Top 10 AI Logo Maker Review 2021

Logo making is part of brand building, which is essential to your business. The challenge of such work is how to leave a deep impression on your audience or customers. For businesses, good logos can get users closer to their products.

Top 10 AI Logo Maker Review 2021

Have you ever made a logo for your brand? Do you know how to make your own logo? This post will present 10 best logo makers, most of which are powered by AI. We will rank them based on their ease of use, interface, pricing, automatic effects, custom effects, and more.

If you want to make the logo bigger, you can find out more tools in Image Upscaler.

1. Wix Logo Maker

Price: Basic/$20; Advanced/$50

Wix logo maker is an AI-powered logo maker that allows you to make logos online without any hassle. Whether you have experience or not, you can easily make your own logo for free with this web app. There are many icon templates. So, you can also replace the automatic icons made by this logo maker online if you like.



  • Easy to use
  • Offer icon templates
  • Offer free trial
  • Download free version


  • Limited logo shapes


2. fiverr

Price: Basic/$30; Advanced/$60

fiverr logo maker is a new feature provided by fiverr website, an online marketplace for freelance services. The beta version allows you to make logos automatically in just a few steps.


Powered by AI technology, the AI logo maker is smart enough to design logos that meet your demand. You will need to answer a couple of questions, like what is your brand name or slogan, and what kind of services do you provide. Once you answer the questions, the logo maker AI will deliver dozens of logos for you based on a wide selection of hand-made designs. You can also tailor your logo using the editing tools on fiverr logo design. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can also hire a professional designer from fiverr website.


  • Easy to use
  • Support customizing logos with editing features


  • It’s not free to use
  • No free trial

An alternative way to design logos on fiverr is to hire designers. Check out this video to find out more.


3. Looka

Price: Basic/$20; Advanced/$60

Looka, previously known as Logojoy, is an AI-powered logo maker that can generate more customized result to fit your brand in an intelligent way. Before you move any further, you need to tell this online logo maker your brand name and industry. Then choose 5 or more logo templates you like. Selecting your preferred color and icons and enter your brand slogan. Then AI can generate a logo in seconds. Before you can download your logo, you need to sign up with your email or Google, Facebook, Twitter account.


If you want to tailor the result, you can work with this AI logo maker, which offers more editing tools than other similar tools. You can share your result with others on social media.


  • Make logos automatically
  • Intuitive interface


  • Not free to use


4. FreeLogoDesign

Price: Free & Paid(39$)

Powered by AI, FreeLogoDesign lets you create logos online free within several clicks. The free online logo maker saves you time and effort. All you need to do is share some basic details with AI, including your brand name or business type.


It can be used as a gaming logo maker. For example, if your brand is about a game, you can enter your brand name on Then, AI will show you some keywords related to the game, like game consoles or video games. Provide an email address before you can download logos for free. This custom logo maker also comes with useful graphic design editing tools.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Download low-res logos for free
  • Free to download no watermark
  • Useful editing tools for custom logo making


  • Limited file format for free version
  • Vector file is not free to download


5. Tailorbrands

Price: Basic: $9.99/month; Standard: $19.99/month; Premium: $49.99/month

With AI algorithm, Tailorbrands lets you make your own logos in just a few clicks. This online logo maker recommends you different fonts, color, and icons styles based on the brand details you have entered. What’s great about Tailor Brands Logo is that you can download the custom logo you created in different formats, such as vector files. Custom logo maker offers free and paid service. Free download is limited to Instagram, Android, iOS, website icon or email signature. To download logo in high resolution, you need to upgrade the plan.



  • Easy to use


  • Only sign up with google account


6. BrandCrowd

Price: Standard/$45; Premium/$15

BrandCrowd is another best logo maker. Unlike other AI logo maker, Brand Crowd only lets you enter your brand name when you get started. Then, the AI system will match thousands of logos for you to choose from. But too many options are also a waste of time. No worry. You can narrow down choices by choosing logo styles, font styles, or entering business name and keywords. BrandCrowd serves as a text logo maker, with which you can customize text logos. You can preview your logos on a name card, website, T-shirt, and more.


This logo maker online offers no free trial. And you need to pay before you can download results. You can change the layout of different logo elements, add text, or change background. You can also adjust the opacity of icons or slogans.


  • Easy to use
  • Save time and efforts
  • Efficient text logo maker


  • Not able to change the shape of logos


7. Designhill

Price: Basic/$20; Premium/$65

Designhill is one of the best logo makers that let you make amazing logos automatically. With hundreds of logo templates, you can customize logos based on the needs of your business. This AI-powered logo maker makes it easy to produce high-quality logos. By providing information about your business, you can get more tailored results made by AI. It allows you to preview logos on mockups, such as business cards, t-shirts, and bottles. Editing tools of Designhill logo are quite useful. To make amazing logos, you can change the spacing, font size, text and more.


It requires you to share more information about your brand than other AI tools, which enables it to produce more accurate and appealing logos that fit your needs. Yet, Designhill logo maker is not perfect. It requires you to make payment before you can preview or download logos.


  • More accurate logos recommended


  • No preview before you make payment
  • No free trial


8. Hatchful

Price: Free

Hatchful is a totally free logo maker which permits you to make and download logos online for free. Though not powered by AI, Hatchful Shopify lets you create logos in a few clicks. You don’t need to have any design skills. This free online logo maker offers well-designed and intuitive interface. Just enter your brand name and slogan (optional) and answer two or three basic questions about your brand and the style you prefer. You can design your logo for online store or website, social media, business cards, physical stores and more.


You can download logos free from the email you sign up with. The downside of Hatchful logo maker is that the graphic design editing tools are limited. You can only change brand name, color and fonts by choosing the available templates.



  • 100% free logo maker
  • Easy to use


  • Logos generated automatically are not that accurate without AI
  • Not able to choose shape of logo
  • Not a text logo maker
  • Very limited editing features


9. Logomakr

With Logomakr, you can create your ideal logos free online. Though not powered by AI, this free logo maker allows you to tailor make your logo manually with graphic design editing tools. The problem of this free logo maker is that it overwhelms you with numerous icons and logos out there. You need to decide which one fits your demands.



  • Numerous shapes and icons to choose from
  • Useful editing tools
  • Free to download


  • Not easy to use for beginners
  • No automatic recommendation without AI technology


10. Placeit logo maker

Price: $39.95

Placeit is a flexible logo maker that is not powered by AI. It provides over 8000 logo templates. It can work as a twitch logo maker or game logo maker. It’s simple to use. You can just enter your brand name and choose an industry. Then you will see many amazing logos generated. The editing feature is not perfect. You need to adjust the elements carefully because there is no grid on the canvas.



  • Flexible logo editor
  • Thousands of templates


  • No AI technology
  • Not easy to use if you want to customize results
  • Not free to download



To make a good logo, you need to avoid busy design, which is always distracting instead of appealing. A simple and minimalistic logo is easier to remember. Understanding what makes a good logo before everything starts also helps you produce amazing logos. Check out more in this video.


With the 10 best AI tools, we believe, you can make amazing logos in just a few clicks. If you have a tight budget, Freelogodesign and Logomakr will be of your choice. If you prefer high-resolution logos, Wix and Looka are recommended. Among paid products, fiverr and Placeit are least recommended considering the price and effects. Want to know how to make a logo transparent? Find out more useful tools about Removing Background.

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