One of the social networks that have undoubtedly set a trend today and have positioned itself as one of the most used worldwide is Tik Tok. Its growing fame lies in the fact that the number of people who share photos and videos on the network is increasing, and it is expected that in this year 2022 more than 1.4 billion photos will be taken, according to Mylio. It is essential to use fun, high-quality images, and videos by taking these data into account and capturing your audience's attention. And the best way to do it is by using the Time warp scan filter on TikTok, which has become one of the most fun and popular filters on social media.

What is the Time Warp Scan Filter?

The Time Warp scan filter Filter is an effect with fantastic features that you can apply to your photos or videos to change your facial features extend your body parts, among other incredible things. The Time Warp scan filter is characterized by a scan line that moves slowly in the direction chosen by the user, either from the top to the bottom of the screen or from left to right. As the line moves, the filter takes a snapshot similar to taking a panoramic photo with your phone's camera, creating an immersive effect that people can save and share with their friends via TikTok or any other social network. Like Instagram.

Also, because the video freezes after it passes the scan line, the Time Warp Scan Filter offers endless opportunities to create clever and fun effects. One of the most popular videos incorporating the time warp scan filter that has millions of views and that people enjoy creating is the creepy eye trick where people record their face. When the blue line goes through their eye, they move the eye in the opposite direction, so the effect of the time warp scan filter makes it appear that both eyes are looking in different directions.

How to use the Time Warp Scan Filter on TikTok?

Now, maybe you have already watched some videos, and you are wondering how to get the Time Warp scan filter on Tiktok to start enjoying the amazing effects in your videos. Next, we mention each of the steps that you must follow to obtain and implement the Time Warp scan filter in your videos:

Step 1: Enter the TikTok application. Once you log in, press the discover option located in the bottom bar of the screen and type in the search bar "Time Warp Scan."

time warp scan filter_step 1

Step 2: Then, select any of the popular videos that the search shows you and use the Time Warp Scan Filter characterized by the blue scanning line. Next, click on the Time Warp Scan label shown in the video, containing a star inside an orange box.

time warp scan filter_step 2

Step 3: Finally, add the Time Warp Scan Filter to your favorites and start recording a video using it. Keep in mind that the Time Warp Scan Filter can be used in many weird and wonderful ways with a bit of imagination.

time warp scan filter_step 3

Performance of Time Warp Scan Filter

Videos that have the #TimeWarpScan hashtag have garnered over 16.8 billion views. The reason for this is that the time warp scan filter offers endless opportunities for people to create unique and impressive videos that hardly go unnoticed and work perfectly to capture the attention of the audience. Even though the Time Warp scan filter became popular at the end of the year 2020, according to statistics the filter has already been used more than 700,000 times in the app and is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends in the app. TikTok that is helping many users to increase their number of followers.


The Time Warp scan filter on TikTok is a fantastic feature effect that you can easily get and apply to your photos and videos. It works by freezing the image on the screen incrementally as a scan line moves down or across the screen, giving people the opportunity to create endless weird, surprising, even creepy videos. Thanks to this trend on TikTok, you can capture your audience's attention and increase the number of visits. So go ahead and try this amazing effect. You can get inspired by the other videos or find a new creative way to use the Time Warp scan filter.

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