Summary: Metaverse apps provide users with virtual experiences beyond imagination, ranging from games to meetings. These apps offer different levels of immersion and interaction in the virtual world, from creating environments to socializing with friends and earning money through NFTs.

The term 'metaverse' is a smart one because it pretty much tells you what the entire phenomenon is about. In Greek, 'meta' means 'beyond' and 'verse' means 'universe'. Taking this concept out into the Internet and digital space, Metaverse is turning out to be not just a virtual space but a virtual world, wherein you can engage in everything from gaming to meetings.

To show you the potential of this concept, we will go through a top ten best Metaverse app list. If applicable, we will also see how to use Metaverse app in question. Since the concept of Metaverse is relatively new and each Metaverse app is fairly different from each other, we will rank them mostly on their potential impact, design, and features.

Disclaimer: This list contains apps that may or may not be 100% safe to use since it involves data sharing. We have absolutely no affiliation to any of the applications mentioned.

Top 10 Metaverse Apps Review

This is the preview table we created after reviewing and summarizing the top five products. Continue reading if you want to know more.

Metaverse App Price Immersion Earning Potential Platforms NFT Integration
1. The Sandbox Free (In-game items) ★★★ ★★★ Windows, Mobile
2. Axie Infinity Free (In-game items) ★★☆ ★★★ iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows
3. Metaverse Experience Browser Free ★☆☆ ★☆☆ iOS (Apple exclusive)
4. UHive Free (In-app purchases) ★★☆ ★★☆ Various Platforms
5. Meta NFT Maker Free (In-app purchases) ★☆☆ ★★★ Various Platforms

In this table, we compare the first five Metaverse apps mentioned in the article. We have

1. The Sandbox

Price: This Metaverse application is basically a virtual video game world, which you can play and enter with a free account signup and a crypto wallet regardless of it having funds or not.

At first glance, this game may look like something that is another version of Minecraft. However, this Metaverse app has much more immersion built into it. First, while it does play like Minecraft, it also has real-world aspects of buying and selling that sets it apart. You can make use of your own game experience, which you gain as you play, to use them for buying land and other assets in the game. If you were wondering 'is there a Metaverse app?' then the answer is yes, since this game can be played on Windows and mobile devices as well. Not to mention that you now have celebrities like Snoop Dogg who host exclusive events that you can join by spending virtual currency.

The Sandbox


  • One of the most popular Metaverse apps.
  • Free to play.
  • Users can earn money through the app.


  • Still in early stages.
  • Can be buggy.
  • Takes time to understand the game.

2. Axie Infinity

Price: Similar to The Sandbox, there are no entry prices for this video game. You can start playing this game for free by downloading the setup file from the website and it works on iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows as well.

With Axie Infinity, you get to enjoy a complete video game action/adventure experience while dealing with NFTs, blockchain technology, and more in a bigger way than most other games. You, as a player, need to build safehouses and other structures by winning fights with your Axies. They are basically your army that you develop by yourself and there are many kinds of Axies too. Just like The Sandbox, you have items, bundles, land, etc available for the public and you can buy those to raise your influence. This can be a good way of getting into the intricacies of Metaverse without complicating it too much.

Axie Infinity


  • Highly entertaining Metaverse application.
  • Always updating and introducing new content.
  • Good entry into the Metaverse.


  • Much more gaming focused.
  • Can face server issues.
  • Not for amateur gamers.

3. Metaverse Experience Browser

Price: This Metaverse application is available for absolutely free for all users though it is an Apple exclusive tool. Though originally designed for iPad, it is also usable on iPhone as well.

Taking a different step from the previous two Metaverse applications on this list, this mobile app lets users create their own environments and the elements in it as well. This is due to the fact that the application makes use of AR based technology. This can be highly useful for situations such as virtual meetings and classrooms, where a single person takes charge in explaining everything to a team or a class. Naturally, you can broaden the scope of this application by making creative content such as short stories with virtual characters or funny memes. It also offers a lot of content for you to include in your projects.

Metaverse Experience Browser


  • Creative concept.
  • Great use of AR technology.
  • Free to use.


  • Need to learn the app.
  • Tends to have performance issues.
  • Confusing to use.

4. UHive

Price: While this Metaverse application can be installed and used for absolutely free, it does contain in-app purchases which may vary according to the kind of service or content you engage in.

UHive takes a familiar concept and turns it around by introducing the concepts of Metaverse and the technology of Blockchain and more. With UHive, you can still engage in the usual stuff like social media and other community based applications but now you get more possibilities. For instance, you can turn your own content or profile into a NFT and hence create more opportunities. This application aims to create a global currency within its world and also aims to make each kind of content valuable. Finally, its design is meant to put the user in complete control of their content as well as privacy.



