Summary: Compress PDF tools simplify the process of compressing large PDF files without losing quality. These tools offer a variety of features, including batch processing, secured connections, and user privacy.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have created a perfect presentation for your work or a school assignment that is filled with images, graphics, charts, bookmarks, and links but can't seem to submit or share the file because of the enormous file size? This can easily lead to frustration if you don't know how to compress PDF files because you might have to remove some important elements of the project to reduce size. However, another option is to compress PDF which will reduce the file size for storage or sharing without losing quality. You need a PDF compressor that can be used to compress PDF files online, and here are the top tools to help you.

Top 10 Tools to Compress PDF

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Product Price Quality Speed Target User
Canva $0-$30/month ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆ Individuals, Small Businesses
Adobe Creative Cloud $20.99-$52.99/month ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ Professional Designers
Crello $0-$20/month ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆ Social Media Marketers, Bloggers
PicMonkey $7.99-$12.99/month ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆ Photographers, Small Businesses
DesignWizard $0-$39.99/month ★★☆☆☆ ★★★☆☆ Marketers, Small Businesses

1. ilovePDF

Pricing: Free and paid (starts at $4/month)

pdf compressor_ilovepdf

ILovePDF is a sophisticated online PDF compressor that is designed to help access, edit, merge, split, and compress PDF files on a unified platform. ILovePDF is perfect to compress PDF online since it uses optical character recognition tool which makes the compression as accurate as possible. Since it is accessible only online, it offers domain filtering, SSL security, data encryption, analytics, document archiving, data recovery, and more. Also, it repairs data from corrupted or damaged tools which make the process one of the best


  • Repairs damaged PDF files.
  • Uses OCR for accurate character reading
  • Provides secured connection


  • No Linux and mobile app integration

2. SmallPDF

Price: Free and paid (starts at $10/month)

pdf compressor_smallpdf

SmallPDF is a cross-platform PDF compressor. With over 21 PDF tools provided on the platform to enable you to create, edit, convert and compress from/to PDF files, it is one of the most advanced and elaborate PDF management tools. Anybody, irrespective of the background or language, can use a Small PDF to compress PDF file since it is available in 24languages. Also, learning how to compress PDF files on this platform is straightforward since it has a user-friendly interface. Though its subscription is steep, it offers more than enough on the free plan to enable easy file compression.


  • Online and offline processing
  • Secured connection and unlimited cloud storage


  • Inconsistency with fonts recognition
  • Steep pricing compared to others

3. SodaPDF

Price: Free trial and Paid (Starts at $10/month)

pdf compressor_sodapdf

Compress PDF online with sodaPDF and gain access to an advanced AI automation that guarantees ease and accuracy of use in quality compression. With this PDF compressor, you are allowed to store both the original and the converted documents in the cloud via email. As a PDF management tool, you can also edit, split, convert and engage in other functionalities regarding PDF management. Also, it offers batch processing of multiple files.


  • Accessible across multiple platforms
  • The speed and accuracy of file conversion is the best
  • Offers batch processing
  • The trial version offers limited access to everything


  • Batch processing may become unresponsive.
  • Lacks optical character recognition
  • It is expensive compared to others

4. VancePDF Compress PDF

Pricing: Free

pdf compressor_vancepdf

VancePDF is a powerful PDF management used to automate a wide variety of manual processes. This free PDF compressor allows access to compress PDF without losing file quality. This is an online tool that is accessible via all browsers and as such, you don't have to bother about installing any software. It guarantees user privacy by providing 256-bit SSL encryption technology for secure file uploading and downloading. With just a few clicks, your file is ready for download.


  • Protects user data
  • Easy and free to use.
  • Auto-compression feature


  • Irregularities with font recognition for scanned files
  • Conversion of big files takes too much time

5. PDF24 Tools

Pricing: Free

pdf compressor_pdf24 tools

Pdf24tools is a PDF management tool that can be used to compress PDF free at any time. This free PDF compressor allows you to tune the compression algorithm to achieve perfect quality. It has other features like secure user data and privacy by deleting files after use. Also, you don't have to go through the hassles of installing before use since it is accessible via browsers.


  • It offers batch processing
  • User anonymity is guaranteed
  • Free to use


  • Big files take too much time


Pricing: Free and Paid (5.50 Euros/month)

pdf compressor_pdf2go

Quickly compress all your PDF files using PDF2go with just a few clicks. This tool is perfect for all users. With secured file compression and data privacy guaranteed, this tool can be used on the go from any device with access to a browser. Learning how to compress a PDF with this tool is basic. With just a few clicks after uploading the file, you can compress PDF.


  • Secured user privacy
  • Compress on any device
  • Can be used for free


  • The free version is limited

7. Sejda

Pricing: Paid (starts at $5/ 7days)

pdf compressor_sejda

Sejda is a powerful tool to compress PDF files without losing image quality and maintain or optimize the file quality. With an advanced feature that allows access to edit the images, optimize them and remove unused fonts from the file, it is one of the best alternatives to compress PDF files. The file compression is also fast and reliable with accurate duplication from the original file.


  • Access to customizing image quality
  • Remove unused fonts


  • Subscription-based tool

8. Docupub

Pricing: Free

pdf compressor_docupdf

This is another free PDF compressor that can be used to compress PDF files while maintaining file quality. It provides an array of customization option for any user before compressing their files. You can edit the quality of the images in the file, discard objects in the file and optimize various parts of the file to ensure optimal compression is achieved.


  • Unlimited customization
  • Free to use


  • Upload limit of 24MB

9. PDFCandy

Pricing: Free

pdf compressor_pdfcandy

This Pdf management tool is easy and free to compress PDF. You can either compress files using the recommended level or use the maximum level where you get the extreme compression level depending on your needs. It offers secured process and guarantee for data privacy and anonymity, and also offers extremely fast txt to PDF conversion.


  • Easy to use
  • Secured privacy
  • Fast processing


  • Inconsistent font processing

10. AvePDF

Pricing: free

pdf compressor_avepdf

AvePDF is a sophisticated PDF management tool that can be used in compressing PDF. Having a feature like OCR makes character recognition easier and font reading easier and more accurate. They also offer data encryption to protect users and all files are deleted 30minutes after use.


  • Free to use
  • Easy user interface
  • Secure user data


  • The free version may not last

Closing Thoughts

Having the technical hack of how to compress PDF can come in handy at any time. It would really be a frustrating effort to lose parts of a perfectly structured PDF file because of its large file size. Hence, from this article, you should be equipped with the right knowledge to know the best tools for your budget and needs when it comes to how to compress PDF online.


Why are some PDFs so big?

Basically, the major reason for big PDF file size is fonts. When specific fonts are embedded inside a PDF file, it can cause the file to increase drastically and as such, makes it extremely big. Also, images and other visual elements included in a PDF can be the reason for the size. If large image sizes are included in the PDF file, it will reflect on the overall PDF size too.

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