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Summary: This best photo scanner for 2021 review shows you three best ways to digitize old photos. From intuitive free AI-based photo scanners and powerful photo scanning software to best photo scanning service, the review is comprehensive. Bookmark it and find the best way for photo scanning now.

Today, for Gen Z, using a digital camera to capture a happy family moment, landscape, or portraits can be an easy way to back up the memory. Since 1975 when the world’s first digital photograph was created, photography has been transformed from traditional film-based method to modern digital cameras. The revolution of photography makes it possible for us to see endless possibilities using photos.

However, older generations are used to take photos and keep the prints into scrapbooks. Preserving photos is quite a challenge since these photos can easily get faded, damaged and scratched. Instead of simply leaving them in a physical photobook, why not digitize the precious photos so that you can access them in your smartphone anywhere, anytime?


Thanks to the advance of photo scanners, you can easily convert photos into a digital copy. Here, we have listed 10 best photo scanners, including AI photo scanner, photo scanning software and photo scanning service. We will rank them based on their scanning quality, pricing, ease-of-use and more.

Top 10 Best AI Photo Scanner Review

4 Best AI Photo Scanners

1. Photomyne-Best App for Photo Scanning Quality

Photomyne is an AI-powered photo scanner that allows you to scan a whole photo album in seconds. The smart AI photo scanner was trained to understand the boundaries of the photos before cropping and scanning them automatically. With the AI tool for photo scanning, you can hold your phones at any angle because the app helps straighten scanned photos out and keep their original proportions. Another cool part of the AI is its feature of restoring faded colors and brightness.


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Install: iOS, Android


2. Google Photoscan – Best Free Photo Scanner

Google Photo Scanner is a free photo scanner app available for both iOS and Android. Using computer vision and image processing techniques, Google PhotoScan is capable of reducing glossy glare from photo prints. It deserves a good place in our list because it’s free and easy to use, which allows you to digitize photo prints in seconds. photo scanner

Automatic edge detection and smart rotation make it easy for photo scanning without much manual work. But the free photo scanner still needs improvement. For example, it will randomly cut off corners in your photos. The unstable performance means you might waste a lot time experimenting with your old photos.

Install: iOS, Android



  • Performance is not stable
  • Poor scan quality occasionally


3. Adobe Scan

Unlike other photo scanners in our list, Adobe Scan is more of a document scanner. But using Adobe Scan for photo scanning is also possible due to the flexible features of the AI. Adobe Scan allows you to scan almost any files from business cards to photo prints. Just take a picture for your prints in the app and then save them as JPEG format. Thanks to Adobe Sensei, the AI scanner helps correct image perspective and remove glare and shadow.


Official Website: Adobe Scan

Install: iOS, Android


  • Free photo scanner
  • Easy to use


  • Not a dedicated tool for photo scanning


4. Slide Scan

Slide Scan is another app from Based on the same scanning techniques, the app allows you to digitize old photo slides without a projector. Converting a photo slide to a digital copy used to be time-consuming and quite expensive if you hire a professional. Now with Slide Scan, you can automatically crop, rotate, enhance, and save it to your phone in seconds.

4.slide scan

Install: iOS, Android


  • Auto crop, rotate and enhance slides
  • Scan old photo slides without a projector


  • Not free to use


Why should you choose AI photo scanner apps?

Once AI comes in, photo scanning is made much easier and accessible to almost anyone. Features like automatic detection of edges and glare reduction make AI photo scanners increasingly popular on market. Though AI still needs much improvement, best AI photo scanners are still worth trying out if you don’t expect the results to be perfect.

4 Best Photo Scanning Software [Alternatives to AI Photo Scanner]

1. Scan Speeder

Compatibility: Windows

ScanSpeeder is a bulk photo scanner that allows you to scan multiple photo prints, slides and negatives. The great part of the photo scanning software is that you can scan photos at any resolution for best quality. You can use it for scanning scrapbooks and album photos. The software comes with 48-bit deep color scanning and 16-bit true gray scanning modes.



  • Bulk photo scanner
  • Save image as TIFF or JPEG files
  • 10 free photo scans in demo


  • Scanning photo negatives, slides and films is only limited to pro edition


2. VueScan

Compatibility: Windows, Linux and Mac OS

VueScan is another best photo scanning software for prints and negatives. With VueScan, you can access customized photo scans using the editing features. You can crop, adjust color, restore fading, reduce grain, sharpen and flatten photo prints.



  • Save file as TIFFs, JPGs or PDFs
  • Provide useful editing tools
  • Flexible plans: basic, standard, or professional
  • Come with OCR which obtains text from scans
  • Supports scanning slides and films in pro version


  • The standard version only supports flatbed scanning


3. Silverfast 9

Compatibility: Windows & Mac OS

Silverfast 9 allows you to see the best possible side of scanned photos despite the steep learning curve. You can improve the photo scans with the color calibration feature. The photo scanning software makes it easy to remove color casts. The updated version Silverfast 9 claims to speed up the workflow by 75% using its new algorithms.

7.Silverfast 9


  • Output high quality once you get the hang of it
  • Provide useful editing tools
  • Good compatibility


  • Require a steep learning curve


4. Autosplitter

Autosplitter serves as the best photo scanner for old photos. The website’s interface looks obsolete, but its features will encourage you to give it a try. Automatic photo retouching and color correction allow you to restore vivid colors and enhance contrast. This enables the photo scanning software to output higher quality scans. Besides, automatically detecting and cropping individual photos from scanned image save you time and efforts.



  • Auto-detect and crop scanned photos to individual files
  • Auto restore colors and enhance contrast to old photos
  • Change metadata of your scans
  • Offer 10 free scans


  • Outdated interface design

Why should you choose photo scanning software?

With photo scanning software listed above, you can do access higher quality scans than AI photo scanners. Most of them offer 10 free scans for trial. If you are looking to make scanned photos look great, using photo scanning software is more efficient than AI tools.

2 Best photo scanning service offline [Alternatives to AI Photo Scanner]

1. ScanCafe -Best Photo Scanning Service for Quality

Price: about $87.99 per scan/image

ScanCafe offers comprehensive photo scanning service, covering digitizing photos, slides, negatives, black and white photos, videos, and restoring photos. If you want to make your digitized photos look their best, ScanCafe can be your top choice. Its technicians fix your photos by re-orientating, cropping and removing scratches and dust marks, and red-eye from your photos.



  • Great for bulk orders of photos and slides
  • Color correction is free
  • Clean up and smooth photos before scanning them
  • Send images by email for a more precise work


  • It takes 1 to 2 weeks to get photo scanned (normally 12 days)
  • Outdated web design


2. ScanMyPhotos – Best photo scanning service for value of money

ScanMyPhotos allows you to get scanned photos back quickly. The photo scanning service saves you money by offering discounts on a regular basis. You can access a wide range of scanning services from photos to slides and negatives, to 8mm reels and videos. Once you choose this photo scanning service, you will receive not only all images you send but also a DVD and USB stick loaded with scanned photos.


  • Option to upload your scanned photos to cloud
  • Very quick turnaround of images
  • Offer 30% discounts for bulk photo scanning


  • The output quality is lower than its rivals

When do you need photo scanning service?

Even the best photo scanning software requires a steep learning curve before you can perfectly digitize your photos. When it comes to damaged and faded old photos, scanning them without distortion requires a special touch. That’s where photo scanning service comes in.



I hope the 10 best photo scanners can be helpful when you want to avoid the complete destruction of photo prints. Finally, remember to bookmark TopTen.AI and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Find the best AI tools for yourself or your friends who come over and ask for help.

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