Top 10 Change Hair Color Apps Worth Trying 2023

Although brunette, blond, and ginger are the most popular hair colors today, they are far from the only ones. Hair colors that are out of the usual are getting increasingly popular, and it is practically difficult not to be intrigued. But how would your hair appear if you dyed it a different color? Have you ever considered it? If that's the case, researching the top apps for changing your hair color can be a fantastic idea! And here are the best change hair color app you may need.

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To assist you in determining how your hair looks best, with the opportunity to choose what color you want, we have compiled a list of the top apps that change your hair color, making it easy to choose one. Remember that the applications featured here may be Android-only, iPhone-only, or function on both platforms!

Top 10 Change Hair Color Apps Worth Trying 2023

For many people, dying their hair is a way of life, yet deciding to alter your hair color might be scary. Mobile app shops are brimming with alternatives for experimenting with hair and cosmetics, but some of these applications are temperamental, crammed with adverts, and provide limited functionality.

We looked into the top hair color apps to identify those that can help you picture your future style. We'll also talk over the applications' performance, cost, structures, requirements, and pros and disadvantages to support you in figuring out which one is sufficient for you.


redken virtual hair color try on

Use the virtual tool in a well-lit environment for the best results. The results will vary based on the beginning level and the condition of the hair. Discover fresh HAIRCOLORS immediately with their 70+ Hues.

This tool allows you to experiment with various Redken tones, ranging from neutrals like blonde and brown to brilliant colors and subtle pastels. Will you adore the effects and wish to make your dream color a reality? It's as simple as clicking the "Find The Salon" button to locate a stylist in your area.


  • A brand-new, incredible collection of the most significant professional retouching features.
  • Robust tools for perfecting any photo or Color.
  • Remove stray hairs and Color over grey hairs.


  • Limited features.

2. Hair Zapp

Price: $4.49 Premium version

hair zapp

Hair Zapp's free edition has over 500 hairdo and color possibilities, with hundreds more available if you pay for the $4.49 Premium version. Compare your five looks side by side and get help from the Hair Zapp community.           


  • They were initially designed for hairstylists.
  • Side by side comparison of preferred designs and colors
  • Imaging with high resolution.


  • The free edition contains advertisements.
  • Upgrade to a premium version for more features.

3. i Hairstyle-hair color changer

i Hairstyle-hair color changer

It would help if you gave the professional hair alteration and dye hair function a go. There are a plethora of hairstyles to pick from. They are, in fact, contemporary and attractive. They appear lifelike and are generally well-fitting to your head and face.    


  • The app has a beauty camera to help you take more confident selfies.
  • A one-of-a-kind curve adjustment function that makes photo toning easier.


  • It's not entirely free; you can get extra perks by upgrading to their premium version.

4. Hair Color Booth™

Hair Color Booth™

The number one entertainment app in Australia, the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Sweden!

Hair Color Booth makes it simple to digitally color your hair whatever Color you choose, from punk to blonde or brunette. Choose from a wide choice of colors that may be combined in virtually any way conceivable.


  • Hair coloring that is quite realistic
  • A wide variety of hair colors are available using the sliding tab selection.
  • Social media sharing
  • Color strength adjustments, including smoothing and translucency!
  • It is free to use.


  • Minor bugs

5. YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor

YouCam Makeup Selfie Editor

Makeup-Magic on YouCam Selfie Cam is more than just a hair-coloring app. YouCam, which bills itself as a virtual makeover software and beauty camera, employs augmented reality to overlay different hair colors and test new haircuts.


  • Color is applied automatically in augmented reality.
  • Actual hair colors to take to a hairdresser are mentioned.
  • Experiment with cosmetics and face improvements.
  • Social media selfie filters that are entertaining.


  • To use all features, you must subscribe to Premium.

6. InStyle Hairstyle Try-On

InStyle Hairstyle Try-On

With the InStyle Hairstyle Try-On app, you'll never have a terrible hair day again! Your ideal haircut and style are right at your fingertips. Experiment with and alter the trendiest celebrity hairstyles in your photo.     


