post Pro is an AI photo culling plugin for Lightroom classic. This photo culling plugin gives you precise information about the flaws in your images which allows you to discard them before proceeding to edit. Its Utilize Wand tool hides similar images, or images with flaws (which you choose and include closed eyes, poor exposure etc.) which cuts down culling time by half, you thus have to browse through fewer images.


  • Works with lightroom and makes editing a lot faster
  • Discard similar and flawed images automatically
  • You can customize how to use this tool


  • Cannot use it if you do not have Lightroom

8. Dope AI

Dope AI

Cull AI is a photo culling app available on the Mac App Store and thus only compatible with MacBook. Its features include auto rating pictures by face quality. It does this by following some parameters such as out of focus, camera shake, closed eyes, lighting conditions etc.

Also, its AI groups similar pictures together and even chooses the best one depending on any parameters, or you can manually choose them. It allows you to flag them as unflagged, discarded, picked etc. You can influence this group feature too and have total control over it. It filters out poor quality images and its AI is advanced enough to recognize and prioritizes important people (which appear in several of your images).


  • Has advanced features which makes culling in photography easier
  • Can work automatically or you can customize each process


  • Is only compatible with MacOS

9.  Photo Culling

Photo Culling

Photo culling is an app available for iPhone and iPads. It has basic features such as grouping similar photos together and evaluating photos as well as advanced features such as scoring photos through set parameters, searching them by date. It allows you to free some space on your iPhone when you have taken too many pictures.


  • Has several features which help cull photos
  • Is available on your phone


  • Cannot be used by professional photographers
  • Only compatible with iOS

10.  Fast Stone

Fast Stone

Fast Stone is a very basic photo culling app. As can be seen in the above photo, it does not have a good interface and has very basic options such as viewing on full screen and zooming. It also allows you to edit your photos after selecting them.


  • Can work with many picture formats
  • You can edit your photos on it too


  • Very poor interface
  • Does not provide a lot of options

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is culling in photography?

It is the process through which a photographer chooses the pictures from the many he captured and delivering it to the client. It is a difficult process because there are usually hundreds of photos to choose from.

2. What is a culling tool?

A culling tool is anything that helps you sort pictures. It is powered by AI which can detect similar photos and flaws such as out of focus, poor exposure, and closed eyes, and groups such pictures, making it easier for you to discard them. Some of the best culling tools are mentioned above.

3. How do you cull a picture?

You can either use one of the tools mentioned above or cull manually. Doing it manually involves sifting through images manually, discarding and choosing each one. This can be a huge chore especially when you have hundreds of photos.


These photo culling software make your job very easy. They cut down the process and save a lot of time. Moreover, a lot of them are compatible with or have built in photo editing software which makes the whole photography process very smooth. Read more: VanceAI’s New API Service Makes All Kinds of Photo Editing Effortless

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