Top 10 Digital Portrait Painting Tools to Boost Your Creativity

Do you want to create a masterpiece in the field of digital portraits? I understand that it might be tough to improve your creativity in any digital portrait industry without expert training and tools. Hence, here I've compiled a list of 10 incredible digital portrait painting tools to boost your creativity. Now, let's look at the tools you'll need to start digital portrait painting. And here is your chance to discover if you're missing out on anything significant for established artists. I've got tools for studio recluses (if you're going to hide away and get creative in your place, that room better have practical tools), digital portrait, or abstract self-portrait artists on the road. And a bonus product that's ideal for everyone in our product review guide. However, I rated them according to their functions, interface, quality, and genres. Now you can cartoon yourself with these tools below.

If you're hunting for simple and effective digital portrait painting tools, digital drawing websites, or cartoon digital portraits, check out this guide to get the best digital art software available.

Ten Digital Portrait Painting Tools Boost Your Creativity

1. VansPortrait

Price: $24.99 for 600 credits for Pay as you go, $9.9 monthly, $4,99 per month for an annual subscription.

Connectivity: Virtual

digital portrait drawing online_VansPortrait

VansPortrait is an AI portrait generator that uses deep learning to turn photos into line drawings, stencils, sketches, and anime in 5 seconds. Begin a new adventure with an AI sketch converter to create AI portraits, line drawings, and sketches that seem like an artist made them. Now, convert the snapshot into a line drawing. Say goodbye to drab photographs. Its AI picture outline creator is sophisticated enough to recognize the lines in pictures and transform them into drawings using GAN, a deep learning technology. Try this AI sketch converter if you want to post something unique and get more likes on Pinterest and Reddit. Now, convert photo to line drawing online or turn it an anime.


  • You may automatically convert a photo into a line drawing or a stencil with the free stencil.
  • After 24 hours, all uploaded photographs are permanently deleted. Use VansPortrait with confidence.
  • VansPortrait is much more than a simple sketch conversion. They have introduced a new Anime AI, which allows you to convert an essential selfie to anime.


  • Limited tools

How to use VanaPortrait?

Step 1: Upload an image.

Step 2:  Here are two modes you can choose, Sketch and Anime, so just select a mode and click "Start to Process." And here is the picture shows you where to find the options.

vansportrait step2

Step 3: Download the processed photo.

If you are also interested in VanceAI's other products, here's an article about its photo retouchers. Check it out  VanceAI Portrait Retoucher Review: Back to The Perfection

2. ConvertImage

Price:  Free

digital portrait_ConvertImage

If you're looking for a tool that helps you paint, converting images is just for you. Use ConvertImage to transform a photograph into digital artwork! The website generates an accurate digital painting online from your photo without any software!


  • You can choose from four different brush sizes to add tremendous depth to your image.
  • Their online painting impact is much easier to master than learning how to use oil painting or acrylic.
  • You can quickly convert images in various formats, like, JPEG, PDF, etc.


  • Limited features.

3. SketchthePhotos

Price: After placing the order, the pricing will be revealed.

digital portrait_SketchePhotos

Sketchthephotos focuses on online artwork, pencil drawing, charcoal doodling, and digital abstract painting in the United States and worldwide. They have a wide range of professional customized Sketching that will quickly win your heart.


  • Provides a variety of choices for converting your image to meet your needs.
  • Deliver your order to your home with exceptional packaging and courier services.
  • The customer's data or images will not be disclosed. Using their services is risk-free.


  • Not support automatic converting images by customers.
  • There is no free service offered.

4. Doozypics

Price: ₹1,050.00

digital portrait_doozypics

Doozypics offers the Digital Painting service to magically re-do your images. You can transform your pictures into works of art by making them appear like hand-drawn paintings. Objects that draw your attention away from the picture can be removed. You may modify the backdrops tweak the colors. 


  • The softcopy is a digital copy of the artwork provided through email in HD JPEG/PNG format.
  • Artwork created digitally with a Wacom tablet and a stylus pen.
  • The artwork will be tailored to the customer's specifications.
  • The artwork will be displayed on premium Artistic canvas and framed in a standard synthetic black/brown frame.


  • Softcopy turnaround time: 3 to 5 business days.
  • Hardcopy Timeframe: It takes around 10 to 15 working days, including shipping.
  • There is no free service offered.

