How to Colorize Black and White Video and Film with AI

Thanks to modern AI based image processing technology, we can use AI photo colorizer  to colorize and restore old photos automatically. What’s more,  now we can colorize not only images  but also colorize black and white video. Moreover, you can use film colorization tools online as well. Thus, you won't even need to go through excessive downloads. In this list, we will take a look at the best video colorization applications. We will also see how to colorize black and white video with these tools. You can completely change your videos by colorizing them, giving you a whole new perspective.

Colorize Black and White Video with DeOldify AI

What is DeOldify?

DeOldify is a video colorizer project turned to online application. This tool makes use a bunch of AI and Deep Learning based techniques to colorize images and videos. Due to it being a somewhat recent project, it receives regular updates from the developers. You can use this tool on their website. Otherwise, you can also use it through the Google Colab framework. This online video colorizer has been trained and tested thoroughly. You can find a version of this film colorization software on the popular website of MyHeritage as well. It mixes GAN and NoGAN methodologies to create the most accurate colorized film possible.

This new approach to colorize video enables the system to optimize GAN in a way that results in amazing colors without the video flickering issues. Furthermore, the model has been divided into three parts. These three models are: Artistic, Stable, and Video. They all achieve colorization at different levels. Finally, this project will receive more updates going forward.

How to use DeOldify Online?

You can access the colorize video software by clicking on the link given above. The page contains information about the tool. You can scroll a bit below to see a bunch of images colorized by DeOldify. Click on Try DeOldify.

You can use the DeOldify algorithm by going to the MyHeritage website. You simply need to upload an image or video there and wait as the application processes the content. Click on the upload button. Otherwise, you can use Google Colab.

Either way, download the image or video from the respective websites by using the download options given.

How to Set Up DeOldify on GitHub?

You can colorize video online or even install the assets on your desktop. Given that this tool is an open source program, it is possible to get the code running on your application instead. You can access their GitHub page from here.

You can download the directory and create a new 'models' directory for pre-trained assets. Additionally, you can download the pre-trained assets with this command: wget -O ./models/ColorizeArtistic_gen.pth

Next, you will need to install the dependencies. You can do that with the 'pip' command. Finally, open the project and you will now be able to work on it freely. You can watch a similar guide here.

Colorize Black and White Video with DeOldify Alternatives

The video colorization software from DeOldify works like a charm though its installation process can be tedious, especially for most users who are not well-versed with GitHub. With that said, we will now take a look at easier alternatives with just as good as performance.

1. PixBim

Price: While PixBim is a paid application, you can still colorize film for free by making use of the free trial.

PixBim is a really good alternative to DeOldify, especially considering the fact that PixBim offers a bunch of other great features in addition to video colorization. You can access the website from the link given and activate the free trial instantly with just a click. With PixBim, you can do film colorization, image colorization, remove objects, unblur your visuals, and more. Moreover, it also has a 30-day refund guarantee attached to its purchases. When it comes to the colorized videos, their quality is definitely one of the best you will find on the Internet.

It might lack the extra bit of sharpness, but the colors are pretty realistic and well spread-out.

Download the free trial software from the link given. Launch the software, open the image, and start the conversion.

2. DeepAI

Price: DeepAI is an absolutely free to use colorize video software online. It can also colorize pictures for you.

Similar to DeOldify, DeepAI is also an open source program that is primarily designed for colorization processes. Moreover, it makes use of Deep Learning and AI to get its results. You can upload images or videos from your local device or use the URL function to paste the URL of the source itself. Additionally, you can find the source code for each of its features on the web page itself by scrolling below. DeepAI is one of the popular choices for film colorization and rightly so, as it delivers decent results. Lastly, this program has newer features coming out soon, one of which is an AI based assistant tool named Zendo.

Examples of photo and video colorization.

Simply use the upload options and wait as the tool processes the file.

3. Colorization

Price: This is an open source and free to use colorization application.

This is yet another algorithm that makes use of modern technology in image processing to colorize all kinds of visuals, let alone videos. This algorithm is designed with computer visions technology and has also been used by Algorithmia for image processing. The web page displays a bunch of images that are colorized by this tool.

You can use the GitHub quick link on the page to access the open source code.You can also see the video below to see how well the system works on videos. They have also updated their current project for more accurate colorizations. You can check it out from this link.


Compared to black and white image colorization, video colorization software applications are rarer to find. However, with newer algorithms such as DeOldify, users have decent amount of options. Moreover, updates to these algorithms allows for video conversions that look absolutely stunning. Not to mention that using tools such as MyHeritage and DeepAI is really easy and are suitable for just about any user. Users can test all these tools for free and decide which one works best for them. Simply use the links given to access any of the tools and use them.


1. How is film colorized?

Given that there are multiple tools for film colorization, they also use different algorithms and systems to get the optimal results. For instance, the DeOldify algorithm is basically the combination of GAN and NoGAN neural networks. On the other hand, Colorization makes use of Computer Vision technology. Other tools also make use of GAN networks purely.

2. How to Colorize Black and White video?

Though these film colorization tools make use of different technology to process visuals, they are all simple to use. When it comes to online, you can simply upload your file by using the upload button. Many websites also have the URL option, wherein you only have to paste the URL link. PixBim offers a free trial download of its software. You can install it and then launch the software and open the image there. Choose the colorization options to colorize your videos or photos. Finally, use the save file or Export option to save the work.

3. What is the best video colorization software?

The most recommended applications for film colorization can said to be DeOldify and PixBim. However, DeepAI and Colorization definitely have great performance to offer as well. The best course would be to try as many video colorization tools as possible, since they all work differently. Their results can also vary depending on the video you upload. With that said, DeepAI usually has a very consistent performance, giving great color to almost every video. DeOldify and Colorization both have received upgrades, however, making them worth checking out too.

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  1. I love Pixbim software to colorize photos and videos.
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    Pixbim software works like a charm.

    1. Though tried several times, Pixbim could not download. Do I need to pay first to download it?

  2. I don't see anything at myheritage about colorizing videos.
    Do you know how long the free trial is for BixBim video?

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