Once in your life, you might have thought of seeing black-and-white images in colours. Well, now you can turn your imagination of seeing the colours of the black and white image into colours. The most important thing is that you can take and choose any kind of image, whether it is old or taken in natural black and white by the camera. You can see all the colours of that image with one click. There have been many platforms that are working to make a perfect AI colouriser, but no one can match the performance of the AI palette Colorizer.

As not only colorize photo but provides various transitions of colours that you can choose if you don't like one color then you can add some other colours. Bring joy to your black-and-white image by seeing them in fluent colours. Now you can transform your black-and-white image into blooming colourful images without the use of any manual colouring tools. Just upload and start the process with one click; you can create colourful images.

What is Palette Colorizer?

If you're getting bored with your old black-and-white photos. Then why not try to colorize photo and add beautiful colours to your image without any manual effort? All it requires is a simple white image of yours, or it can be black and white. Upload the required image to the Palette Colorizer to get it colourised with one click. The AI palette detects all the features of your image that do not have proper colour. With the palette, you can colorize and make your image more appealing to the audience.

If you have any old images of your parents or any old family member photo, then you should try using the AI palette that will colorize photo within no time. The powerful AI technology of the palette is designed specially to deal with critical conditions. It doesn't matter if that image is without colour and the print is low quality. You can colorize black and white photos as much as you want without any issues or mistakes. Professionals also program the tools, so you don't have to worry about any kind of performance of the tool. Colorize photo of your choice from old black and white photos, boost your creativity, and give a fresh look to old images instantly.

Palette Colorizer Review

A new artificial intelligence tool that allows you to properly colorize photo within no time. It allows you to take any black-and-white photo and colorize it. The creator of the tool is so confident about his creation that he matches the performance of his tool with DALL-E 2 and calls it DALL-E of colour. Popel, who has been keeping their interest in the field of AI colorization, finds this tool fascinating for many reasons. If you are curious about how black-and-white images will look in colour, not just in one colour but in various colours. The AI palette not only colourise photo in one colour filter but provides a lot of filters for you to choose from. The tool gives the feeling of a professional editor as it properly colourises each and every single detail of your image accurately. Now you can learn more about the history of this world when you have a powerful tool like an AI palette that colourises any kind of image. The model not only colorises the details of your image but explains the features of the image. It has artificial human language that enables you to edit photos with words.


  • Colorize photo within no time.
  • Customise the details of colors after colourising them.
  • Automatically colorize black and white photos with an AI palette.


  • Instantly colorize your images.
  • Colorize black and white photos without any skills.
  • After the colourisation of images, they are deleted from the server to avoid copyright issues for platform users.


  • It requires an internet connection.
  • Sometimes you cannot get proper colours at once.


  • 0.20$ pr HD image without annual billing subscription.
  • With annual billing that saves up to 28% requires 0.14$ per HD image. 
  • Pay as you Go package requires 0.65$ per HD image.

How to use Palette Colorizer?

Suppose you have any kind of knowledge about AI palette. Then there is proper usage of the tool with each step. All you have to do is simply follow the steps below to easily operate this tool without any issues.

Step 1

First of all, you will have to open the official page of the AI palette to begin colourizing your images. If you are in a hurry, click this link to start immediately, Palette.

Step 2

Palette Colorizer

Then you will have to upload your image to the platform. Click on the upload image option to upload an image from your device. You can upload the image from your device by simply selecting the image from your device. If you want to upload images more quickly, then you can try dragging and uploading the image from your device. Just simply drag the image and pin it on the page to upload it.

Step 3

Palette Colorizer

After you have uploaded your image, you will get various options of colours on the top of your screen. You can select the required colour for the image that you like. Choose one of the color that suits your image properly. Keep changing the colours until you find the one you like for your image.

Step 4

Palette Colorizer

When you have chosen the required colour for your image, then you will have the authority to download it on your device easily. If you're satisfied with the result, then click on the download option to download it instantly, depending on your internet speed, if you want to have high-quality results for your image, then you can choose the HD download option, and if you want to start over the project and choose another image, then click on new.

Final Words

You cannot properly observe the beauty of the world if you cannot see colour. If the beauty of images was in black and white, people would also be able to see things in black and white only. You should start using this tool if you have any interest in colourful things. With the help of colourised palette images, you will be able to observe things more accurately and those details that were long lost under black and white print. Evolve the inner capabilities of your image, so you have a better understanding of what is actually in the photo. Once you start using this tool, you will forget any kind of other AI colorize that allows you to add color to black and white photos. This tool is so much addictive as once you start seeing the colours behind the black and white images, and you are going to do it again and again. Explore colourless images from the world and bring them to the AI palette to see the real beauty of every image.

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What is the colour palette used for?

Color palette is basically an AI tool that is used to colourize any kind of black and white image. If you want to see the beauty of colours that are hidden under the blanket of black and white print, then you can use this tool, as this tool is much better than any professional editor you can hire.

What is the price of HD image colorization?

That depends on your choice of which plan you would prefer choosing for HD image colourisation. Here is a list of pricing plans for HD images, so you have an idea about its price.

  • With annual billing that saves up to 28% requires 0.15$ per HD image.
  • Pay as you Go package requires 0.90$ per HD image.
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Palette Colorizer

Upload the required image to the Palette Colorizer to get it colourised with one click.

  • AI Colorizer
  • Colorizer
  • Pay as you Go package requires 0.90$ per HD image.
  • $0.15 per HD image in subscribtion
  • Instantly colorize your images.
  • Colorize black and white photos without any skills.
  • No copyright issues
  • It requires an fast internet connection.
  • Sometimes you cannot get proper colours at once.