  • Familiar concepts turned new.
  • Social media based.
  • Free to use app.


  • Not suitable for beginners.
  • Difficult to turn your content into something profitable.
  • Could improve performance.

5. Meta NFT Maker

Price: Similar to the previous Metaverse application of this list, you can definitely use this tool for free though there will be optional in-app purchases that depend on content and usage.

This Metaverse app is sort of a different one as well, as compared to the other apps we've seen so far. This app is more focused on artworks and turning it into a business. So, with the use of advanced AI based technology, you can create interesting crypto art, which you can then sell into the digital markets. When you first create your art using AI, you can then mint it into a Blockchain such as Polygon. This ensures that your NFT is ready for the digital sale. Overall, this is a really straightforward application to use which doesn't demand knowledge from the user as well.

Meta NFT Maker


  • Really simple to use.
  • Free to use.
  • Automatic art making process.


  • Could add more features.
  • Occasional bugs.
  • Expensive in-app purchases.

6. MojiPop

Price: This Metaverse mobile app can be used by all users for free but there will be a bunch of in-app purchases as well as ads.

The MojiPop application is more on the aesthetic and cosmetic side of the Metaverse as compared to the other applications. As it is a given that users need avatars to navigate through the virtual world of the Metaverse, MojiPop can come in as a great way to freshen things up with your avatar. There are quite a few things you can do to give your avatar a makeover, such as adding interesting stickers or making caricatures. You can also instantly share something new with just 2 taps. This application gives users a really good image editor and brings in the Metaverse for a high interconnectivity.



  • Creative concept.
  • Fun and easy to use.
  • Good design.


  • Expensive in-app purchases.
  • Too many ads.
  • Doesn't have a lot to do with Metaverse.

7. metaNav

Price: This Metaverse application can be used for absolutely free and unlike the other mobile apps shown so far, this one won't include in-app purchases and ads either.

Inspired by the Metaverse Navigator application from the highly popular video game Persona 5, this real world mobile application takes a similar approach. It also features a similar UI design and asks for 3 details from users, that are: Name, Localization, and Distortion. The users can then navigate around the 'Metaverse' and find maps depending on the details they input. Not to mention that there is a chance that a user might run into a Palace, which are hidden places within the Metaverse.



  • Fun to use.
  • Free to use without in-app purchases or ads.
  • Easy to use.


  • Needs more features.
  • The UI can be unresponsive at times.
  • Needs better design.


Price: This Metaverse application is an absolutely free to use application though there can be potential in-app purchases that the user can make depending on the content.

Mobox is a highly community and NFT driven Metaverse application that takes similar steps as the Blockchain based application called BUFF Gaming and aims to reward players in multiple unique ways as NFTs. This great approach is also coupled with features that allow users to not only create but earn as well. The app provides opportunities for everyone to make art and create assets that can provide value to other people in the digital space.



  • Beginner friendly app.
  • Free to use.
  • Good design.


  • Can add more features.
  • Can be buggy.
  • Some games aren't good enough.

9. Cindrum

Price: You can definitely play this Metaverse application mobile game for free though there can be a few in-app purchases in the virtual world.

Cindrum takes on the traditional multiplayer concept of a video game and mixes it with the new Metaverse concept, adding in a few new exciting factors that change the way you play the game. Similar to the games featured first on this list, you need to create an avatar that will navigate the Metaverse and you can interact with the elements found within the game. You can also socialize with other avatars in the game as well, adding a much needed social aspect. Not to mention that for a mobile application, the graphics are pretty good.



  • Fun to play.
  • Free to use.
  • Good for beginners.


  • Needs more features.
  • Can be slow.
  • Needs to add more Metaverse concepts.

10. Play Together

Price: Though this Metaverse mobile application game is absolutely free to play, it still contains many in-app purchases and ads which depend on the items and content.

Play Together is again another video game that has Metaverse influence in it though this game uses those concepts on a larger scale. With this game, you can engage with all of your friends virtually and get into a bunch of different activities such as playing hide and seek in a haunted house, roaming around the famous places of the world, and partying at any of your own houses. This game takes the concept of high life and brings it to your screen with friends to join.

Play Together


  • Excellent game.
  • Free to play.
  • Can appeal to a large audience.


  • Contains in-app purchases and ads.
  • Can have performance issues.
  • Minor improvements in UI needed.


The Metaverse is basically a virtual universe and as such, it is bound to expand and include more and more kinds of content. It may have started off with gaming and gaming is something that will skyrocket the concept of Metaverse into everyone's minds but there is definitely scope for everyone to make something valuable out of this. We would preferably recommend Metaverse applications such as Play Together, Axie Infinity, and UHive since they are great apps for you to get yourself familiar with Metaverse while having tons of fun.


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