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Apps that make your pictures move and sing have been gaining traction for some time now. Wombo AI is the new media sensation and in the time of rising technology, it is a purview of the rise of the media genre. The all new Wombo AI app, just needs a selfie and can do wonders for you. How? Just read on.

What is Wombo AI?

Wombo AI is a Canadian AI powered lip sync app which was released in 2021. It is designed to give a selfie a deepfake of a person lip syncing to one or more songs. It uses Artificial Intelligence and it is not easy to detect that the video was made from just a selfie. It can make any photo sing and has gained a lot of popularity on social media. It is available on both Android Play store and iPhone app store.

How to use Wombo AI on PC?

Many people do not know this, but you can use Wombo AI on PC too. Here are the steps which will allow you to enjoy the app on PC.

Step 1

Install an android emulator on your PC. One of the most well-known is the Blue Stacks emulator.

Step 2

Open the emulator and find the Play store app in it. You will find it on the home screen.

Step 3

Now search for the Wombo AI app and hit download. Once you are done with that, just log in with you Google ID and you are ready to start!

How to use Wombo AI app to make picture move and sing?

After downloading the Wombo AI app from the Play store or the App store, you can follow these steps to make your pictures move:

Step 1

When the app opens, Wombo AI will open the camera and urge you to take a selfie. You will have to fit your face within the silhouette provided by the app. Look directly into the camera without showing your teeth and take the picture.

Step 2

After you take your picture, Wombo AI allows you to crop it. You can zoom in and out, or resize the crop box, to remove any obstacles or unwanted parts of your image. Once you are satisfied, click the green W below the picture, or hit back to do it all over.

Step 3

Now you can choose your tune. There is a wide variety of songs available to choose from, which span a wide range of genre. Whenever you choose a song, it shows a small snippet of what it is like. If you are satisfied, click the green W again.

Step 4

The app will show you a finished version of the video. You can save it to your device or share it with your friends via WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

Best 3 Apps that Make Pictures Move Like Wombo AI

There are many Wombo AI alternatives that you can try if you are not satisfied with its performance. Due to its popularity, many apps have started offering this option. We have listed the best three for your convenience.

1. Talkr


Talkr is an app which can make your pictures talk! It is an app like Wombo AI and is available on the App Store for iOS devices. It offers two options to its users: Talkr Classic and Talkr Live. Talkr Classic allows you to use text-to-speech or any other audio to make your favorite celebrities and pets talk. It can help you create scenes with any audio you choose! Talkr Live on the other hand, is a relatively newer app and allows you to use your camera to make your images talk. Unlike Talkr Classic, you can make your own or your friends’ selfies talk and sing whatever you want!


  • Offers the options to make celebrities and pets talk
  • You can make your own photos talk too!


  • Only available on iOS and not on other platforms

2. Tokkingheads


Tokkingheads is an instant portrait animation app which is available on the Appstore for iOS and MacOS devices. It is an app like Wombo AI and allows you to bring your old photos to life, animate your artwork, make an avatar a puppet from just an image etc. Use this app to make any selfie sing and you can choose from new songs every week! After you are done, you can share them through social media instantly. It can be the new way to create memes!


  • Has a wide variety of songs to choose from
  • Can make a live or old picture sing


  • Only available for iOS and Mac OS devices

3. Mug life

Mug life

Another Wombo AI alternative, Mug life is a 3D face animator available for iOS and Mac OS devices. Mug life takes your pictures and turns them into photo-real clone. You can create a singing video out of it or just play with it. After a while, it gets really addictive too! Also, you can use Mug life to create original memes, animations, and what nots. So, head over to the Appstore and give it a try!


  • You can play with or manipulate your face any way you want to
  • Allows you to make 3D animations


  • Not available on other platforms


These apps are not only a great pastime but also offer an innovative way to create memes. More and more features are being added every once in a while, so it never gets boring. These apps can be a wonderful way to spend evenings with your friends or posting on social media. So just pick up your phone and snap away!


What's the app that makes pictures sing?

Due to fast paced technology, many apps now allow you to make your pictures sing. What started with Wombo AI, has now gained traction, and there are numerous apps which offer the same features. The above four apps and many more can be used for this purpose.

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