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With the help of the internet and globalization, online businesses are flourishing like never before. In the pandemic period, most conventional businesses also resorted to online marketing. New technologies like Virtual Try-on tools have made it way more convenient for people to shop for products, such as jewelry, make-up, hair colors, glasses, and garments. Augmented reality made it possible for people to try on clothes, hairstyles, and even tattoos from the comfort of their homes. I have listed ten such apps and websites that allow you virtually try on a variety of products online.

Top 10 Virtual Try-On Applications

1. L’oreal

L'oreal's online virtual try-on feature is extremely helpful for trying out different kinds of hair colors, face make-up, and lipsticks. You can select from hundreds of shades under all categories to figure out the best look. It is perhaps more convenient to choose and invest in the right products and even experiment with new looks. To access this feature, you first need to select the product you want to try on. Then, you can either upload a portrait or use a live camera to preview the products. Finally, you can flick through different shades to find the best match for you.


● Easily select the best make-up, hair color, and lipstick.
● Live virtual try-on works smoothly
● Good range of shades in all products

● Stand only in a brightly lit area for best results

2. Zenni

Zenni Optical's virtual try-on feature works like a charm for people who struggle to find that perfect pair of glasses. The website itself has a huge collection of glasses in all shapes and sizes. To virtually try on glasses, the website records a five-second video of your face. After that, you will be asked to hold a credit card against your forehead horizontally. It helps the software to pick the appropriate size of glasses for you. Once complete, you can try on all the available glasses on your face from the comfort of your living room.


● Easily try on hundreds of glasses
● Accurate functioning
● Good range and suggestions

● No live virtual try-on
● Needs recording again after logging out

3. Virtooal is a premium virtual try-on interface for retailers and online store owners. It is customizable according to the client's products and other needs. The tool uses augmented reality allowing you to virtually try on hair colors, hats, make-up, lipstick, jewelry, contact lenses, and eyewear. Store owners can buy this product or even use it for free if their usage is not much. It will allow them to grow their business and give their clients a convincing user experience on their website. However, it is quite pricey for regular usage.


● Free trial available
● Accurate and precise functioning
● Normal usage can be done under the free pack

● Expensive monthly packs
● Could have some extra features like face tattoos, or haircuts.

4. J!ins

Jins' virtual try-on feature is almost identical to Zenni Opticals. You can find the perfect pair of glasses according to your facial features. To use it, you need to record your face and then hold a credit card against your forehead horizontally. The website will analyze your face and suggest suitable pairs of glasses. However, you can try on all the available products. The sample pictures on the website look promising and the tool also works flawlessly. After selecting your desired frame, you can select the type of lens you want and other features to it at the same time.


● Convincing suggestions
● Accurate functioning
● Quick face recording

● Can't swipe to try different glasses
● Pricey collection

5. Eyeconic

Eyeconic is another virtual try-on tool for glasses and sunglasses. It has similar functionality to Jins and Zenni. You need to record a short five-second video of your face. Then hold a credit card against your forehead. After analyzing your face, the tool will start suggesting the appropriate frames for your face. If you come across a frame of your liking then you can simply check out with the item. Else, you can try out from the entire collection. Its suggestions are not that great, but it is subjective and depends on the choice of individuals.


● Multiple offers on the website
● Good collection
● A quick analysis of facial features

● Average suggestions
● Expensive collection

6. Zeekit

Zeekit took the virtual try-on technology to the next level with their own patented technology which they call the first 'Dynamic Virtual Fitting Room'. With this technology, anyone can see themselves in any clothing item found online. It maps a person's image into thousands of segments just like how thousands of fabric segments are stitched together to make a clothing accessory. The founders claim that even they were surprised to see the accuracy of this tool. It was tried on different models that varied in shape and size and the tool didn't malfunction once.


● Great potential in the future
● First of its kind technology
● Shopping for clothes will be much more convenient

● Still in the developmental stage
● Might face problems in other regions with different body types

7. Garnier

Garnier's virtual try-on tool helps you to choose from 40 different shades of hair color. To get started, you need to upload an image of your face or use the live camera of your phone or computer. It is recommended to be in a well-lit area while using this tool. After analyzing the face, you can browse through different shades and pick the one that suits you best. The overall experience is flawless, you don't have to upload images repeatedly. It's just a one-time process. When you choose the desired color, the website also tells you the correct way of applying it.


● Flawless try-on experience
● Good range of colors
● Quite informative

● Could add more colors
● You need to be in a very bright room to use the tool

8. Inkhunter

Inkhunter is an extremely productive app for tattoo artists which is specifically designed for iPad. It uses augmented reality to preview designs on different body parts of the client. It also comes preloaded with a good collection of designs. You can also upload your designs to the app. To get started, you first need to select the tattoo design. Then you need to record the body part that is to get the tattoo. After analyzing, the design can be viewed from different angles. It looks exactly like a real tattoo on your skin and gives you a very clear idea of how it would come out.


● Best app for tattoo artists and preloaded with designs
● Real life-like previews for clients
● Flawless functioning using AR

● Only works on iPad

9. Perfect Hairstyle

Perfect Hairstyle is an Apple exclusive app containing 420 different hairstyles for both women and men. You can try out different colors in the hairstyles to experiment more with the looks. With great positive feedback, this app has helped thousands of people decide their next new look. Decide on a new look without hesitation, as it also allows you to control the contrast, brightness, and saturation of the hairstyles. The user interface is quite simple and allows quick surfing through different hairstyles while using the live camera of your phone.

Perfect hairstyle

● Free trail inclusive
● Relatively cheap in-app purchases
● Gives a decent idea for a new look

● The free trial is very limited
● Most colors don’t look natural

10. Warby Parker

Warby Parker is a virtual try-on app for glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. It is available in the app store and works only on iPhone X and above. It has a real-time preview feature that works impressively. You can simply open your front camera and start trying out different products, just like being in a physical store. It's just much quicker and convenient. If you find yourself confused and cannot finalize a product, you can pick five of your favorite frames to try on at home for free. Overall, the app is focused on providing a smooth user experience at all stages and it is evident.

Warby Parker

● Live virtual try-on
● A great collection including contact lenses
● Pick 5 frames for free try-on at home

● Only supported by iPhone X and above

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For many people, it is not always possible to take out time from their busy schedule and go out to shop. With the help of augmented reality and AI, you can virtually try on a bunch of products online and save the hassle of going to the market. On a larger scale, this technology has helped store owners to grab more and regular customers. In the current scenario, it allows people to shop for such products that were never purchased online before. Now, you can simply order even a pair of glasses according to your eyesight and choose from thousands of options online. Also read: Top 10 Best AI Face Apps Review.


1. Is there an app to try a different hairstyle?

Yes, Perfect Hairstyle is an Apple exclusive app that allows you to try more than 400 different hairstyles virtually all at once. To try different styles, you only have to open your live camera in the app and browse through the entire range of hairstyles. You can also select a hair color according to your preference to get a clear vision for your next look.

2. Will virtual try-on be the trend in 2021?

Yes, virtual try-on is already in trend and has helped many new businesses to evolve. Now, both new and old online businesses are adopting the new technology to take the next big step towards the future of online shopping. With innovations in the current technology, it is possible to even virtually try on any type of garment from the online market.

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