Summary: Image to text converters allow you to extract text from images easily and accurately. They are necessary when you cannot read text from an image, or it is in another language.

Converting images to text can be challenging, especially if you lack the necessary knowledge or details about other languages. That's where image to text converters come in - they enable you to convert image characters and information into text for a better understanding of the image.

This article explores the best online and offline image to text converters available and their unique features to help you make an informed decision when choosing one. Combining our experience and official information, this article will guide you on how to solve the problem of converting images to text effectively.


What Is an Image to Text Converter?

An image to text converter is a tool or program used to convert image data into text format. It analyses the text that is present in your images and converts it into proper textual form. The image to text convert allows you to upload an image and analyze all sorts of text that is present in your image and then convert the typed, handwritten, or printed text of the image into a text document. With an image to text converter, you can copy the text from the image accurately without any mistakes.

When Do you Need to Extract Text from an Image?

You require to extract text from an image when you are not able to read the text from an image clearly or if it is in another language that you are not able to understand. If you are a fan of old novels and albums, then you must have an image to text converter to convert picture to text and read it properly. If you have any image that does not have quite good quality, you can easily convert it into a readable form so you can read it.  Image to text converter is necessary if you want to quickly read an article that you are able to properly understand.

Top 10 Image to Text Converters

If you want to know about an image to text converter, then here is a list of the top 10 image to text converters that can be used as a text extractor.

Product Name Price Functionality Time (seconds) Output Quality
GitMind $2.19/month Extract text from images and convert to mind map 20-30 High
Photo Scan Free Scan images and extract text 5-10 Medium
Easy Screen OCR $19.99/month Convert text from images to text document 2-3 High
Capture2Text Free Convert text from images to text document 5-8 Medium
Office Lens Free Convert text from images to text document 3-5 High

1. GitMind

Notable features: Online accessibility, high OCR accuracy, image-to-text conversion.


GitMind is an online mind-mapping application that doubles as an image-to-text converter, accessible across various platforms and featuring a mobile version for convenience.

This platform allows users to extract texts from paper documents and convert them into mind maps with high OCR accuracy. The majority of characters within a document are easily recognized

Pricing tiers include a 3-year plan at $2.19 per month, an annual plan at $4.08 per month, and a monthly plan at $9 per month.

  • You can easily extract text from image.
  • Easily operable and requires no effort.
  • Recognises the majority of characters from your images.


Image to Text

  • 3-year plan requires 2.19$ per month.
  • Annual plan requires 4.08$ per month.
  • Monthly plan requires 9$ per month.

2. Photo Scan

Notable features: Free on Microsoft Store, QR code scanner, image-to-text conversion.

Image to Text Converter

Photo Scan is a versatile tool for scanning and converting images to text, available for free on the Microsoft Store.

Equipped with a QR code scanner, this application broadens its use beyond merely converting images to text. A simple webcam is all that's needed to scan images.

The main limitation is that it's only available for Windows via the Microsoft Store.


  • It is available on the Microsoft store for free.
  • Equipped with a QR code scanner.
  • Scans images and converts pictures to text.


  • Free for windows for Microsoft.

3. Easy Screen OCR

Notable features: Cloud-based, powered by Google, recognizes 100+ languages.

Image to Text Converter

Easy Screen OCR is a cloud-based image-to-text converter accessible on both computers and mobile browsers, with its text extractor powered by Google.

The platform provides satisfactory output quality and recognizes over 100 languages. However, an active internet connection is required for usage.

Pricing options include free access for up to 20 uses, a monthly plan at $19.99, a half-yearly plan at $29.99, and a yearly plan at $49.99 for unlimited access.


  • Get satisfactory output quality.
  • Powered by Google.
  • Recognises more than 100 plus languages.


  • Free for only up to 20 uses.
  • Monthly Plan: $19.99 for unlimited access.
  • Half-Yearly Plan: $29.99 for unlimited access.
  • Yearly Plan: $49.99 for unlimited access.

4. Capture2Text

Notable features: Desktop application, character selection, easy file launching.

Image to Text

Capture2Text is a simple tool that properly converts images to text. An image to text converter that we are recommending is this.  It is a desktop application that is compatible with the windows operating system. This is basically a proper OCR application that you will not have to install or doesn't need to be installed. All you have to do is to launch the required files, and you are good to go.

