MyNBA2K22 Players: How to Make a Face Scan NBA 2K22 MyPlayer

The face scan 2k22 application is one of the most essential features of the basketball video game developed and published jointly by Visual Concepts and 2K Games. The NBA 2K22 video game has multiple ways of playing. You can simply play standard basketball matches with various NBA teams or you could use the MyCareer feature. The MyCareer feature is basically the NBA 2K22 version of a NBA real-life career in the game. So, you can create your own character with your own face through the face scan 2k22 app and have that player journey through a NBA career. This allows players to get much more immersed into the NBA career experience. Not to mention that players can fine-tune their character further by editing their face and physique in detail.

In this guide, we will get into further details about the NBA 2K22 video game as well as give a few steps on how to make a face scan in NBA 2K22.

What is NBA 2K22?


NBA 2K22 and the NBA video game series in general, is a basketball simulation video game series published by 2K Games. This game series is one of the most popular basketball games of all time and continues to release new entries pretty regularly. One of their most defining features is the 2K22 face scan app, as it enables players to scan their face and use that to make a brand new character in the NBA 2K22 game itself. In addition to that, you can also use that character in the MyCareer campaign of the game.

The NBA 2K22 video game is available on most platforms, such as PlayStation 5 & 4, Xbox Series X & One, Windows, and more. Moreover, it also features a sophisticated multiplayer mode wherein players can play or compete against each other online. The NBA 2K22 face scan app is a pretty special feature that successfully combines modern image processing technologies with video games.

How to Make A 2K22 Face Scan?

You can download and install the 2K22 face scan app from the iOS or Android play stores respectively. For example, here’s the NBA 2K22 face scan app on iOS.

Step 1: Once you have downloaded and installed the NBA 2K22 face scan app, you can launch the app and get started with the face scan. On the menu, tap on the Face Scan option and you should see the face figure on the screen. Make sure to fit your face within the dimensions and keep your phone at the eye level for best results.

how to make a 2k22 face scan_step 1

Step 2: The app will prompt you to turn your head sideways. Do it slowly and don’t focus on keeping vision on the phone during that. Many people try to keep their eyes on the screen while turning their head and it can mess up the final photo.

Step 3: The NBA 2K22 face scan app will finalize everything and save your character in the game. You can then access the character when making a new MyCareer campaign.

You can now put yourself through the NBA journey and possibly make your face a popular one amongst all the NBA 2K22 video game players.

Performance of the 2K22 Face Scan App

face scan 2k22_performance

While the concept of the 2K22 face scan is definitely refreshing, the app is not without its problems. The NBA 2K22 face scan requires users to be very still when they are capturing their face on the app, as the slightest of errors can cause the final result to look really weird. That’s not to say that the face scan app is bad, just that the accuracy could be better. The face scan app could benefit highly by integrating advanced AI and other image processing algorithms on top of the original app they already have.

Make sure that your surroundings are not brightly lit as it can mess with the 2K22 face scan app. With just a bit of adjusting and some tries, the face scan app will definitely get your face right.


The NBA 2k22 face scan app is definitely a great addition to an already highly successful basketball video game franchise. While the face scan app itself does have some issues, it is overall a solid feature that enhances the player experience significantly. With this NBA 2k22 face scan app guide, you can now easily create your face on the game and also use it for the MyCareer feature. The NBA 2k22 face scan app is fairly accessible, being available for installation on iOS and Android based mobile devices. You can get a face scan with just a few steps and the app also prompts users with various instructions that make the app easy to use.

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