Top 10 Best VR Apps Review


VR apps are one of the stepping stones to futuristic interaction and entertainment. It is evident by the fact that the best VR apps are used in a vast number of fields, such as healthcare, engineering, and even in cultural websites that offer VR apps-based museum tours. The top virtual reality apps are also implemented in many horror video games and movies to offer a much more thrilling experience than before. We will take a look at the top ten best VR apps that you can download and use right now. Given the diversity of these VR apps, you can expect to find what you are looking for.

What are the Best VR Apps?

1. Cardboard by Google LLC

Price: This is one of the best VR phone apps that are free to use.

This application designed by Google works as a medium to a bunch of VR experiences that include a Tour Guide, PhotoSphere, Arctic Journey, and more. The Photo Sphere allows you to watch the photospheres you create in the app itself whereas the Tour Guide enables you to visit Versailles through your screen. You can also view several cultural artifacts through this app. Cardboard is also one of the most realistic VR apps with its video-based and Exhibit features. Last but not the least, the application is not advisable for use when walking or driving as it may cause confusion.

Cardboard by Google LLC


  • One of the most popular and best free VR apps.
  • Has multiple features.
  • It is easy to use.


  • The Earth feature is not functional.
  • Extra steps to get Viewer feature.
  • Can be buggy sometimes.

2. Within VR

Price: Within VR is an application for Apple products only and it is completely free to use.

If you are wondering what are the best VR apps for iPhone then this application is definitely one of the answers. Within VR is made by a group of active and reliable developers who consistently update the application and add new content. This application is a bit on the passive side, in the sense that it contains films and other kinds of videos for users to simply sit back and enjoy. It is different from the Google VR app which requires user input. The visuals in this app are really stunning though, providing high resolution and CGI-powered pixels to users. Not to mention that this application is not only free but it also doesn’t have any ads whatsoever.

Within VR


  • Great content in the app.
  • Can be paired with Cardboard Viewer.
  • Free to use and no ads.


  • Not for users looking for something like Cardboard.
  • Need to have a good internet connection.
  • Videos work best only when downloaded.

3. Fulldive VR

Price: Fulldive VR is a free-to-use application for Android devices.

This application is one of the best VR apps on Android if you are a user who wants to earn potential benefits from your time spent browsing the Internet. The way this app works is that it offers cryptocurrency-based rewards to users if they watch videos, browse the Internet for photos, etc in VR using their app. The good thing is that it has a lot of options for you to browse on, so you are not restricted to just any one website.

Fulldive VR


  • Reward-based application.
  • Supports Cardboard Viewers.
  • Free to use.


  • Doesn’t mention how long it takes for rewards.
  • It tends to be buggy.
  • Doesn’t offer other features.

4. YouTube VR

Price: YouTube VR is free to use though you will need the free YouTube account.

YouTube is the biggest hub when it comes to visual content and it is only natural for it to have a big presence when it comes to VR-based content. YouTube has made VR very accessible to users by creating specific channels that mainly post videos watchable in VR. All you need to do, as a user, is to simply choose your device on the link given or just go to YouTube and search for VR videos. You will see a special icon on the thumbnail confirming that the particular video is in VR.

YouTube VR


  • A popular way of getting a VR experience.
  • YouTube has a ton of videos in VR.
  • Freely available.


  • Requires Cardboard for more features.
  • Video quality depends on the publisher.
  • Not much to do within VR itself.

5. Sanrio Puroland VR

Price: This application is definitely free to use.

Sanrio is basically a VR-designed tour application. This application is pretty much the Disneyland in VR kind of an app except all Disney characters are replaced by Hello Kitty characters. They have designed an entire event around this tool wherein users are always greeted by Hello Kitty and friends. You can also watch the parade and get Hello Kitty to show you around the VR environment created. Even though the characters themselves are fictional, it is still one of the more realistic VR apps you will find regarding the details of the environment and dialogue.

Sanrio Puroland VR


  • Highly detailed VR app.
  • It is free to use.
  • Very entertaining.


  • Not meant for all users.
  • Can lag sometimes.
  • It needs more environments or places.

6. Oculus

Price: It is a free-to-use application.

Oculus is definitely a popular VR-based application as well as a product that everyone has heard of. It is mainly known for the Oculus Rift headset devices that are used for gaming. The Oculus app that is mentioned here has a lot to do with gaming since it offers a store for users to buy VR-based games on. It also has social features such as adding friends, connecting and playing with them, and more. You can also attend virtual events and book tickets beforehand for them. Oculus is an application and community that continues to grow with time.



