Swisscows is a secure and private search engine, providing users with anonymous and family-friendly web surfing without tracking or inappropriate content.

Search engines make things easy for people to find on the web, and how they do it is a complete educational knowledge that only a relevant field person can understand. But for now, my job is to make you understand that ‘one' search engine that people really love in terms of its usage and advantages. Yes, we are talking about the Swisscows search engine!

Before diving into its major fascinating details, let's understand what it is and how it makes a difference compared to others?


Part 1: About Swisscows

What is a Swisscows Search Engine?

This data secured Google alternative was launched in 2009 and has since struggled to find the peaks that it truly deserves. For now, people seem to make it uncompromisingly and orthodox to shift their focus from the Mightest of the search engines, i-e, Google.

Swisscows Search Engine

Do you know what Google does? In simple words, it searches for answers to your questions and queries, right. Like Google, We have another platform with its very own benefits to use and is called Swisscows Search Engine.

Swisscows is made for people who want privacy and connection on an encrypted level. Developers have tried their best to give users a search engine with no tracking algorithm that is completely anonymous and family-friendly.

Why do people need search engines like Swisscows?

The basic concern of users these days is their privacy on the internet. Due to the increasing awareness and literacy rate packing up, the percentage of this privacy concern is getting pumped up day by day. Another reason was to provide young students and children with a platform that does not provide illicit content.

Someone needed to understand these concerns and do something about them. Well, this is exactly where the tech-based company from Switzerland made themselves focused on. The company built up an online search engine, identical in services to Google but simply better at being absolutely secure, and searching anonymously without tracking.

Difference between Swisscows and Google.

There could be a lot of differences between Swisscows and Google in terms of speed, agility, and power but to be honest at some places you feel as if the ‘Ant is doing more digging, than shovel'.

Difference #1 - No Cookie, No Tracking

Google is an all-in-one surfing search engine that is absorbing all of the data being searched on it. On the other hand, Swisscows is an entirely private SE that focuses on tension-free web surfing.

Difference #2 - Friendly for the Family

This is exactly based on what a parent would want for their child in this digitally developing world. On google, there are probably cases where you might end up finding inappropriate and illicit content with or without your consent. However, on the other hand, Swisscows is designed to be 100% safe from pornography and display of sexual content.

Difference #3 - You are always a Ghost

On Google, whatever you are doing is being recorded to its databases to reuse it for understanding your likes and dislikes. But why is that? Well, it's because they want to know about what kind of advertisements you need to see. When the owner knows that you want to buy a football instead of a cricket bat, they will moonshine you by only using football because that is what you want and nothing else.

However, on Swisscows, the users are made sure that nothing of their likings and dislikings is being saved on the cloud. The company assures that whatever its users want to search is entirely and strictly safe without anyone else knowing about it.

With all of these details put forth, here are;

Part 2: Top 10 Fascinating Reasons People Like Swisscows Search Engine

People love something that is all pros and almost no cons! The same is the thing with Swisscows as their built-in user interface helps in making a big change for users surfing the web all the time.

I would love to tell you about those awesome and pretty basic 10 fascinating reasons people like Swisscows Search Engine. Here's how it begins:

1. Safe & Secure

Hulbee AG, the founder, and developer of Swisscows, has claimed itself on its original website; "We do not store your data". This means that the company has a completely secure environment, which is the first reason people like this search engine.

2. Zero Inappropriate Content Visibility

Users will be protected from inappropriate content in the search results. Parents have a big concern when their children are using the internet. They need something that can assure them about this inappropriate content decline. Children and kids will be able to enjoy the internet using this search engine and make amends.

3. As good as other Search Engines

Swisscows is a general alternate to many search engine platforms online. It works the same and gives results the same while giving user search history protection.

The platform has around 20+ years of experience and technological advancements that ensure finding the thing you are looking for. On top of that, collaboration with Bing is a surplus to add which makes it easy for Swisscows to search queries.

4. Developed Softwares Against Surveillance

This online search engine does not encourage any surveillance or monitoring of human data. For that particular concern, Developers at Swisscows have developed other products to protect against this monitoring. The products developed include:

  • Teleguard
  • Swisscows VPN
  • GetDigest

These products help this platform to keep its firewalls intact and communications encrypted.

5. Easy to Switch From Another Search Engine

If you are starting to like this digital platform or are thinking about making Swisscows a default search engine for your children's computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, then we must say that this is easily done through the browser extension of the platform.

Switch From Another Search Engine

To switch from another search engine, simply click on the link that appears below the main search box page of Swisscows. The browser-specific instructions can help you guide through the process.

6. Swisscows Earns Money Through Ads by Bing

There has been quite some people asking that if the company doesn't track anything and give all the services for free, how does it make money. Well, the company has a signed agreement with Bing for getting ads and being able to get paid through them only. Furthermore, the revenue generated by the company is then used in the further development of the engine.

7. TeleGuard By Swisscows

Smartphone messengers are highly used in the world and they contain the most volatile information about the user. Teleguard is a data-secure messenger made only for chatting and communicating freely with your loved ones. Protection from misuse of information really a delight that not a lot of applications provide these days.

8. Built-In Email System

Just like Gmail, these Switzerland developers have made something more secure and enabled when it comes to electronic mail. Swisscows. email contains the secure, private, and personal space for your super important mails. I highly recommend using this platform as it gives a great sense of satisfaction to a daily-time normal web surfer.

9. Availability on Smartphone

Just like Google Search for your mobile device, Swisscows is also available to grab on the Playstore and Appstore for Android and IOS users. Feel the funs of protection throughout the day using this mobile-friendly application. Not a lot of them do that out there, right?

10. Free To Use!

Last but not the least, this development is free to use. You are always 100% protected and kept secure from any malicious content online. This Swiss-made search engine platform is a supersonic and highly powerful source of intelligent coding while thinking about what only the user wants.


Swisscows is an underdog that not a lot of people know about but those who do tend to make great gains using its splendid service of keeping things protected. It is simply soothing for the mind when there is no backtracing of your search history.

I would highly recommend setting up this fantastic search engine platform. Enjoy the security on a much bigger scale.

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Q1: Who made Swisscows Search Engine?

A Switzerland-based tech company named Hulbee AG made Swisscows for the better and appropriate surfing of the web.

Q2: Is Swisscows a good search engine?

It is no doubt one of the best data-secure search engines available free to use online.

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