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Are you struggling to create mind-blowing content for your storyline or plot? When you don't want to hire professional writers or spend endless hours fiddling with a pen, an AI story generator is a perfect match for you.

Designed with proficient AI script generator and AI story finisher programs, they are currently the top trending tools to string endless catchy words in no time. If you haven't searched yet, here's a detailed analysis of the top 10 AI story generator online apps with brilliant features to help you kickstart your work with the best one.

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Top 10 AI Story Generators

1.    DeepStory

The easiest to approach and a still-developing beta version of AI script generator, DeepStory provides the ease to generate, save, share and download any AI written script. You can select more than one existing film in the world as a reference to sketch the plot, background settings, and characters.

You can set the genre and time limit of the scenes to modify the reference movies provided earlier and come up with a new creative script. Once set, you can press the start button, and the AI story generator automatically writes out one for you.

Pricing: The website is free but requires registration to use all features


  • Easiest version and completely independent
  • Users can set features for genre and cast
  • Can write unlimited scripts for free


  • Only selective reference movies provided
  • Fewer features to detail the script
  • AI-generated stories don't seem to be human written

2.    Scriptbook

A sophisticated version of beta DeepStory, this AI story maker is actually the alpha version of the same. More than generating the script through its sub-website DeepStory, the programs analyze and validate the script to check if it's well competitive for the modern production standards.

You can give references and sketch characters and genres to write the scenes. You can also provide additional AI story finisher attributes like modifying characters' nature, the story's central theme, or even set a budget and expected reviews and ratings.

Pricing: Freemium package only offers external analysis. The basic plan starts from $199, and the standard plan from $1999 includes added validations. Businesses can negotiate customized premium plans.


  • Various packages for overall script validation
  • Demo trials provided for all features
  • Quickest script analysis within 6 minutes


  • Subscriptions highly priced
  • Takes at least 2 days for overall validation

3.    Deep AI

This AI short story generator takes small sentences and keywords as input and multiplies around them to generate a long script. The platform works on the transformer language model, OpenAI's GPT-2, to analyze the inputs and generate content.

The users can code or modify the API document instructions in any trending programming language to train their text generator models with developing AI principles. Along with the AI that writes stories, it can also complete partially written ones or a new one from incomplete sentences.

Apart from text generation, you can also use its product Zendo, the AI-powered visual assistant, to convert text to images, and even get the latest updates on AI developments.

Deep AI

Pricing: Free demo available for one-time analysis or registration for $0.50 per 1000 requests of text generator. Businesses can approach customized plans and quotes through emails.


  • Latest AI story generator implementing real-time creativity
  • Uses simple sentences for input
  • Versatile API support for text, video, image generation


  • Users need to have programming knowledge to upgrade APIs.

4.    RYTR

A completely sophisticated AI short story generator, RYTR is a dynamic tool to generate blogs, taglines, sales content, short stories, and webpage fillers. You can directly launch the app, select the language and tone, the format for the content, give highlighting keywords, and start the AI story generator.

Once the content is written, you can edit, modify and rephrase it with the best SEO analyzer program and formatting icons. You can also extend it to Shopify or WordPress platforms to work directly.


Pricing: Free version provides only 5000 characters per month. The basic plan starts at $9 and the unlimited at $29 per month.


  • 30+ languages and 20+ tones available
  • Vivid drop-down features to describe the ideas
  • You can edit the content later
  • Mobile application is available


  • Doesn't work well for very long scripts
  • Limited keywords allowed

5.    Uragirii

This developing AI script generator is solely dependent on the famous American sitcom Friends. The app was developed by Apoorv Kansal, based on machine learning programs and recurrent neural networks.

You can simply start with a few words introduction and provide the script length to allow the AI story maker to write an alternate Friends script for you.


