Top 15 Best Image Enlarger Review 2021


Sometimes you need an image enlarger to make your images larger, not only the size but also quality. For example, when you save some online pictures on your mobile phone, it happens that the pictures you’ve saved are normally blurred and not in the original quality. If you plan to use them as wallpapers or something else, you have to enlarge image at first. Then image enlarger plays the role. The tools that can enlarge image without losing quality is normally AI image enlarger. Combined with deep convolutional neural networks, AI photo enlarger is able to enlarge image without losing quality.

Top 15 Image Enlarger 2021

The article will cover online image enlarger and desktop software. We’ll list the functions, features, price as well as our comments on these products. How to enlarge an image? Just read on and choose the one that suits you best.

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Featured Product Recommended – Vance AI Image Enlarger

Vance AI allows you to enlarge images online or with its desktop program. Vance AI Image Enlarger can let you enlarge image without losing quality free online. You can access the free trial service to enlarge up to 5 images for free each month. This Image Enlarger is an AI-powered tool that allows you to enlarge images up to 8x.

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Vance AI Image Enhancer offers more features to help you customize effects. You can choose a scale ranging from 1x to 40x. Trained on millions of images, the Image Enhancer is smart enough to identify noise and blur in your image. You can also remove noise and restores details automatically to the image you upload with this photo enlargement software.

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How to use AI Image Enlarger

How to use Vance AI Software 

Part 1: Top 10 Best AI Image Enlargers

1. ImgLarger

With machine learning technology and GPU of the new generation, ImgLarger is able to quickly analyze and enlarge

without losing quality. After your files have been processed through this online image enlarger, you are also allowed to share them with your social media via this site. When you enlarge photo with this AI Image Enlarger, the details will be preserved quite well, such as the hair, and eyelashes. You’ll find the quality is quite good as you scale up to check the details. The free version limits files to 5M and 1200 x 1200. Max file size and resolution for paid users are 10M and 2000*2000 respectively.




2. Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance, powered by AI, can enlarge image without losing quality and produce quite good results. Although it may lose some details, for example, in hair, eyelashes, and lips, it provides a better result than a lot of its counterparts. The result looks softer and it’s pleasing. Under a free version, you can enlarge 5 images for free. Compared to others, its pricing plan is made depending on the number of images that you need to process, which is pretty rational.



How to enlarge an image Let’s Enhance


3. Image Upscaler

Applied GAN, Image Upscaler can enlarge image without losing much quality. Under a trial version, there is no additional options. You just upload an image to enlarge then click Upscale Image to get the result. But the good news is that the quality is pretty good. Many details in a portrait can be well preserved, such as lines in hair, eyelashes, and more.

Without a subscription, you can only resize an image in 4 times. The maximum image size is 5 Mb. Image width and height are limited to 2500 pixels.



How to enlarge image with this image enlarger online?

4. Bigjpg

With the neural network, this AI photo enlarger is capable of adjusting the images’ lines and color. It allows you to enlarge image without losing quality. Besides, anime images and illustrations can be processed better than regular pictures here.

Compared to other photo enlarger online, Bigjpg has a higher limitation and the processing time is much longer. Bigjpg also loses more details, especially on portraits. There are some limits to the function, like less than 10MB, lower than 3000x3000px, and single-image processing. Paid users enjoy a faster and more stable processing speed. It supports a higher resolution and many more features. Pros:


How to enlarge image online with Bigjpg?

5. Deep Image

Deep Image is a photo enlarger online capable of enlarging images without losing quality. This AI image enlarger utilizes the current AI technology to auto enlarge photos. Plus, with the JPEG filter of Deep Image, it is possible to restore the image to its original quality with fewer artifacts and smoother edges.



How to enlarge an image with this image enlarger


6. GDFLab pikaVue

GDFLab offers image enlarger that allows you to enlarge image up to 4x. This image enlarger can identify imperfections like noise in images when used for image enlargement. It restores details to images automatically, which is good news for those who want lifelike images.



Steps to enlarge image with this image enlarger


7. Deep AI

Deep AI offers Super Resolution API, which allows you to enlarge image by 4x automatically. This web-based image enlarger claims to enlarge image without losing quality based on machine learning, which, however, does lose quality as we have tested.



