Top 10 AI Portraits Generators Review 2021

Have you ever imagined what you might have looked like in your 70s or 80s? Have you ever imagined what you might have looked like if you swapped your gender? Have you ever wished to see what you might have looked like through the eyes of Rembrandt or Raphael or Van Gogh? There are many available products in the market to do that. But what about their performance? Which one should I choose? If you have such a question, please read on.

Top 10 AI Portraits Generators

With most AI portrait generators, you are expected to apply effects to your photos, such as getting older, getting younger, changing haircuts, adding beards, or becoming female/male. For a few apps, you can even make your own portraits look as if they were painted by Picasso and Munch.

The relevant products available are mainly apps. So this article will focus on apps. If you’re looking for some other tools to help you turn your selfie to anime, then Selfie to Anime 2021 is what you need.

1. Prisma

Price:Free & Paid ($8 per month or $130 per year)

Compatibility: iOS & Android

Prisma is widely regarded as the most famous app and the forerunner of AI-based filters. Prisma can transform your photos into paintings. With this AI portrait app, you can get your Renaissance-style portraits. Besides, it now has more than 300 styles in its art filter library. This AI portrait generator also continues to add new filters.

In its photo enhancement mode, you can also adjust exposure, sharpness, contrast, and brightness to make your photos more perfect. In its own community, you can also share your creations with others and get connected with other brilliant ideas.

ai portraits


  • Hundreds of styles and keep updating
  • Creations community
  • Fine-tune pictures


  • Can’t buy outright
  • Sometimes crashes on opening
  • Requires subscription before the trial


2. Vance AI Sketch Converter

Price:Free & Paid (5 credits for free or $9.9/200 credits/month)

Compatibility: Online

With Vance AI Sketch Converter, you can convert your photo into sketch painting online automatically. The AI sketch converter uses deep learning model to identify the portraits in your photos and turn them into sketch accurately without any manual work. A cool part of this sketch converter is that it offers two modes that let you convert the entire photo into a sketch or just the portrait in your photo.



  • Turn your photo into a sketch portrait automatically
  • Offer one more option to turn the entire photo into a sketch
  • Output greater results than traditional tools
  • Easy and fast to use


  • Lack editing feature


2. Painnt

Price: Free & Paid ($1 per week, $2 per month, and $10 per year)

Compatibility: iOS & Android

With AI technology, Painnt turns your photos into artistic AI portraits. You can choose from tons of fully customized HD filters to improve your images, including classical, comic books, modern, abstract, and mosaics. It makes your photos look like real paintings.

Preview and adjust your settings for distinctive looking artwork. Render high-resolution painting. Share to its own community and get inspiration from others.

ai portrait


  • More than 1,000 filters and many customized HD filters
  • Render high-resolution painting
  • Own community


  • Sometimes fail to process
  • Free version limits output resolution, shows ads and adds a watermark


3. Artisto

Price: Free & Paid ($1 to $2)

Compatibility: iOS & Android

Artisto works for both photos and videos. It claims to be the first in the world to process videos through neural networks to generate stunning visual effects. You can make your photos look like paintings. A range of filters is also available here.

It is quite easy to use without any superfluous functions. Just upload a photo or video and tap the button with the filter you like. Get the result you want.

ai portrait generator


  • Easy to use
  • Work for both photos and videos


  • Only support very short video
  • The free version limits the resolution of the output and add a watermark


4. Deep Art Effects

Price: Free and Paid (3 Month Usage Plan. $25 ($8.33 / month) 6 Month Usage Plan. $45 ($7.50 / month) 1 Year Usage Plan. $80 ($6.66 / month))

Compatibility: iOS & Android

With the help of AI, this AI portrait app transforms photos and selfies into famous fine art paintings. Combined with neural networks, this tool can make your photos as if they were painted by artists such as Van Gogh, Monet, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso, Raphael, Rembrandt, Dali, and many others.

ai portraits generator


  • Easy to use
  • Powerful functions and various options even in free version
  • More than 50 filters from famous artists
  • HD Resolution for artworks (1080px)
  • Fast image processing near realtime


  • Sometimes hang when applying effects


5. FaceAPP

Price: Free & Paid ($19.99 for a lifetime subscription; unlock all the filters with $3.99)

Compatibility: iOS & Android

FaceApp, a Russia-based app, first went viral in 2017. Last year, it was in the spotlight again due to its new filter. That filter can make users look older or younger.

