How to make a logo with Wix Logo Maker?

Do you want to create a custom logo that fits your brand need? Do you want to make a logo on a budget? Wix logo maker, an online-based AI logo maker, can help you solve problems easily. In this Wix logo maker review, we will look at the feature of this product, and most importantly, how to create logos with it.

How to make a logo with Wix Logo Maker?

Making a logo with Wix logo cannot be easier. You just need to tell the AI system some basic information about your brand or preference. Then, AI will deliver the result automatically. Check out how to make a logo with Wix in this short clip.


Create a logo with Wix in five steps: 

Step 1- Choose to create a logo on Wix logo maker

As you go to the website of Wix and click “Start Now” and you will see two options.


You can either hire a professional designer or create a logo on your own. Here, we mainly look at how to make logos on your own. So, let’s choose “Create a logo”.


Step 2- Sign up before you use AI logo maker

Before you can create a logo, you need to sign up with an email or with Google or Facebook account.

Step 3- Tell AI logo maker what your brand is about

Before you can make a logo automatically, you need to provide some basic details about your brand.

1. Enter Brand name and industry

You can add your brand name and tagline if you have. For example, let’s test with a brand about esports. And the brand name is Esports Fan and tagline “Esports Fans Come Together”.


Then, tell the AI logo maker the industry of your brand, such as eSports Team. You can skip this process if you don’t want to give this detail. But offering more details is important to the AI system, which creates more tailored results for you.




2. Choose logo styles

Choose styles, like playful, techy, creative or fresh, so that AI can create logo font, icons or colors based on your taste. Again, you can also skip this step.


Select several logos you like, which helps AI understand your preference. This step can be skipped, but choosing them helps you get more accurate results. There are five pairs of logos, and if you don’t like any of them, you can click “I don’t like either of them”.


3. Choose where you want to use your logo

This is the last step before you can see the custom logo. Perhaps, you need a logo for a website, social media, or presentation.



Step 4- Tailor logo styles with free custom logo maker

AI will analyze the details you provide and produce a bunch of logos for you. If you don’t like the automatic icon generated in logos, you can click “Replace Icon” and then you will see all of the icons in results are replaced at once. You can customize the logo with some basic graphic design tools. Change background color, fonts, or icons. Add or change texts of slogans if you like.


Step 5: Download logo in one click

Wix logo maker free lets you download logos for free but their resolution is low. You can also download the sample logos with high resolution.

What is Wix Logo Maker?

Wix logo maker is an intuitive free logo maker that lets you create a custom logo in a few minutes. With this online logo generator, you don’t need to ask for help from a professional designer. What makes things easy is AI technology, which produces amazing logos automatically by asking you several questions.

Features of Wix Logo Maker

1. Make different logos with Wix logo creator

Wix logo creator allows you to make different logos without any hassle. With Wix logo creator, you can make logos for social media, such as a YouTube logo or Instagram logo. It helps you express the idea or concept of your brand with high-quality logos. You can also use this AI logo maker to make a company logo, band logo, team logo, or gaming logo.

2. Make logos easily with custom logo maker

Wix logo creator allows you to make tailored logos. With the graphic design tools, you can customize the text, fonts, color, or icon of your logo. There are numerous icon templates. Click any one of them to apply in your logo in one click. You can decide the overall tone and quality of your brand by making a custom logo with this AI tool. It has a sleek and intuitive interface. You don’t need to download any software, plugins, or extensions.

3. Download logos with Wix logo maker free

With Wix free logo maker, you can save logos free to any device. This online tool is compatible with different web browsers and operating systems. Unlike many other AI logo makers which only let you download after paying, this free logo maker no watermark allows you to download logos for free but their resolution is low.



1. Is Wix logo maker free?

Yes. You can use it to make free logos online automatically. But free logos of Wix have low resolution and you won’t use it commercially. Wix logo maker offers both free and paid service. If you want high resolution or vector logos, you can buy a basic or advanced plan.

2. How much does a Wix logo cost?

If you want to create a high-resolution logo, you can try the basic plan, 20$/ one payment, which covers full commercial usage rights and high-resolution logo files (PNG files). The advanced plan, 50$/one payment, includes full commercial usage rights, standard logo files, logos that are resizable, and social media logos. You can make payment via Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Note: The plan is packaged-based. You need to pay each time you create and download a new logo. You also need to pay additionally if you want to download make changes to the logo you purchase.


There are many logo making tools available, which can be divided into AI-powered logo makers and traditional products based on recommending logos from their library. Wix logo maker, powered by AI, outperform traditional tools in that they understand your need based on the AI system. The basic plan is much cheaper than most AI logo makers, which you can check out in our previous logo review: Top 10 AI logo makers.

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