5. Oilpixel

Price: After placing the order, the price will be revealed.

digital portrait_olipixel

OilPixel, a digital painting studio, paints your tale on a blank canvas, beautifully bringing every aspect of yourself to life. Its digital brushstrokes produce a piece of art- portrait painting, picture restoration, photo finishing, or photo manipulation- that brings out your emotions powerfully. 


  • Talented artists will paint it to perfection, whether it's a self-portrait, a relationship portrait, a child portrait, or something else.
  • They provide Handmade Digitally Drawn Couple Portrait Paintings.


  • There is no free service available.
  • It doesn't support automated picture conversion by customers.


Price: little as $49.

digital portrait_instapainting

INSTAPAINTING offers a service to convert your picture to a painting by uploading your photo and quickly getting a preview. Hire a competent artist to transform it into an actual, handmade work of art that will be mailed to you! It also provides a variety of paintings like Oil Painting Gallery, Pet Portraits, and digital portrait drawing online.


  • You may submit your photo and see how it will look like a painting in several styles with only a few clicks.
  • The tool is free and straightforward to use.
  • One of their skilled painters will hand-paint your photograph or favourite photo as a work of art in one week and mail it directly to your house.


  • Limited services
  • Doesn't support automatic image conversion by customers.

7. Fotor

Price: Free, Basic ($0/mo); Pro ($8.99/mo)

digital portrait drawing online_fotor

Fotor offers a Fotor GoArt feature that converts photos to paintings with a single click. With GoArt AI painting photo effects, you can turn your photos into gorgeous paintings. The best aspect is that no manual photo editing is required.


  • GoArt provides a new and inventive method to create art.
  • GoArt offers over 50 different painting filters and styles to select from.
  • You may start for free as a trial, and they also offer student discounts.


  • Editing capabilities are limited.
  • Essential software features necessitate a premium profile.

8. Befunky

Price: $9.9 monthly/ $59.88 annually

digital portrait_befunky

 Befunky offers you a digital art tool. With their Deluxe Edition Digital Art effects, you can transform your images into beautiful digital paintings. So BeFunky is a fun and simple way to be artistic with your images, even if you're not a trained artist! You may share them on any social site or store them on your computer or laptop for free.


  • A plethora of functions and editing tools
  • It's free absolute creative power over your artworks that isn't as complex as Photoshop.
  • You can keep your BeFunky images private (the public can't see them) and yet see other people's artwork.
  • BeFunky will not save any personal information that you do not provide.
  • The site is not crowded with advertisements.


  • It does not have a function for creating picture collages or an eraser tool (which was inconvenient!)
  • If you opt to have a paid BeFunky account, the site may need to use your credit card information, which may be an issue for specific users.

9. Krita

 Price:  Free

digital portrait drawing online_Krita

Krita was created in 2005 as a design application geared primarily toward digital painting. It is also popular among matte painters, concept designers, and comic illustrators for use in creating two-dimensional animations.

The program is mainly used for painting and illustration, although it can be used for any form of creative activity, including image generation and alteration. Another significant aspect of the application is the variety of filters and brushes available, allowing for maximum freedom and a less constrained working process.


  • Krita provides users with an immensely diverse set of brushes, allowing them to complete artistic freedom.
  • The Krita Foundation provides a wealth of instructional materials to assist you in becoming acquainted with the software and its features.
  • It is free, so you do not need to buy or rent it!


  • It lacks the breadth of functions seen in Photoshop.
  • Some capabilities, such as layer modes and transformation tools, may appear to novice users to be unintuitive and perplexing.
  • Brush motions that are too fast may cause the software to lag somewhat.

10. SnapsTouch

Price: Free

digital portrait drawing online_Snaps touch

Snapstouch is another excellent website for unique and unusual effects. It is a user-friendly and simple application for adding filters, items, captions, and borders to your photos. You may also use it if you want to add exciting effects to your Instagram photos in a matter of seconds.


  • It allows you to employ a variety of filters and effects.
  • Simple to use
  • Online cartomizer effect for easy picture animation


  • UI that is out of date
  • Customer animation functions are limited and are not well regarded.


These tools, such as VanceAI, let you create ultra-realistic Digital Portrait Painting and cartoon yourself online using these cartoonizer and portrait makers. You may also try the VanceAI toongineeer cartoonizer function to stand out on social media. Find outr more here How to Create Cartoon Avatar with Toongineer Cartoonizer.


Which of them can digitalize my photos to cartoons?

VanceAI also allows you to transform your image into a cartoon image. It enables the user to utilize the software and flip the photo without special effects.

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