This article provides a review of the top ten robot voice changers, which are software tools used to modify speech patterns and add robotic effects to audio recordings. The review covers features like processing speed, output quality, user-friendliness, compatibility with different devices and software, and pricing options. These tools can be used for entertainment, gaming, or professional use.

Robot Voice Changer, have you heard about it before? Voice changing has become something people love to do, especially when we're already familiar with communication apps like Discord. Voice changes can be used in so many ways. It's useful for bringing some fun but also beneficial if you want to protect your anonymity during an online session. However, if you want something different, you may try to use a voice changer!

Just like the name implies, this voice-changing application will turn your actual voice into something robotic. And yes, it's really cool. Rather than masking your voice with a girly or macho voice, a robotic voice is more exciting since the sound would always be new.

Top 10 Robot Voice Changer 2024

Product Name Processing Speed Output Quality User-Friendliness Compatibility Free/Paid AI-based Suitable for ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆ Online Freemium Casual users or amateur content creators
Lingojam Robot Voice Changer ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆ Online Free Gamers or social media users
Voice Changer with Effects by Baviux ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆ Mobile Freemium Mobile users looking for quick and easy voice changes
Voice Changer Pro X ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆ Desktop Paid Professional audio editors or video producers Online Voice Changer ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆ Online Free People looking for an intuitive online voice changing tool ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ Online Freemium Gamers or professional content creators


The first one is a robot voice changer online called By looking at the design, the platform looks really simple with two buttons to add voice in real-time or pre-recorder, and then the list goes down into the 51 choices of voice effects. You don't have to install anything. Open the web, record or upload your pre-recorded voice, and you're good to go.

Since there are a lot of characters to play around with, try to be more into the character.

Price: Free


  • Easy to use
  • Lots of sound effects to play with
  • All is already opened without any Pro version


  • You can't use it to change your voice mid-game or in real-time.

2. Lingojam Robot Voice Changer

On the first option, we'd like to introduce you to Lingojam Robot Voice Changer, an online voice changer. You may enjoy this fun little tool by recording a clip or loading a pre-recorded clip to be added with the robotic effects. It's cool, very simple, and very straightforward. It's mostly decorated in white, with a number of buttons here and there. But that's about it.

Lingojam Robot Voice Changer

Price: Free


  • Really straightforward with the main functionality
  • Easy to use, anyone can use the feature so easily
  • Ways to record and process your voice. You may pick from the two available methods.
  • Free of charge


  • It looks really clean, almost empty
  • Nothing intuitive about the display

3. Voice Changer with Effects by Baviux

Straight from the app, you can change your voice into anything you desire with Voice Changer with Effects by Baviux. It works nicely and almost in an instant. There's no delay whatsoever while recording and processing the audio.

There are so many sound effects to try, starting from robotic, cyborg, monster, and zombie voices. After the audio processing is done, you can share it on Facebook right away! For those who love singing, this app also comes with a simple autotune that could somehow beautify your voice in its own way.

Voice Changer with Effects by Baviux

Price: Free


  • Lots of voice choices to pick
  • The result can be shared directly on Facebook
  • Have the piano feature adjust the voice pitch


  • The audio should be recorded live

4. Voice Changer Pro X

The next option we have here is Voice Changer Pro X; an app said to be the ultimate live voice changer. It comes with an engine and lots of presets. You can try different types of approaches like humming, speaking, or singing in order to turn your voice into the chosen presets. Turn your voice into a baby, a robot from the movies, or a pop star.

There are also some presets that are coming in the form of musical instruments, such as organs, bass, guitars, and more.

Voice Changer Pro X

Price: Free


  • The app has many presets to choose
  • It has lots of features
  • Looks unique in terms of design


  • Sometimes, the app may take longer to process audio; several reviews have reported the problem.