  • Popular VR app.
  • Also has devices under the same brand.
  • Community-based features and events.


  • It is mainly for gaming.
  • Even with VR, many games are not appealing.
  • Can be buggy.

7. VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360

Price: It is a free-to-use application but contains in-app purchases and ads.

From the name itself, you can use what the application is mainly about. However, this application takes a step ahead and enables users to actually create their own customized roller coaster rides that they can experience after creation. This application is a popular gaming concept that allows players to create their own tracks or even entire maps for them to try out. Though it does need to add new tracks from time to time.

VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360


  • It is a fun VR app.
  • Free to use app.
  • Custom track creation possible.


  • It is buggy.
  • It requires a high-end mobile phone.
  • It could add more tracks.

8. VR Abyss

Price: Free to use but also contains in-app purchases with ads.

VR Abyss is similar to Google Cardboard’s Exhibit feature which allows deep exploration of a certain place or items. In this case, it is the deep ocean among the types of fish. This application allows you to view the ocean depth and view fishes as well as the occasional shark. There are other interesting items that you get to see in the ocean. The design puts emphasis on exploration and so you can just swim endlessly. There are also events where you get to witness the deadly shark attacks.

VR Abyss


  • Interesting concept.
  • Free to use application.
  • Eventful exploration.


  • It has a lot of ads.
  • Can be buggy.
  • In-app purchases.

9. Sisters

Price: This application is free to use.

Sisters may be considered as one of the free VR apps for adults as it makes use of VR technology to bring a horror experience to the audience. It is an impressive VR app that manages to track the user’s movements as well as their vision. It will react accordingly to where the user is exactly looking at. The game is simple enough to play. It is a fun app to have and play sometimes. The dev team keeps adding new features to this, so the app remains fresh.



  • A unique experience.
  • Free to use and no ads.
  • Good tracking features.


  • It is not for everyone.
  • Tends to have glitches.
  • Sometimes gets stuck midway.

10. InCell VR

Price: It is free to use.

InCell is a VR-based game app that basically puts the player in a strange world where they start off really small and work their way ahead. It is designed with Google Cardboard. This app has high compatibility as it supports Cardboard, View Master, Homido, Archos, Durovis, and more. You can also switch off the VR mode from the app menu. This application is great for users who want to explore something innovative within the VR world.

InCell VR


  • Interesting world.
  • Free to use.
  • High compatibility.


  • It could add a lot more content.
  • It can be buggy at times.
  • It could have better backgrounds.

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All these VR apps have a ton of potential outside of the features that they already offer. Virtual Reality is a technology that has only recently picked up the pace and established itself as a valuable entertainment medium. With more discoveries in Virtual Reality, we can surely expect VR apps to evolve simultaneously. Though VR apps tend to have bugs or some technical issues, they are still a highly lucrative option for fun and education. The best thing is that you can use almost all of these VR apps for free. The application you choose depends on the kind of experience you are looking for. For those looking to play VR games or similar, Oculus and Sisters are great choices. On the other hand, VR apps like Google Cardboard offer more cultural and educational experiences. Also read: Top 10 Virtual Try-On Applications Review.


1. What is the best VR app?

While there are certain VR apps such as Google Cardboard, Within VR, and YouTube VR that don’t usually face as many technical issues as some of the other VR apps, what the best VR app depends on the user as well. There is hardly any single VR app capable of fulfilling all of the user’s requests. Different VR apps are designed to provide different experiences and users should choose accordingly.

2. Is VR bad for your eyes?

Anything that makes you avoid blinking for too long can be harmful if used too much. This applies to normal LCD monitors, televisions, and it equally applies to VR as well. The way VR is designed is like a video game, it feeds information and events to the eyes constantly, which makes it very difficult to blink. With our eyes under constant pressure, they become irritable. It is best to use VR for a short amount of time only.

3. What are the best VR apps for android?

When it comes to Android, users have a lot of VR apps that they can choose from. Arguably the best of them would be the Google Cardboard with a paid membership as well. Google Cardboard is of the VR apps itself but it is also involved in a lot of other VR apps as well, which makes it a more valuable one to have.

4. What are the best VR apps for iphone?

Within VR is surely one of the best VR apps, even the best arguably, available on iPhone and other Apple platforms. It has a lot of features going for it. First of all, it is a free-to-use VR app that has no in-app purchases or ads. It offers some of the best visuals that you will see in a VR app, thanks to the additional CGI effects. The dev team makes sure that the app stays as updated as possible and releases patches quite often.

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