Top 10 Deepfake App &Software for 2022 | Deepfake Elon Musk is Possible

Deepfake is a creepy world in which people are talking about replacing faces of a subject with those of film stars or politicians. Deepfake images and videos are likely to cause unethical issues that concern many of us but they are not losing popularity in recent years.

Today, creating deepfake videos is no longer exclusive to Hollywood studios. Everyone, from non-techies to geeky users, can have access to deepfake apps to produce fake images, videos, or recordings. Many deepfakes are quite convincing, except baby Elon Musk in this video.

In this post, I will walk you through the 10 best deepfake tools, including deepfake apps, deepfake software and GitHub projects. You can read this review for fun or get more inspiration for research about deep learning. But before I show you the list, let’s look at what is deepfake and how does it work.

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What is a deepfake?

Deepfake is a blend word of deep learning and fake that refers to any video or image in which a face is replaced with that of others. Using deep learning and artificial intelligence, deepfake technique is used to alter the faces or voices to create believable results.

Best Deepfake APP Online Recommended-Toongineer Cartoonizer

Toongineer Cartoonizer is another app that is worth trying out for deepfakes. Unlike other deepfake apps that turn your face into a deepfake video, Toongineer Cartoonizer can create deepfake cartoon images based on your selfies. This is the unique part of this deepfake app, which uses AI and deep learning to turn photo into cartoon.



  • Make deepfake images online with AI
  • Intuitive interface
  • Offer free trial


  • Not able to alter face with others
  • Deepfake feature is limited to images

Top 10 AI Deepfake App & Software Review

1. DeepFaceLab

DeepFaceLab is a pioneering deepfake software. You can go to GitHub for deepfake app download. The open-source deepfake system is made for replacing the face, de-aging face, replacing head, and manipulating lips. DeepFaceLab claims to generate 95% of deepfake videos. You can have doubt in this data but it does live up to your expectation once you get hang of the best deepfake app. With DeepFaceLab, you can create convincing fake videos with high fidelity, no matter if you are amateur hobbyists or techies who are interested in the research.


  • A powerful deepfake software for PC
  • Rich features to replace face, de-age face, replace head and manipulate lips


  • Not easy to use for amateurs

2. Deep Video Portraits

Deep Video Portraits uses a generative neural network to turn input video into photo-realistic re-animated video. This deepfake app has trained the adversarial network to generate target videos that mimic the facial expressions, eye gaze and blinking of the input videos. Instead of altering facial expressions only, you can easily swap full 3D head position, rotate head, transfer eye gaze and blinking. The possibility of source-to-target video re-animation is a result of the rendering of a synthetic target video with the reconstructed head animation parameters from the source.

2. Deep Video Portraits


  • More lifelike effects
  • Swap full 3D head position, rotate head, transfer eye gaze and blinking
  • Mimic the facial expressions, eye gaze and blinking of the input videos


  • This deepfake project is not available

3. FakeApp

FakeApp is a deepfake software that allows you to create a deepfake video by transferring faces in videos with someone else’s. Using artificial intelligence, this deepfake software was developed by a Reddit user who continues to improve its algorithms. With FakeApp, you can create quite convincing deepfakes by replacing the faces on the original video. The official website is down and you can go to Malavida for this deepfake app download.


  • Create deepfake videos on Instagram


  • Not easily accessible for non-techies

4. Deep Nostalgia- A deepfake that goes viral these days

MyHeritage not only satisfies the conventional needs for old photo restoration as we previously introduced in this review, but also excites a lot of users on Facebook and Twitter with its latest deepfake tool Deep Nostalgia. This creepy deepfake tool could perhaps create some different experience. You can upload a photo of your beloved one and animate the face in it to create deepfake effects in one click.

Deep Nostalgia

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5. ZAO Deepfake App

Once causing an overnight sensation in 2019, ZAO, a deepfake app, provides new socializing experience using AI engine. With the deepfake app for Andriod and iOS, you can realize your dream of becoming of film star. Unlike other GitHub-based AI projects or complicated deepfake software, this AI deepfake app is easy to use. You can easily build a cinematic persona and transfer your face with your favorite movie characters. This deepfake app is a boon for social media enthusiasts.