5. Online Voice Changer

The next option we have here is Online Voice Changer. This robot voice changer online can be a perfect solution if you want to change your voice on Discord. It has some presets to use and a bunch of vocal-changing tools. The platform also comes with a voice editor, cutter, merger, and even its own video editing software. Online Voice Changer

Price: Free


  • Since it's an online voice changer, you can change your voice on any operating system, including Windows, Mac, or ChromeOS.
  • The voice modification process is fast and also pretty simple.
  • It's easy to use, and the design is actually quite intuitive.


  • Voice presets available are limited
  • Voice changer features can't be combined or embedded in the video editor.


Another recommendable voice changer platform to use is The website looks really simple, and everything seems fresh with its bluish background. Inside, you notice some buttons to upload an audio or microphone to record your voice live!

There are twelve presets to use here that consist of the basic ones, such as slow, fast, preverb, and others. 

Price: Free


  • The platform is very simple
  • You can easily change your voice without too much effort


  • The presets are not variative enough.

7. Clownfish Voice Changer

The next one is Clownfish, another online platform to change your voice. It may look a bit basic, but it's better for it to keep things simple. Don't expect something complicated to come out of it. The tool is simple, but the choices of voices are, unfortunately, not much.

Clownfish Voice Changer

Price: Free


  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to work with
  • The simplicity means a lot to the first-time users
  • It's free to use for all users
  • Easy to set up


  • There is nothing much to do with the program, especially with fewer choices of voice presets
  • Girl voice changer is limited for Discord

8 . Voice Changer by AndroidRock

The next one on the list is Voice Changer by AndroidRock, an app for Android devices. With this application, you can turn your voice into anything; even you can combine some presets at once. There are a lot of variations of voice presets here, starting from Chipmunk, old man voices, and others.

The app is also free to use and also easy to understand. You can record your voice in real-time or upload your own audio and then later change it into something hilarious.

Voice Changer by AndroidRock

Price: Free


  • The app is free
  • A lot of voice presets are available to use


  • The design isn't too intuitive


If you want to switch to something more advanced, you can always depend on This program is essentially a good voice changer that also works in games and Discord as well. In the free version, there are seven available presets to choose from. These presets will rotate weekly, so users can always expect something new.

Price: Free, but The Pro version is also available


  • The design of this program is appealing to the eye
  • Although a bit complicated, it's a great voice changing tool if you understand how it works
  • It offers generous functionalities


  • Functions are way limited on the Free version

10. Voice Changer Plus

Last but not least, there's an app for iOs called Voice Changer Plus. The app gives users the freedom to change their voices into something unique. They can either use the pre-recorded voices or use the mic for recording live. The app itself has about 50 different voice effects and even supports voice recordings.

There's also a feature to let you edit the created audio files. You may trim, remove any parts of the audio you don't like, etc.

Voice Changer Plus

Price: Free, but there are in-app purchases inside


  • Offering more voice presets than the competitors
  • Includes the voiceover recording features
  • Users are free to edit their audio files
  • Editing is also possible once the recording is done


  • Most features can be enjoyed through in-app purchases only
  • There isn't an option to modulate audio files.


And that's our list of the top 10 robot voice changers you can try in 2024. Indeed, the list is filled with very variative programs. There are some who look really simple, which boosts the user's experience in a way. And there are some programs that work in more complex ways to give you the best voice-changing experience.

If we may choose, we'd like to pick,, and is great, especially with those 51 sound effects available; you can fool around with them. The feature to process pre-recorded features is also another top point. Meanwhile, what we love about and is their functionality. The integration with some games and Discord makes them a perfect fit to have fun with some friends.


Do I Need to Install Certain Programs to Change My Voice?

It really depends on what kind of program you're using. If you want to use the app to change your voice, you need to download it first through Google Play Store or App Store. It's different when you're trying to use the robot voice changer online. Since they're basically websites, you don't have to install anything.

Can I Use The Tools On My Phone?

Yes! In fact, most of the applications above can be installed through the digital distribution service, whether it's for Android or iOS. It's better to try the review first to find which one that's most suitable for you. Each app has its own upsides and downsides. Some also come with a price as well. So, according to your needs, try to find the most convenient one for yourself.

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