Top 10 AI Calendar Apps Review

An AI calendar app is not just useful for keeping track of all the tasks and events that need your attention, but it also goes ahead and saves your time significantly. Even though we work digitally and from home, we still find inefficiency in how we spend our time, especially during work. We also tend to plan many things and eventually get overwhelmed since there is always much to do. With a smart AI schedule app, you can automatically schedule tasks in a way that works smoothly with everything else. In this list and guide, you will find the ten best AI calendar app tools that you can use from now to have better efficiency and peace of mind.

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Top 10 AI Calendar Apps Review

1. Reclaim.AI

Price: The Reclaim calendar app is completely free to install and use till March 28. Under normal circumstances, however, the app would cost $6.50 per month for each user.

Reclaim is a popular application used by reputed brands and it definitely offers highly useful features as well. The AI based design allows you to focus on your tasks as the calendar app adjusts everything for you, be it a meeting, event, hobby, etc. The app becomes even more accessible and useful if you integrate it with your Google Calendar application. This opens up additional features that neither Google nor Reclaim would have been able to offer. Additionally, you can also integrate this app with other popular apps such as Slack, Jira, Zoom, and more.



  • Great features.
  • Huge offers.
  • Smooth UI.


  • Could add more integrations.
  • Takes time to get used to the app.
  • Can add more security options.

2. Quantime.AI

Price: The AI calendar app can be used for free for a while after a quick sign up on the website, which you can do with your Google account as well.

Quantime offers a really flexible AI based model for its application. The model, similar to other types of AI based models, can keep relearning after consistent use to improve performance. Moreover, the app is easier to use if you are using apps such as Trello or even your mail. You can directly import tasks and events saved in Trello or your email, which eliminates the need for you to fill in your log multiple times.



  • Great AI model.
  • Good features.
  • It is easy to use.


  • Limited free use.
  • Needs to give more info on the site.
  • Can add more integrations.

3. Calendly

Price: There are multiple paid plans for this AI calendar app, meant to cater to all users. The free version is always available with basic features. The paid options begin from $8 per month for each user.

The application is a bit more accessible as you can simply enter your email and have a free account ready. When you are using this calendar app, you can simply set your preferences and wait as the application manages everything for you. In addition to that, you can have an interactive calendar wherein other users, who you have added, can set meetings according to the schedule of yours and theirs.



  • Easy to use.
  • Good paid options.
  • Interactive features.


  • Can add more integrations.
  • The AI can be improved.
  • Can be buggy.

4. Calendar.AI

Price: The smart schedule app is for mobile devices and offers basic features for free always. To upgrade, you can get a premium subscription which costs $4.99 per month and upwards.

Available for Android and iOS, this AI calendar app is really good for users who like to manage their work from their mobile devices. The quick access application makes sure to automatically adjust all of your events in the calendar and offer more. The AI calendar app can give you access to social profiles, work experience, and more about the people who attend meetings with you. You can also set agendas and goals for your meetings beforehand in order to maximize productivity and results received from each meeting.



  • Good app design.
  • Usable on mobile devices.
  • Offers info on attendees.


  • The UI can be improved.
  • Limited free use.
  • Can be buggy.

5. Sidekick.AI

Price: The AI calendar app offers three plans. The free plan offers the basics for absolutely free. The Superhero plan costs $15 per month and the Enterprise plan requires you to contact their team.

The application offers a quick signup with a Microsoft or Google account. The app also includes the feature of simply forwarding emails to the app in order to make changes to your schedule. Other than that, it also offers a good amount of integration options. While you can always schedule events together with other Sidekick users, this is also possible with those who do not use this AI calendar app.



  • Great integrations.
  • Great design.
  • Quick access and use.


  • Can add more features.
  • The AI can be improved.
  • A bit more expensive than others.

6. Trevor AI

Price: The calendar app can be used for free for scheduling 3 tasks per day. If you want more, you can buy the Pro version for $4.99 per month for unlimited scheduling and other features.

The Trevor AI can be used along with Google Calendar, similar to the Reclaim AI calendar app. Other than that, this app is one of the few ones that is available on desktop as well as on mobile devices. You can purchase any package and then buy separate modules as per your requirements. This adds more user freedom with the app. You can also simply create and drag tasks into your timeline and mark them complete as well.



  • Great design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Customized paid plans.


  • It can add more integration options.
  • The mobile apps can be unresponsive at times.
  • Could add more AI based features.

7. Kronologic、

Price: In order to get access to this calendar app, you can request a demo from the official website. This is an automatic messaging tool which charges only if you engage with others.

Kronologic is an unconventional calendar app as it is designed for automatically scheduling invites to potential customers for lead generation. It also sends automatic messages as per schedule. The app is designed for AI based lead generation and only charges money when your messages actually get a reply. According to the website, you can get an increased rate of engagement on various fronts, such as content downloads, events, webinars, and more.



  • Fully automatic app.
  • Great pricing system.
  • Offers great results.


  • Users should know the app.
  • It is specifically for lead generation and marketing.
  • No other AI calendar app based features.

8. Lumin.AI

Price: The Lumin application is similar to the previous app since it offers automatic messaging to customers and to get the payment and plan info, you will need to require the team.

Installing a bot for chatting to customers on your websites is a great help, as it not only serves in your absence but also makes your website or business available all the time. However, there are often customer requests that need a smarter solution or you simply need to attend to potential customers. In such cases, Lumin is an excellent app as it does automatic messaging that sounds natural and adds to your calendar seamlessly. You can focus on other tasks as this AI takes care of everything else.



  • Good AI design.
  • Consistent results.
  • Offers multiple tools.


  • Takes time to learn the app.
  • Can add more features.
  • Can be buggy.

9. Motion

Price: The AI calendar app offers a limited free trial with the basic functionalities. When it comes to the paid options, you can either take the Pro account for $19 per month or contact the team for a package for a team more than 5.

Motion is another fairly popular AI calendar app that is used and recommended by many well-known companies. The application is designed with user convenience in mind as you can simply drag tasks into the frame and have the app automatically adjust everything. The app can also work on-the-go and quickly make shifts if something urgent comes up.



  • Easy and quick to use.
  • Offers many features.
  • Automatic tool.


  • Limited free use.
  • Can add more integration options.
  • More on the expensive side.

10. Sync.AI

Price: The app offers the basic functions for free. For the paid options info, users can request one from the team.

Sync AI is an application that works similar to Lumin but for emails. The application is ideally meant to be used with Calendar AI and Calls AI in order to build a comprehensive system that handles all aspects of business communication. Sync AI makes sure that all of your emails are taken care of and that you receive info about the people you interact with through email.



  • Good free version.
  • Offers useful features.
  • Available on mobile devices.


  • Takes time to set up the apps.
  • Doesn’t work well as a standalone tool.
  • Can be buggy.


These apps can help you create an AI schedule in a matter of seconds. Not to mention that with apps such as Reclaim, you can also make an AI time blocking calendar that prevents a lot of schedule clashes and missed opportunities. Automation is a powerful mechanic if utilized correctly. Given the advancements of such applications, you can now not only manage your schedule with much more efficiency but also make them a part of your marketing efforts. Apps such as Lumin can help you keep your potential customers engaged through automated yet natural sounding messages. Read more: Top 10 AI Time Tracker Tools Review.

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