Summary: Live Portrait Maker is an artistic dress-up game with over 6.5 million installs on iOS and Android. This article provides 10 habits for success in the game, including indulging oneself, practicing, and never giving up.

Since Live Portrait Maker is getting supper popular now, have you ever played this game? Well, here's an article that guides you to learn deeper about this topic, and it provides 10 methods to you for being successful in this game. Let's start!


What is Live Portrait Maker?

Live portrait maker is a 2.5D dress-up Game, and it is over 6.5m installs. Live portrait maker is an iPhone and android game app. Live portrait maker made by Angela He. This was created in the week of April 2018. This Game in 2018 has with 50.8Ktotal IAP revenue and 18.1k total advertisement revenue. This game has 3 kinds of looks casual, sweet, and devious. Now there are two games:

  • Live Portrait Maker, Girls
  • Live Portrait Maker, Guys

App uses Unity codeless IAP for in-app purchase and ad mediation network Mopub for advertisement, a balance between Ad networks to get optimum eCPM. Live portrait maker contains camera post-processing image effect shaders and material shaders for image components. The technologies used are C#, Unity, AWS S3, Xcode, LSL/OpenGL, and Adobe Photoshop. 

live portrait maker

Price: Free

Last updated: December 14, 2021

Top 10 Powerful Habits to Master for Success in Live Portrait Maker

There are the following habits tips to master for success in Live Portrait Maker. All these habits are mentioned below:

Product Name Price Platform Features Unique Selling Points
Live Portrait Maker Free iOS and Android 2.5D dress-up game, camera post-processing image effect shaders, material shaders for image components Artistic orientation of unique animated sketches, personalization of appearances according to the described domain
Live Portrait Maker, Girls Free iOS and Android Same as above Unique looks of casual, sweet, and devious
Live Portrait Maker, Guys Free iOS and Android Same as above Create customized designs and portraits with basic options like colors, shades, facial expressions, and dynamic effects
Dollify Free, $2.99 for full version iOS and Android Create cartoon avatars, dress-up game Various customization options, ability to save and share avatars
Zmoji Free iOS and Android Create animated avatars, emojis, and stickers Wide range of customization options, ability to use avatars in messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger

1.Indulge yourself

In a live portrait maker, just indulge yourself. Users should give time and space to that draw or animated character to enjoy the Game. Live portrait maker is an artistic orientation of unique animated sketches to make self-expert in designing and portraying, the user should indulge in live portrait maker. 

2. Show up

Starting to make the live portrait is the half battle and just showing up is powerful. Anyone should know when and where he is going to portray. Anyone should use small rewards and timers. The user should be clear about the plan and what he will represent, for example, friends, partners, or family sketches. After any changes, users should show every editing feature to that person to know the reviews and make features and style more exact.

3. Comparison between past and recent portraits: 

The famous phrase is, practice makes perfect. It is true. If someone is not conscious of what he is doing, then there are many chances that you are wasting your time. Review previous work and look at previous portraits, if any difference exists between reality and portrait, then make sure what the difference is. This comparison helps the user to make the next portrait perfect and improved. After that, take the time to observe, learn the correction process, and make a new portrait on live portrait maker.

4. Focus:

Live portrait makers need focus and observation skills to know the features of the persons and after observing the main features, the user should be that much focused or concentrated on designing and portraying that person in Live Portrait Maker. Users should have the skills to differentiate the color shades and projection of features to make the exact portrait.

5. Practice:

To make a perfect portrait at a live portrait maker, a user should make more portraits daily to enhance perfection. As we know, that repetition of everything kind of work builds the skills of embodiment. For a perfect portrait, a user should spend his time making and designing a portrait in Live Portrait Maker. The user should use more ideas and change every feature repeatedly to clear himself which perfect feature is for his portrait. 

6. Mindset

The user should build his mindset to be kind and encouraging to him. When the user designs the portrait, he should notice the tiny ideas. During doing anything, a user should do self-talk with affirmation. A positive mindset attracts positive thoughts. So to get success in Live Portrait Maker, Think only of positive images that you can do and start making a portrait. 

7. Conscious learning 

Conscious learning is the most problematic habit to adopt. It includes going towards pain that our brain is weird to avoid. Therefore, to master Live Portrait Maker, a user should be motivated and learn from the previous mistake. Users should do complex conscious learning. 

8. Make what you love

When some people motivate you to make a portrait on Live Portrait Maker, you often forget this. Live portrait Maker is the only place where you only sketch what you want to make. Users make only what they love. 

Live Portrait Maker is an artistic orientation of the various unique sketching that allows you to make customized designs and portraits with basic options like colors, shades, facial expressions, dynamic effects, and many others. The app provides effective commands for the users where they can personalize the existing layouts and boundaries of appearances according to the described domain.

9. Never give up

In life, it takes perseverance to enjoy. Users should know that one of the best struggles in portraying the portrait is maintaining constant creativity and inspiration. Disappointments will make you strong. Live Portrait Maker always encourages users to show their art skills and creativity of mind. Users should never give up and make more portraits to master for success in Live Portrait Maker. 

10. Get feedback from live portrait maker game

The great artists of history all had to credit their critics and detractors. This helped them to grow. So after completing the portrait, save it and share it with your friends and mates. After that, get feedback from them. The user should find as many critics, opinions, and comments as possible, which will lead to success. This will be crucial to the creative process. 


It does not matter whether you have the expertise or not. You just need to tap on the animated sketches and add the unique effects. Anyone adds combinations to deploy the special outfits. There are some body parts to sort out the projection of the figure, for example, eyes, eyelashes, lips, nose, skin, bangs, hair, and many others. You have the tips mentioned above to succeed in the Game. Live portrait maker


Question 1: Any trick to make a perfect sketch in Portrait Maker?

Yes, The above-mentioned habits will help you make more success in making and designing portraits in Live Portrait Maker. 

Question 2:  Any trouble installing live portrait maker?

Install the live portrait maker Game here.

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