With advanced neural portrait editing technology, FaceApp can perfect your selfies with the Hollywood filter, change haircut and color, apply beautiful filters, add makeup, swap genders, change age and let AI find the best style for you. Check out this popular post to for more face apps: Top 10 Face Swap Apps Review 2021.



  • Perfect your photos in many ways
  • Some fun functions, like gender swap


  • Most contents are paid
  • Filters are far too limited for full-body photos
  • Can’t turn your photos into painting


6. Lensa

Price: Free & Paid ( $5 per month or $30 per year)

Compatibility: iOS

Lensa is mainly developed to improve one’s selfies, for example, to perfect your skin and eyes. There is an automated retouching feature that finds out and removes blemishes. Therefore, you don’t have to manually improve it.

It also provides Bokeh effect to bring your visage from the background to the foreground. You can make your portrait more dynamic by setting the background in motion or adding a Petzval lens effect for an interesting swirly Bokeh.

If you’re looking for a tool to help you enlarge images, then you can go to Image Upscalers Review to check out our list.

ai portraits


  • Perfect your photos in an extremely excellent way


  • Can’t turn your photos into painting


7. Aicut

Price: Free

Compatibility: iOS & Android

This tool can make you apply two different filters in one photo. With Aicut, you can separate people, objects from the background. Then you can apply different filters to the one you separate and the background.

30+ filters are here for you to choose from. Auto images segmentation and auto hashtag generator are also supported here.

portrait ai


  • Easy to use


  • Lack of zooming


8. S Pro Camera

Price: Free

Compatibility: Android

This AI camera provides a one-stop solution. It supports AI Scene Detection (up to 16 scene labels), pro mode, beauty, portrait, Bokeh, sticker, filter, Gif emoji, and motion photo. Some AI features are also accessible, like face beauty, face cute, portrait Bokeh, gender and age recognition.

Take full advantage of hardware capability, compatible with all platforms and camera modules(including API1&API2), support ZSL, continuous shooting, HDR, panorama, time-lapse, professional manual mode, 18:9 preview.

generate ai portrait


  • Intelligent shooting
  • Support various modes


  • In portrait mode, can’t detect objects
  • Picture quality is not that good


9. Pikazo

Price: Free

Compatibility: iOS

It claims to be a universal art machine that paints any image in the style of any other. With hundreds of built-in and high-resolution styles, Pikazo AI is able to repaint your picture. The output is totally different from the original one.

After you apply the style you like, you can also enhance it to high resolution, share with your friends on social media, use in blog posts or presentations, or even order as prints.

generate ai portraits


  • Beautiful paints combined
  • High-resolution styles built-in


  • Sometimes can’t work at all


10. AI Portraits

Price: Free

Compatibility: website

ai portrait

AI portraits even apply a generative adversarial network (GAN) to generate new features from scratch and try to produce a photo that looks like a real one. The 15th-century Renaissance style is its focus. It was a period in art history when realistic depictions of individuals emerged. They collect and use 15th-century masterpieces to help “paint” the portrait of any photo that’s uploaded.

If you choose a Renaissance style, the tool will highlight the elegance of the aquiline nose, the smoothness of the forehead. These features are believed to be the obvious features of Renaissance portraits.

Unfortunately, AI Portraits website was down the last July. “Due to the overwhelming popularity of the site, we are currently down for maintenance,” from the notice on the site. Therefore, you have to choose others though this one is pretty good.



Since a great number of people are looking for a tool to make their own Renaissance-style paintings, if you are one of them, the first four products can help you do that. The output will be extremely different from the original one. Maybe you can’t even recognize yourself.

If you need a tool to perfect your selfies or apply some fun effects on your portraits, FaceAPP and Lensa work well. They can perfect your portraits in an all-round way with less effort. But they can’t make your images look like paintings.

If you’re looking for a camera to take AI portraits, then you need S Pro Camera. All the editing process happens before you take a photo.

FAQ: Are AI Portraits Generators Safe to Use? 

Some of you may worry about your privacy issue when using these apps. Will they store my data on their servers? Will they sell my data to third parties? Generally speaking, a few of them are reported to do that. But Vance AI Sketch Converter, an online app, is safe to use since it promises to delete the image you upload within hours.

Many apps explicitly explain their policy in the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy. Before you use it, please read them carefully. If you want to find some online programs to easily enlarge images, please check out our Image Enlargers Review.

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  1. Prisma and Painnt are really excellent. But I’m always looking for a website to do that. It is such a pity that the site “AI portraits” is down.

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