Summary: Motion blur tools enhance image editing in 2024, enabling users to emphasize focal points and blur less significant elements for captivating visuals.

If you are looking for tools to edit images and add motion blur effects, the best way to do it is by skimming through the top 10 motion blur tools for image editing reviews 2024 that I have compiled in this article. Here you can handily get at the links to referred gadgets.

The motion blur tools are utilized to paint images with a blur effect. Every stroke will lower the contrast between pixels, making them obfuscated. The ability to smear the parts of focus in our daily life plays a vital role. We look at someone in a crowd or wish to take a lookout after a hike; we only focus on the important thing and cloud the rest of the parts of the view. This enables us not to get overwhelmed with everything. If people apply this sort of effect in images, they could be able to bring about the focal point of their image and blur the lesser significant parts of the image. Down below I'm going to review two main aspects!


Part1: What is motion blur?

Motion blur in editing an image is the haze seen in moving things in a picture, a frame of film, and videos. This comes about because the item moves when it takes to expose images or frames. The movement is then recorded with a blur effect. This motion requires some range of blur to make it natural.

How to remove motion blur?

The shutter speed can freeze the scene and the item can not move more than 05 pixels at the time of exposure to avoid the motion blur effect. This can happen by lowering the exposure time of the camera. Hence, decreasing the time of exposure will make the picture darker as there is less time to capture the light.

Part2: Top 10 Motion blur tools for image editing

Product Price Key Features AI-Based Editing Ease Free Trial
VanceAI Image Sharpener $4.99-$24.99 depending on the plan AI-based editor, Fast image processing, Flexible pricing ★★★
LUNAPIC Free Text and animated effects, Many filters and effects, One-click sharing ★★★
Adobe $9.99 per month Professional tools, Rich set of features, Automatic sky replacement ★★☆
Photokit Free Retouch portrait, Remove background, Apply effects, Develop photo collages ★★★

1. VanceAI Image Sharpener


  • Pay as you go: $24.99 (600 credits in total, only one-time payment) within three months
  • Monthly: $9.99 per month (200 credits per month)
  • Annually: $4.99 per month or $59.88 (200 credits per month)

VanceAI Image Sharpener

VanceAI Image Sharpener is an online tool utilized to sharpen, fix the motion blur, and unblur an image. It works to replenish the natural look of the picture. Users do not require any editing mastery. It does not amount to something if the image is taken by a shaky camera or moving objects such as the motion of the car, or pets. Motion blur fixes the image effortlessly with this VanceAI prototype!


  • AI-based editor and highly functional
  • The speed of the image processing is fast
  • There are many great AI-powered effects
  • It has a flexible pricing policy


  • There are many restrictions on the free trial.
  • It is expensive


Price:  free of cost

It is one of the promising online picture-editing tools. Lunapic has a combination of features and an efficient editing technique. This app procures the facility to alter the image and make the image according to your desire. Lunapic can bring in a further captivating image, with the help of dozens of filters and effects. It gives handy tools to make the image flawless according to your expectations.


  • Easy to use
  • Free of cost
  • Text and animated effects
  • Many filters and effects
  • Sharing with friends with just one click
  • Web-based service


  • It is old and boring in design
  • There are many restrictions on multiple size images
  • There are many page refreshers



Motion blur is a commercial production company. It is a vastly awarded production company. They are credible filmmakers. It develops tangible and high-profile content. Motion blur contains a dedicated team of experienced personnel. They all are prudent and have a passion for the screen. They keep only selected projects at one time.


  • They deliver the product on time
  • They deliver high quality


  • They only select a few projects at one time.

4. Adobe

Price:  US $9.99 per month


Adobe is a world-famous app that is used for motion blur. It is an apparent streak of movement of things caused by quick action or long exposure times. Adobe can add dynamic enjoyment to the subject. Adobe is considered the world's best photo editor, which has mind-blowing filters, replacement features, better selection tools, and automatic sky.