One of the most well-known features that make this platform unique is that it allows you to choose characters from your image that you especially like. If you have any interest in a tool that has some fanciness, then this tool is not for you as it is a simple tool.


  • It is an OCR application.
  • Choose characters from the image you like.
  • Simply launch files and start using it.


  • Free of cost.

5. Office Lens

Notable features: OCR application, minimal storage space, camera-based conversion.

Image to Text Converter

Office Lens is an image to text converter that is available in the application form on both Android and iOS. It has all the required capabilities of an image to text converter. Besides all these advantages, it is a lightweight application as it does not require that much storage space on your device.

A great advantage of this application is that it is available on mobile phones, so you just have to simply open the camera and capture the image you want to convert into text. It means that the image to text converter wil improve as the mobile phone's camera gets advanced.


  • OCR application on all platforms.
  • Requires very little storage space on your phone.
  • Converts an image to text by the camera.


  • Free of cost.

6. English OCR

Notable features: Designed for iOS devices, quick conversions, beginner-friendly.

Image to Text

English OCR is an image-to-text converter specifically designed for iPhone users, providing accurate and precise conversions.

The application takes advantage of iOS devices' powerful cameras for proper image-to-text conversions in no time. It's easily accessible for beginners.

English OCR is free to operate, with a pro version available for additional features.


  • Best for ios devices.
  • Properly convert image to text within no time.
  • Easily accessible for beginners.


  • Free of cost to operate, but you can buy the pro version for more detailed features.

7. Adobe Scan

Notable features: Available on Android and iOS, free usage, OCR application.

Image to Text Converter

Adobe Scan is a popular application on the list as it is affiliated with Adobe company. It is available on both ios and android, so there will be no issue for any mobile user. Adobe Scan doesn't charge you or require any subscription to operate it.

It is a proper OCR scanner that easily extracts clear and accurate images in many languages. Performance vise is a powerful tool and gives the best output quality. It is quite a good image to text converter that copy text from image accurately.


  • Available on both Ios and android.
  • Does not charge you or require a subscription.
  • OCR application.


  • Free of cost.

8. Text Fairy

Notable features: Android application, conversion of blurry images, text extraction.

text extractor

Text Fairy is an image to text converter that allows you to copy text from image accurately. This is an android application that has the ability to convert your text document into digital files. This application has a unique and demanding feature that others do not provide properly.

If you have an image that is pixelated and does not have good quality, you can also create a good-quality output from it.  Overall performance of this application is perfect as it does not make any mistakes.


  • Even if the image is blurry, you can convert it into text.
  • Android application.
  • Text from image extractor.


  • Free to operate and requires no cost.

9. Boxoft Free OCR

Notable features: Multilingual online tool, quick text extraction, multi-column layout recognition.

image text extractor

Boxoft Free OCR is a multilingual online tool that efficiently converts images to text, scanning, analyzing, and processing file documents quickly.

The image-to-text conversion accuracy is high, with minimal errors. The output quality is suitable for printing results, and it can easily identify multi-column layouts.


  • A perfect image to text converter.
  • Extract text from images within a short span.
  • It can easily identify multi-column layouts.


  • Completely free software.

10. Prepostseo

Notable features: Image-to-text conversion, infinite file conversion, advanced mathematical problem recognition.

text extractor online

Prepostseo is an image to text converter that is widely adopted for interpreting photos into proper editable formats. A text extractor that enables the fast and effective picture-to-text conversion. This internet service is free to use and requires no cost at all.

You can convert photos into text files to an infinite number of files in one go without login or registration.

A well-known internet platform that allows you to convert photos into understandable text perfectly. All you have to do is simply upload an image or input a URL for copying. Right after that, the multifunctional tool converts the picture to text and displays the result within a matter of time.


  • An image to text converter.
  • Converts any picture to text into an understandable form.
  • It can also identify advanced mathematical problems.


  • Free of cost and requires no cost.


While living in the modern era, you need to adapt to modern technology. If you are properly using and enjoying all the modern technology equipment, then you have a relaxed life. Image to text converter is another great achievement of modern times that has done reading or observing any type of detail from an image proper. Now you can even understand those things of an image that, even after reading, you are not able to understand.

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