How to enlarge image with this picture enlarger

8. Gigapixel AI

Combined with advanced processors and graphics, this AI photo enlarger is able to enlarge images by up to 600%. Through training and exposure to millions of test images, Gigapixel can do really very well in enlarging images while remaining the quality. Unlike some other products, this AI image enlarger can actually add detail back to your enlarged photo. Instead of increasing edge contrast, Gigapixel increases the actual sharpness of your photo by recovering real detail in it. As it’s known to all that faces in pictures are very difficult to enlarge. Most image enlargers can deal with other photos well except portraits. However, with their automatic face refinement, Gigapixel AI can produce a more seamless enlargement of faces in your photos. If you have a high requirement for the output quality, choose this one and you’ll not regret it.



How to enlarge image with AI photo enlargement software?

9. AI Enlarge PhotoLabs

AI Enlarge PhotoLabs created by PixBim is an AI image enlarger software designed for both amateurs and professionals. It allows you to enlarge photo by 2x or 4x without losing quality based on AI technology.



How to enlarge image with this picture enlarger


10. Photolemur

No photo editing experience? No problem if you have this picture enlarger. Backed by AI deep learning technology, Photolemur could automatically enlarge image quality after learning millions of details and instantly performing complex adjustments. This picture enlarger software is a user-friendly oriented software that helps non-experts to easily reborn their cherished old photos. But it does not offer options to make your images larger.



Steps to Enlarge Picture in this picture enlarger

All these 10 best AI image enlargers allow you to enlarge images online.  If you want to get more information, you may also check Top 5 AI Image Upscaler Online Review 2021.

Part 2: Top 5 Best Conventional Tools to Enlarge Image

1. Fotophire

This picture enlarger zooms pictures up to 1000% without much pixelation and blurriness. It allows you to change the white equilibrium, saturation, and many more in a quick way. Four styles are possible, including side-by-side, partition views, horizontal and vertical styles. The output quality is even able to be printed. Besides, you are also allowed to edit your pictures in many ways with Fotophire, like removing or replacing the background, adding special effects, and applying filters. Pros:


How to enlarge image with the photo enlarger?


2. Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop is quite a versatile and professional photo-editing tool. With this software, you can edit your photos in almost all possible ways. Add filters, use artist-designed templates, create layers, apply effects, and enlarge images, it integrates almost all features that you can imagine. If you only enlarge images and don’t want to spend much time learning the tool, this one is probably not for you.



Steps to enlarge image in Photoshop


3. PhotoZoom Pro 8

With plenty of pre-defined settings to choose from, this image enlarger helps you enlarge pictures easily and quickly. It produces high-quality enlargements without distortion. Besides, this picture enlarger also supports to edit images in batch and saves you much time. It can work as a plugin for Photoshop and other software if you like. Pros:



4. STOIK Smart Resizer

Reduce or enlarge images up to 1000% without losing quality. With a new Super Resolution algorithm applied, this product maintains overall crispness, high level of details and straight, jaggy-free lines throughout the image. It has some other editing features to enlarge photos all round, but it does not perform well in processing speed and batch resizing. Pros:



5. Reshade Image Enlarger

Easily enlarge photos and preview the results with this photo enlarger. This free image enlarger supports batch processing and some other editing functions, like cropping a photo. Before it enlarges your photo, you may select a resolution for the output photo or choose which area you want to enlarge. You can also easily focus on the blurred images and reduce photo defects and noise of the photos.




If you’re looking for a tool that can both enlarge image without losing quality and further edit images, such as applying filters and effects, then we recommend Fotophire and Photoshop (only professional users recommended). On the condition that you don’t have a high expectation for the output quality and don’t want to spend much on it, we recommend you Reshade Image Enlarger.

If you don’t want to install any software or extension, then we recommend this online image enlarger ImgLarger. Before you pay for any product, you’d better have a trial to test its functions and make sure it is the one that you need.

To enlarge anime images specifically, we recommend you Anime Image Enlargers to do that.


1. Does photo enlarger online really work?

Online photo enlarger is quite easy to find today, and it’s still a bit hard to filter out the inappropriate ones. Many of them only enlarge image size and pixels instead of its quality, especially those not powered by AI. Sometimes, even though you get an enlarged image with a higher resolution, it can’t work at all.  

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2. What makes the best photo enlarger?

The best photo enlarger can be evaluated from the following aspects. And you can find the best one from the products on our list.

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