Pricing: Free web application


  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited AI-generated stories


  • Can only write scripts similar to the sitcom Friends

6.    Talk to Transformer

A coming of age AI story creator, this one's a brand-new writing application developed by Adam King, SpaceX's CEO Elon Musk, and OpenAI's CEO Sam Altman. This AI story generator online app works on OpenAI's GPT-2, aka Generative Pre-trained Transformer, and Natural Language Processing modules.

With a few input keywords, the AI story generator can develop stories, blogs, and paragraphs of varying lengths, by referring to countless existing web pages online.

Talk To Transformer

Pricing: 10K weekly free characters available. The basic plan is $20, and the premium plan is $60 per month.


  • Human-like AI-generated scripts are developed
  • Easy to use without any tedious settings


  • No choice to provide describing attributes

7.    Seb Scholl's TV script generator

Developed by Seb Scholl, this AI story generator writes drama scripts of varying lengths based on the 9th season of 1989 American sitcom Seinfeld. The free AI story generator works on RNN, Recurrent Neural Network programming to develop sentences from given input words. Once you provide a keyword, the program outputs ten possible sentences, loosely based on the pre-fed Seinfeld episodes.

TV Script Generator

Pricing: Free app with the program available on GitHub


  • Ten distinct outputs for a single word


  • Can only write sentences similar to the sitcom Seinfeld
  • No choices to set any attributes

8.    Charisma

A virtually interacting AI story generator, the Charisma app can sketch communicating characters that can respond and play with the users to create a story. Apart from being an AI script generator, you can also use it to develop games with conversations or educational content with live chatting scripts.

Instead of writing wordy scripts, this AI story maker creates the characters and prompts them to talk with the users to generate the script. You can design your characters with different emotions, personalities, and voices to talk through speech recognition. The characters use NLP and the recorded memories to respond to the coming user inputs.


Pricing: The app is free to play, but you need a license to extract and use the generated scripts on other platforms. You can register and negotiate the quotes through official email contacts.


  • Best interactive AI story creator
  • Both written chats and speech recognition are available
  • Users can design characters realistically
  • Available for free downloads in all app stores
  • No coding is required anywhere


  • You can't get completed AI-generated stories

9.    Storylab

A complete package of AI story generator and editor to start writing blogs, stories, and ads from scratch, StoryLab can help you develop content with mere keywords.

This free AI story generator works with the three-step procedure to select the content format, generate a plot based on input words and finally create an AI written content from it.

It can be used in versatile applications to write in more than ten formats for various business purposes. You can even edit and improvise the written content using the on-page SEO checklist and AI story creator tools available.


Pricing: The application provides a free trial but hasn't specified any subscription rates


  • Can write improvised content just using words
  • Best to create business ads and taglines


  • Isn't suitable for long AI-generated scripts

10.   Plot Generator

If you are looking for a dynamic AI script generator online app, Plot generator can help you by providing a complete AI-written script using your cast and set descriptions. The webpage has several input fields to create and define the protagonists, sidekicks, and villains.

You can add mythical and fancy characters, items, and scenes to shape up your stories uniquely. Though the platform is still under development, yet to add reference scripts to select from, you can still generate input-based AI-generated stories.

The plot generator app also features a random filling option that selects the AI-based attributes without the user giving any input. Along with the movie scripts, you can also generate your pen name if you want to become an anonymously famous writer!

Plot Generator


  • Multiple features to choose and generate the plot
  • Provides completed AI-written script
  • Easy to select choices with pre-fed examples


  • Isn't suitable for writing blog and article content
  • The platform is still under development


AI story generator applications are designed to help write creative content using basic inputs. Developed with principles of artificial intelligence, any AI story maker can generate a plot, design a story background, and write out the story content with the required keywords and instructions.

The top 10 AI script generator online platforms discussed are available in free or paid versions with amazing features. Try one out today!

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  2. All these site seem to be free, but they're not free. If all these sites are so-called free demos where no credit cards are required, why do they require account registration in the first place. All sites mentioned here are filthy scammers. How much do they pay you, Rose Salia for publishing their worthless spam?

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