Zao Deepfake


  • A straightforward deepfake video app
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Video editing features
  • Free deepfake app


  • Involve privacy risks

6. Reface

Reface is an easy-to-use deepfake app that allows you to make deepfake videos and gifs in one tap. It’s fun to play with. You can create deepfake videos and become a pop star in popular movies or TV shows. Using Generative Adversarial Network, deepfake app for android and iOS produces realistic deepfakes that could freak out your friends. Just upload a selfie and then you can become your favorite superhero or TV star. Find more similar face apps in our previous post: Top 10 Face Swap Apps Review 2022.



  • This AI deepfake app is simple to use
  • Turn yourself into a movie star in one tap


  • Not free to use ($2.99 - $29.99 per item)

7. Disney’s Deepfakes

Researchers in Disney made a big breakthrough in deepfakes: they bring you the first realistic deepfake image at a megapixel resolution. Traditionally, deepfake images or videos are blurry to some extend. Even when you work open-source deepfake model from DeepFakeLab, you can only create up to 256 x 256 pixels deepfake videos, according to Verge. Thanks to progressively trained multi-way comb network, Disney’s deepfake model is able to generate deepfake videos with a 1024 x 1024 resolution. This is a leap in the resolution and quality of deepfakes, which could possibly be used in films or TV shows in the future.


  • Output high resolution deepfake images


  • Lack demo product

8. Instagram DeepFake Bot

This is a GitHub-based deepfake app that allows you to create deepfake videos on Instagram. Instagram DeepFake Bot has combined two AI projects “First Order Model for Image Animation” and “Ultra-Light-Fast-Generic-Face-Detector”. With the trained network, the deepfake AI app can transfer the source videos into animated sequences with motion.


  • Create deepfake videos on Instagram


  • Not easily accessible for non-techies

9.  MachineTube

MachineTube is a free web-based deepfake software using which you can create deepfake images or videos for free. Behind this deepfake app lies the deep learning algorithm. MachineTube offers several models like Kanye – Obama, Rock – Cage and more. But the downside of this deepfake app is that the output of the deepfake model is low in resolution, which is 64x64 pixels. It’s much slower than most of its rivals. To make deepfake videos, you will need to spend hours depending on your computer system, which is expected to have a high-end GPU.

9.machine tube


  • Serve as a free deepfake software


  • High requirement for your computer system
  • Output low resolution videos

10.  Vocodes

Vocodes, developed by Brandon Thomas, is a deepfake app for generating fake voices. Unlike the above deepfake apps that make videos or images, Vocodes allows you to make deepfake voices by entering texts. You can choose different deepfake voice styles, such as cartoons, celebrities, musicians, video games, YouTubers and more. You can also mimic the voices of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg and more. If you are interested in deepfake voice generators, check out our full review: Top 10 Voice Generator Review 2022.



  • Generate deepfake voices online for free
  • A free deepfake software


  • Limited deepfake voice models to choose from


Deepfake is a controversial but evolving technology. Despite the possibility of its being misused, deepfake has wide applications in industries like gaming, fashion and entertainment. It’s not just a tool for fooling others with fake videos or images. And if you want to try out the fun technology or explore the technology, misleading others is not encouraged. It can be predicted that you can generate custom avatars with your faces when playing games or shopping online in the near future. Wanna have bags of fun with  more AI tools? Check out our latest post of an AI game: Play AI Dungeon | Fulfill Your Wildest Dream with AI Text Adventure Game.

Frequently asked questions about deepfake

1. Are deepfakes safe?

Deepfakes can be quite alarming once misused. Across social media platforms, politicians say funny things and celebrities’ faces even appear on adult sites. Individuals might be fooled around when they see the realistic videos or images processed by deepfake tools. With deepfake effects accessible to anyone, the hidden risks should not be an afterthought.

2. Is deepfake AI?

Yes. Deepfake technology uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to create convincing but entirely fictional photos from the input. Generally, deepfakes refer to any videos in which the face or voice is swapped with someone else’s.

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