  • It contains many sharpening tools
  • It provides a magic wand tool
  • It can blur your image in one click
  • Tools for web design and mobile
  • Rich set of features


  • No perpetual license option
  • Premium features are not cheap
  • During editing, an image cannot be zoomed
  • It may require a user to apply for an account in the creative cloud

5. Photokit

Price: free of cost


It is merged with a powerful online photo editor. Photokit contains tons of features to make photos perfect. Users can enhance images and make them more mesmerizing with just a few clicks. User can:

  • Retouch portrait
  • Remove background
  • Apply effects
  • Develop photo collages
  • Crop and resize


  • It offers tons of features and stickers
  • Users can apply basic edits easily
  • It can process multiple images at once
  • Users can remove the object from the image


  • Advanced editing is difficult
  • The quality of the image, when it is saved, is not good

6. Pixelmator Pro

Price: free tutorial

Pixelmator Pro is available at $39.99

Pixelmator Pro

It is among the best image editors. It is forged with the most professional image editing tools to make the image ideal according to the preference of users. It offers an extensive collection of features for editing.


  • Users can retouch images, develop graphic designs, and painting
  • Drawing and vector graphics.
  • It is easy to use and excellent value for money


  • This app is expensive
  • Some features might be difficult to identify
  • Slow processing
  • Missing advanced features

7. Mass-images. Pro

Price: free to use

Mass-images. Pro

Mass-images.Pro stands as a valuable online photo editor. Its website enables users to upload JPG, PNG, GIF images, etc. It is lenient to expend the process by just clicking on the upload button, accordingly editing the picture that your desire. From the right standpoint, a user can employ a radius of blur and intensity effects. Choose the file output and quality and download the image in no time.


  • Many inputs and outputs
  • The process is very simple
  • The app is free of cost


  • Users cannot upload URL
  • This app has no advanced editing options

8. FCPX Motion blur

Price: free of cost

FCPX Motion blur

Final cut Pro X product is an online free tool designed for the addition of quick blur to a scene.  Users can apply text and footage in seconds by using different tools, which are featured in this package.


  • Easy to use
  • It allows users to animate drop zones and text.


  • It is not easy and user-friendly for all people, especially when they are video editors or their budget is less. (User can need to pay $299 to use final cut pro x)

9. Motions blur - google

Price: Free to download from the play store

Motions blur - google

It is yet another effective motion blur app. Foremost, you need to download this app. Motion blur enables users to add motion effects on particular items. The user simply needs to select the area in an image, and thus allot the direction for motion blur. This will offer you accurate motion blur images. Users can adjust motion by expending these additional tools:

  • Blur
  • Feather
  • Opacity
  • Number of images


  • Easy to use
  • It is free of cost
  • User-friendly


  • Available for google devices
  • Many bad reviews
  • Watermark image

10. Photo blur editor

Photo blur editor

Price: Free

They offer in-App Purchase

Photo blur editor is an app that is employed to enhance the motion blur effect in photos. It delivers blur effects with mind-boggling filters. This app will make your photo move in a few clicks. Photo blur editor is the properest motion blur effect offering the app for iPhone.


  • Many motion blur effects, point, pixelate, etc.
  • Variety of photo filter effects
  • Several photo enhancement tools
  • Various blur backgrounds, faces, and items features


  • Motion blur effect needs a subscription
  • Only available for iPhone


We always face the issue of motion blur and how we can make a blurry picture clear online. Multiple mobile apps are utilized to add motion blur effects, but as mentioned above, the top 10 motion blur tools are manageable to use, and most are free of cost. I highly recommend you give a read to how to fix blurry images with VanceAI Image Sharpener. VanceAI also provides an upscaling tool for you to upscale picture to the next level with high resolution and graphics. It is efficient, convenient, intelligent, and straightforward to operate an AI photo enhancer.

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