New AI Technology at WAIC 2020 Summit Online

AI technology is transforming our lives. AI has been used in healthcare, education, finance, business and many other areas. Latest AI technologies are displayed at World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2020 (WAIC 2020), which kicked off in China on July 9. More than 500 experts, including AI experts, entrepreneurs, Nobel laureates, and Turing Award winners, are invited to discuss AI applications and breaking issues about AI. New AI technology is definitely a highlight during this conference. So, what are the new AI technologies? What kind of breakthrough AI has made? Let’s take a look.


New AI technology at WAIC 2020

New AI technology covers many areas, including industry. AI is becoming smarter. In the near future, we will see more applications of AI across different fields.

1.   Project debater

Project Debater is an AI system designed to assist users in forming compelling arguments and making decisions. Invented by IBM, Project Debater becomes a spotlight at WAIC 2020. The IBM debater has a potential to reshape our lives in that it reduces the influence of our emotion and bias by offering objective arguments. The IBM debater is the next big goal of IBM, which achieved its AI milestone for AI with Deep Blue.

This IBM AI debating technology can debate on complex topics. The AI debater has the ability to generate a whole speech automatically. It can generate arguments and build a well-structured speech on a given topic.


Project Debater once defeated human debaters at a San Francisco event in 2018. But it lost the game to Harish Natarajan, a top debater in the world in 2019.


2.   OpenCat

OpenCat is a programmable and highly maneuverable robotic cat for AI-enhanced services.

Invented by Rongzhong Li, CEO of Petoi, a Silicon Valley startup, OpenCat has a small and flexible body with powerful brain. You can easily assemble the robotic kitten with 3D printing. The robotic kitten is able to jump, walk and turn, keep balance. You can interact with it or control it via bluetooth. It comes with enhanced AI perception. Petoi’s second-generation robotic dog Bittle will also be released soon.


3.   UBTECH Walker

UBTECH Walker is a robot based on artificial intelligence and robotic core technology. It has a full range of perception systems such as force, vision, hearing and balance, and controls the movement of the whole body. It has made breakthrough in walking, self-balance, hand-eye coordination, visual recognition, intelligent and safe interaction.


4.   YuMi

ABB Yumi is a manipulator arm designed to reduce complex, time-consuming and repetitive work. It can be used in manufacturing industry for assembly tasks. This 38kg-robot that can do sophisticated and repetitive jobs, such as drug preparation, loading and unloading of laboratory equipment, and sorting of test tubes.


About WAIC 2020

WAIC 2020 involves a wide range of topics, including AI innovation and trend, 5G, biomedicine, smart healthcare, industrial AI applications, AI new infrastructure, AI education, and smart agriculture. “Intelligent Connectivity, Indivisible Community” has been selected as the theme this year. It is designed to promote dialogues between industries and scientists and boost new programs for the innovative application of the AI technology globally.


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