Top 10 Facebook Font Generators Review

Top 10 Facebook Font Generators Review

Love it or hate it, but you can’t ignore it. Wondering what we are talking about? Yes, you guessed it right - a Facebook font generator!

Facebook has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Initially, people used it mainly for staying in contact with their friends or relatives. With time, people started using it for professional branding, with companies and celebrities creating their own official Facebook accounts.

As of 2022, Facebook has around 2.91 billion active users. With so many users out there, how will you make your Facebook post stand out? Maybe, by styling your fonts using a FB font changer!

Why do people need a Facebook font generator?

The need to stand out from others, be it for personal or professional purposes, makes it a necessity to change your default Facebook texts, using a Facebook font generator. Another big reason to use a font generator for Facebook is the fact that Facebook doesn’t have a feature to let you change the font style of your text. Besides, high quality photo is also a crucial part of attracting attention. So you will need a photo enhancer to improve your brand awareness.

Best 10 Facebook Font Generators

1. LingoJam

Lingo jam

LingoJam is a free online FB font generator. You don’t have to download any software to avail of its services. What you have to do is simply visit its website, type or paste your text into the given box, and it will then and there change them into a variety of different font styles.
Choose the one that suits your requirement best, and then copy and paste it to your Facebook wall. Yes, as simple as that! This Facebook name font generator also has this cool feedback feature, wherein you can type your suggestions related to the improvement of its services by simply clicking on the send button.

2. Fsymbols


As the name suggests Fsymbols offers the users to copy and paste a variety of symbols and emoticons to their Facebook page. You can use this Facebook font style changer for changing the font style of bio/post, comments, messages, group names, etc.
It also has a ‘Stylish Facebook name font generator’ feature which allows you to type your name and see four different stylish versions of your name. You can easily copy and paste everything using Fsymbols.

3. Fancy Fonts

Fancy Fonts

Fancy Fonts boasts of offering more than 80 stylish Facebook fonts to its users and that too is free of cost! It is an easy font changer copy and paste tool for all of your Facebook-related texts. You can also see a preview of the best Facebook font styles on its website making it easier for you to choose.

4. Fbfonts

FB fonts

Another best Facebook font generator for changing the fonts of Facebook bio and profile name is Fbfonts. It offers 108 plus stylish fonts, which you can just copy and paste, again without spending a penny i.e. it is too free to use.

5. Exoticfonts


Exoticfonts can be installed on Android phones, as a progressive web app, making it the best Facebook font changer for android phones. For converting your text, you will have to type first and then click on the ‘Generate’ button to see different font styles available.
You will find a variety of font styles to choose from in this font changer for Facebook which includes fonts like Creepy, Weird, Wavy, Aesthetic, Unicode, Cursed, Void, etc.

6. Made In Text

Made in text

Made In Text offers fonts for Facebook and Messenger. Some of the font styles are Double Struck, Bubbles, Tiny, Cursive, Mirror, Greek, Wavy Joiner, etc. It also provides a short 2-minute video of how to use their tool for changing facebook fonts and that makes it much easier for users.

It also offers a lot of cute emojis to copy and paste to your Facebook, making it another cool Facebook font changer and Facebook logo font generator.

7. Fancy-Fonts

Fancy Fontscom

Fancy-Fonts is another great font changer copy and paste tool to try out. You can use it for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. All you have to do is, type your text or paste the already typed text on the given dialog box, and tons of options will appear right below the box. Choose the one which appeals to you the most and use it for free.

8. Bigbangram


Bigbangram boasts of offering its users more than 150 Facebook fonts, making it a most sought-after Facebook font style changer. You can use its services for Facebook bio, comments, posts, and FB group name.
Type your text in the given box, and the modified version will appear with the ‘two overlapping squares’ icon on the right side, on which you have to click to copy-paste it to your Facebook page.

9. FontVilla

Font Villa

Fontvilla provides you with almost all kinds of tools which are related to fonts and texts. Some of these amazing tools include Small text Generator, Tiny text Generator, Instagram font Generator, Facebook font Generator, Twitter font Generator, Cursive text Generator, and Fancy text Generator.

In order to convert simple text into a fancy font, using Fontvila’s Facebook font style changer, you will have to type or paste your text in the given dialog box. The different versions of the text will be shown in another dialog box, just below the first one, from which you can choose the one you like. Select the one you like, then right-click on it, and then paste it to your Facebook page.

10. Poem of Quotes

Poem of Quotes

Poem of Quotes is not your traditional font generator tool, as the name itself suggests. It is more of a poetry writing-related website and even gives tips on how to write a poem. You can read articles about topics related to writing, poetry, movies, books, relationships, etc.

However, it also offers a FB font generator which you can use for converting simple texts of your Facebook posts into stylish fonts. Though it doesn’t offer any extra tools like symbols or emojis, it is easy to use just like the other ones, i.e. you can copy and paste your text.

Stylish Text Generator, Fancy Text Generator, Small Text Generator, and Cool Text Generator are some of the available Facebook font generators on Poem of Quotes.


While choosing a font generator, just keep in mind the tone of your text and choose the style accordingly. Whichever font you choose, ensure that it is easily readable, and doesn’t clutter the screen too much.

Now, you know which are the top 10 Facebook font generator tools available online. And, as we already mentioned, all these tools are completely free to use, so why not try all of them and find out the best one for you?


1. How to change the font on a Facebook post?

Go to the official website of a Facebook font generator of your choice. Type your text on the given box. As you type, you will see a variety of font styles appearing either below the first box or just side by side of the first box. Select the font style you like, copy it, and paste it on your Facebook wall.

2. How to change the font size on Facebook status?

All the 10 facebook font generators we mentioned above offer you a variety of font styles to choose from. These facebook font changer styles include the ones related to the size of the font, ranging from big to small to tiny texts. Just visit their websites, type your text in the given box and paste it to your Facebook status.

3. Can I bold text in a Facebook post?

Yes, you can bold text in a Facebook post, using any facebook font generator. All the Facebook font generators we have listed here come up with the option to convert your simple unbold text into bold text. Just go to their website, type or paste your Facebook post in the box, and paste the changed version to your Facebook wall.

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