Shark AI Robot is basically a vacuum cleaner that can help clean your house automatically and make house cleaning easier for you with the help of artificial intelligence. A Shark robot vacuum is an amazing option that you can use to eliminate dirt from your house effortlessly. It is an awesome performance for all types of floor types like on floors and mops; it can be used for both accurately.

What is Shark AI Robot?

Shark AI Robot

Shark AI robot is a vacuum cleaner that sucks the dirt from your house floors and mats. It is programmed with an artificial intelligence system that can easily recognize different types of floor types according to which it can perform. It not only easily takes care of dust particles within your floor but also deals with any other item like a patch of hair or any small item. Shark robot vacuum analyzes the details of the floor with its scanner and automatically starts its process without any manual effort. Now all you have to do is simply turn on the vacuum cleaner and sleep or rest leaving all the cleaning of your floors to shark AI bot vacuum.

Performance & Advantages 

Don't worry about its performance; you will not have to face any type of issues regarding its usage. As it is well attested by the company on various floor types, and its mechanism was adjusted according to the best performance. Shark robot vacuum works just like a vacuum cleaner, but the difference between them is that it does not require any human help for its work. All its tasks are performed automatically. It moves quickly and precisely without clashing with any object; it keeps moving on the floor only. Cleanses the floor by moving in straight paths. It does not have any random movement or motion. This bot does not move in circles like other cheap robot vacuums and mops.

Its suction power is very strong during its testing procedure; the level of suction was adjusted so that no dust particle or any other light object would not be left behind on the floor. Most people have pets in their homes that make a lot of mess due to their excessive hair loss. Usually, cats lose a lot of their hair daily. It provides great advantages for cat lovers who have cats in their houses. It automatically sucks the patches of animal hairs on the floor. The product is also environmentally friendly for your pets as it does not create loud noise during its working. It has less sound so that your pets would not be afraid of its processing.

Parts of Shark Robot Vacuum

shark robot vaccum

The shark AI bot gives a feeling that it is sophisticated, and all its components are properly fixed in their required dimensions. Its body is plastic with a wonderful matte color finish that makes it more appealing to its users. It has highly sophisticated wheels that are attached with rubber treads to provide a strong grip while cleaning the floor.

It has five different parts, and all of the parts have distinctive features. Here is a list of each part with its details and purpose.


It is a movable part that you can take it out by pressing its release button. It has an anti-tangle comb that is attaching to it to avoid hair clogging inside the vacuum cleaner. You can clean it and empty it after you have cleaned all your house easily.

Pre Motor Filter

It is located inside the dirt compartment and can be easily removed by its releasing buttons. You can remove it when the dustbin is full and clean it. You can also clean it with water after months to avoid any malfunction.

Brush Roll

It is under the vacuum cleaner that does not require any maintenance. Just keep an eye on it in case some large item gets stuck in it.

Side Brushes

You can take out the side brushes from their side pockets. You need to check them weekly and regularly if any hair patches or debris is inside them.

Drive wheels

The drive wheels are the main wheels that make most of their movement. It requires proper cleaning because it may not work smoothly if something obstructive is inside it. Just after cleaning your house check it.

Front Wheel

Front-wheel of the Shark AI robot makes it moves around your house much easier. You can remove them easily if you want to, but it can be hard sometimes. It requires tools for opening.

Sensors and Charging pads

It has a proper sensing system that senses the floor adequately and cleans it. You can charge it with a charging pads. You will have to clean these two regularly as they are sensitive parts of the robot.


  • It does not require any type of bag to store dirt that it cleans.
  • There is a clean shark application by which you can operate it with your phone.
  • You can add clean-up zones of your home in it.
  • It has voice control commands and features.
  • It cleans all sorts of spots leaving nothing behind.
  • It does produce loud noise during its working.
  • It has great battery timing as compared to other robot vacuums and mops.


  • Easily clear small dirt particles.
  • Outstanding battery performance.
  • It is a variety of using options.


  • Large dirt or dust items get stuck in their intake.
  • It tangles long pet hairs in its brush roll.
  • Some of its parts require regular cleaning.


It's at a price of about 298$ on Amazon.

How To Use Shark AI Robot?

Shark robot vacuum is very simple and easy to operate as it is based on artificial intelligence programming. All you have to do is just turn it on and provide some working zones, and then it will automatically start performing its given task in no time. Once you have mapped your room and perimeters are provided to the Shark AI robot then, it starts cleaning your house instantly.

It can also work with wifi. Just connect it to wifi and download the application on your phone and connect it with Bluetooth to your device. Easily operate it from your device. You have various options on the application according to which you can operate its performance. Provide the diameters and area of your house on the application, and then it will start cleaning your house right away after you turn it on.

It doesn't matter if you are an iPhone user. Shark robot vacuum provides the same advantages to iPhone users as it provides to the android user. You can operate it with voice commands by using Alexa. Give different orders to it, like you can turn it on and off with your voice easily. It has an ultimate mode that provides excellent cleaning performance by immediately removing all sorts of dust from your floor. There are very good reviews about its performance as it performs all those tasks that its makers promise. It has a good rating in the online market from where people buy it.

Difference between Shark AI Robot Vacuum and Other Vacuum Cleaners

Shark AI Robot

There is a lot of difference between normal vacuum cleaners and Shark robot vacuums. Manual vacuum cleaners require human help to control movement and operate it. It causes massive stress in the overall human body as you operate it with your hands and move it. This type of activity can stress anyone, and when you will operate it in the end, you will not have the proper energy to perform other tasks. You also have to clean the bags of the vacuum cleaners after cleaning your house. All these tasks can burden you, as they also consume a lot of time during their procedure. It consists of a wire that would require a switch, and sometimes, not every place in your house has a proper switch that you can use it.

With the automated system of the Shark AI robot, you can overcome all these difficulties easily. Now you can save up to 100% of the time that you were giving to vacuum cleaners. As Shark AI robots take the responsibility of cleaning your house. You can do other work instead that cannot be performed automatically. Get some free time to spend with your family and friends and enjoy your life. The best option for ladies who are multi-tasking in their houses is to take care of their babies and also focus on cleaning the house. Shark AI robot vacuums do the same task as manual vacuum cleaner, but there is no need for any type of effort.

Why Choose Shark AI Robot?

There are a lot of reasons that can prove that you must use a Shark AI robot. It automatically cleans your house and requires no effort from the person using it. Additionally, Shark robot vacuums are very simple and easy to operate; even little children can use one easily. A good option for houses all around the world that are having difficulty operating manual vacuum cleaners. Shark AI reduces time consumption by instantly cleaning your house effortlessly. You don't manually grab it in your hands and use it in different areas of your home. Just simply turn it on and provide the areas of your house that you want to clean. Shark AI robot vacuums will automatically clean your house from certain areas.

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Shark AI

Shark AI robot is a vacuum cleaner that sucks the dirt from your house floors and mats.

  • Productivity
  • Entertaining
  • $298
  • Easily clear small dirt particles.
  • Outstanding battery performance
  • It is a variety of using options.
  • Large dirt or dust items get stuck in their intake.
  • It tangles long pet hairs in its brush roll.
  • Some of its parts require regular cleaning.