  • Choose from over 500 different styles.
  • Try on InStyle editors' picks, including the Best Cuts for Your '20s, Low Maintenance Work Hair, and Wedding Hair.
  • Receive tailored suggestions
  • Keep an eye out for the newest styles, which are updated regularly.


  • Sometimes the hairstyles won't load, and there are issues with Apple users.
  • I can't download any of the styles; this happens occasionally.

7. Style My Hair: Try on & Color

Style My Hair Try on & Color

Style My Hair by L'Oreal is a free, versatile, and realistic hair color-change app. It offers everything from natural blondes and browns to avant-garde pinks and purples.

See how your new hair color appears when you move around, flip your hair, and run your hands over your locks using 3D technology. Show it to your friends and receive their feedback if you like a look. When you're ready to commit to a color, the app will lead you to a nearby L'Oreal specialist.


  • There are a plethora of color palettes to choose from.
  • 3D technology demonstrates a new hue in motion.
  • This link will take you to a L'Oreal professional salon.
  • Tips, tactics, and trends are provided.


  • There is no way to visualize what a haircut might look like.

8. Fabby Look: Hair Color Changer

Fabby Look Hair Color Changer

Fabby Look is a fun, fast-loading, realistic hair color software, even though its color palette is limited to artificial hues. This is the software for you if you want to see how you'd appear in blue, purple, pink, magenta, platinum, and other exciting hues.

Check out your new hair color in a snapshot, in real-time, or in a video, and share your stunning new look with pals on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.


  • Experiment with different, contemporary hair colors.
  • Play around with Color in real-time.
  • Color may be used in both films and images.
  • Realistic results and a free app.


  • There aren't as many color options as in some other apps.

9. Hairstyle Magic Mirror Lite

Hairstyle Magic Mirror Lite

Price: Free version (Lite) and a $4.49 Premium version

This app allows you to utilize either a male or female character, or you may snap a photo and upload it to style. Traditionally masculine and feminine haircuts enable everyone to experiment with any style that appeals to them and various hues.


  • A wide range of haircuts and color options are available.
  • Simple to use interface.
  • Men's and women's hairstyles
  • Make your color scheme.
  • The hairstyle library is constantly being updated.


  • It isn't easy to find haircuts that match your facial shape if it's not oval.
  • To utilize all styles and colors, you must purchase the premium version.

10. Black Hair for Women

Price: Free version available and a $2.99 Premium version

Black Hair for Women

The Black Hair for Women iOS app is mainly created to cater to the colors, styles, and trims of Black women's hair. Upload your photo and quickly try on different types and cuts in various colors, ranging from natural tones to bold, entertaining colors. Upload your image, experiment with different styles, then save or share it with your friends.


  • The focus is on the hair of Black ladies.
  • Experiment with different hair colors, styles, and trims.
  • Color, brightness, and saturation may all be tweaked.
  • All of the styles have been appropriately altered.


  • There is no Android version currently.

Final Thoughts

These excellent hair color applications can assist you in determining whether a particular hue will fit your hair profile. As a result, you will not be apologetic about your hairstyle.

Several applications are available on the market to change hair color and style, but we have selected the top ten entertaining apps to change hair color. All of these applications are available in both free and paid editions.


Q1: What is the most excellent hair color-changing app?

These top 4 Hair Color Change Apps for 2020 are our favorite ones. Hair Zapp, Hairstyle Makeover, Hairstyle Try On and Style My Hair.

Q2: Is there an app that provides you to experiment with different hair colors?

Yes. The YouCam Makeup app is the most excellent hair color-changing software for testing up to 150 different hair colors from a live camera or images. Users will be able to experiment with various hair colors and styles.

Q3: Is there an app that recognizes you to view yourself with various hair colors?

Fabby Look is a hair color software that is both fun and realistic. It provides 10+ unusual and somewhat unnatural hair hues. Many colors, ranging from green to magenta, are also available. iOS and Android versions are available.

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