Top 10 Best AI-based Heatmap Generators for Website Analysis

Setting up a website is really important because the design and flow of the website can either make the visitor want to keep exploring or make them confused and leave the website for good. If you have a website or plan to have one, it is crucial to have a heatmap generator. Basically, a heat map color generator will give you insights on all the sections where the visitor is most likely to engage with. Not to mention that these generators or apps also have a ton of other useful features. We will be listing down the best heatmap generator apps and provide you with all the crucial info. You can use a heat map generator online and offline.

Best 10 AI Heatmap Generator for Website Analysis

1. VWO

Price: This heatmap generator application offers multiple in-depth services to users and each service has its own payment plan. You can request payment details for any service through the website.

The VWO online heat map generator is a platform packed with great features and offers everything in customized packages. When it comes to heat maps, website analysis, session replays, and more, the VWO Insights package is the way to go. Although, if you have an established website, which you would like to grow further, you can consider other packages such as VWO Engage where you can interact with visitors through notifications, Facebook messenger, and more.




  • Offers multiple service types.
  • It has many useful features.
  • It has a smooth UI.


  • Purchasing multiple services can get expensive.
  • The results can be a bit inaccurate.
  • It can offer more customization in services.

2. Zyro

Price: Zyro offers a free heat map generator though only for specific website pages. It otherwise has three paid plans with better access, starting from around $7 and upwards.

Zyro can be a single hub app for you if you aim to have a website established anytime soon. Through the three paid options, it assists users in setting up different types of websites. You can create simple websites, online stores, and bigger ones. Not to mention that during this new year sale, you can purchase their services for as little as $2. You can upload either JPEG or PNG to generate a heat map from the website itself.



  • Quick heat map generation online.
  • Really affordable paid plans.
  • It has a pretty good website design and flow.


  • The basic paid version doesn’t offer much.
  • A few image editing features could offer better results.
  • The heat map generator can take time.

3. Attention Insight

Price: After a short signup, you can get the free trial access for the heat map generator online. There are three paid options, starting from €19 per month. For bigger companies, the cost can be negotiated.

Just as the name suggests, this online heat map generator is really good at providing surprising insights about your website and it does that through many of its features. Naturally, this website app can be used to get a heat map of your web pages, but it can also get the percentage of attention, show how cluttered the website is, make focus maps, and more. With this tool, you will soon have superb clarity on how visitors are engaging with your website and how much.


  • Has a well-integrated AI based design.
  • Offers useful insights.
  • It has a clear and comparatively better accuracy of results.


  • The free trial is too limited.
  • It could add more features.
  • Can take time to get results.


Price: While the heat map generator app hasn’t displayed the exact prices on their website, you can nonetheless request info from the website.

When it comes to Heatrr, the best thing you can get is a complete and comprehensive application that not only deals with the heat maps but also helps users further through integrations and other features. You can integrate essential marketing campaigns or techniques such as Facebook Ads, email marketing, and data gathered from social media to get a better picture of how everything is functioning for your website. Along with heat maps, you can also get other data based on predictive analysis, leaving you with more info to base decisions on.


  • Offers multiple other features.
  • It has integration capabilities.
  • It has a good design.


  • No payment info offered on the website.
  • Can be buggy.
  • The results can be more accurate.

5. Heatmap

Price: The application offers the heat map generator free of cost though it comes with limited features. The other two accounts are paid but offer more features and extensive access to the app.

If you are a user just starting out with a website and heat maps, then this online application can be the most suitable to your needs. The basic account offered here is completely free to use, allowing you to explore all the aspects of the features. Not to mention that you can upgrade to a paid account anytime. When it comes to the features, it provides heat maps and real-time statistics of your website. It offers data on desktop and mobile, which makes for better accessibility. You also get about 6 months of data storage.




  • An ideal app for beginners.
  • It is completely free to use.
  • Provides results fairly quickly.


  • Doesn’t offer many features.
  • The results can be made more accurate.
  • The UI can be improved.

6. VisitorLAB

Price: This online heat map generator has a free version account which lets you generate unlimited heat maps. However, if you want other features as well, you can buy a paid account starting from $19 per month.

This application is really good at giving you data regarding the user and how they interact with the website. It also has an error detection feature, which scans for possible errors that the website has and users encounter. This gives you an insight on what may be causing users to leave the site abruptly and this feature is something that is not present in all apps. It also has an AI based feature for in-depth analysis of user behavior and it gives a comprehensive view of everything users do on your website.



  • Insightful and unique features.
  • Offers a completely free version with heat maps feature.
  • It is straightforward and easy to use.


  • Can be slow.
  • The app can be buggy at times.
  • The AI feature can be improved.

7. VisualEyes

Price: This online heat map generator offers a wide range of subscriptions that include free and paid accounts. The free version allows one user and limited features. The paid versions start from $17 per month.

You can quickly sign up by using your Google account to start using the application to make heat maps and more. This application has decent accessibility as it supports platforms such as Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, and most modern browsers. The app design is highly visual and straightforward, making it easy enough to use for anyone.




  • Visual and easy to understand app.
  • It has a great design.
  • Works smoothly and fast.


  • Limited free use.
  • Could add more features.
  • The mobile version is a bit buggy.

8. Freshworks

Price: The freshworks heat map generator has multiple subscription options for users. It offers a free but limited version and the paid options start from around $20 per month.

You can certainly get fairly comprehensive data out of this heat map generator application. With this app, you can create heat maps in addition to finding out the most attractive looking components of your website. Moreover, the app also helps you mouse tracking heat maps and scroll maps. Later, you can use this data to better optimize your website with the app itself.




  • Great design.
  • The free version is good.
  • Quick app.


  • Can have more accurate results.
  • Can improve accessibility.
  • A bit too expensive.

9. Neurons

Price: Though there is no concrete information given in regards to the actual pricing system of this product, you can still book a demo easily through the website.

You can use and apply Neurons for many different avenues. This heat map generator is suitable for anything that includes visuals, be it images or videos. So, you can generate heat maps for websites, product packaging, videos, UXD, and more. With algorithms and design built on neuroscience, the AI system of this app is definitely a reliable one.




  • Excellent design.
  • Works smoothly.
  • Offers good results.


  • Can be buggy.
  • Should have more info online.
  • Can take time to get results.

10. Mouseflow

Price: You can get the free version of the heat map generator though with limited use. The paid accounts start from the Starter pack that costs $24 per month.

The Mouseflow application comes with all the essentials you’d need to make a comprehensive analysis of your website. With features such as session replays, heat maps, and funnels, you can get a complete view of what draws your visitors in and what makes them leave.




  • Comprehensive results.
  • Useful features.
  • Free trial and account offered.


  • Can be buggy.
  • Can be more accessible.
  • Demo is limited.


A heat map generator is crucial to your website and its efficiency. With a competent heat map generator, you can go much beyond data collection. With the amazing features that these apps provide, you will now be able to make informed decisions about your websites and have better overall numbers. The kind of app you choose also depends on your requirements. While all the apps provide the basic heat map generator tool, their prices, performances, and features differ. Apps such as Heatmap are better for quick results whereas VisualEyes is better suited for long-term use.

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  1. It says that the VWO results could be inaccurate. What is the data source here? With which tool has this been compared to?

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