Summary: AI calendar apps help users manage tasks and events with ease. They integrate with other apps and improve efficiency. This review of the top 10 AI calendar apps helps readers choose the best one for their needs.

AI calendar apps are a valuable tool for managing tasks and events efficiently. These apps can automatically schedule tasks and integrate with other popular apps, saving you time and reducing the risk of feeling overwhelmed. However, with so many options available, it's tough to determine which app is right for you.

This article aims to help solve this problem by providing an overview of the top 10 AI calendar apps on the market. By highlighting the key features and benefits of each app, readers can make an informed decision based on their specific needs. Whether you're a busy professional or just looking to streamline your schedule, this guide has got you covered.

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Top 10 AI Calendar Apps Review

Product AI Model Free Trial Integration User Interface Cost
Reclaim ★★★★ ✓ (until Mar. 28)  (limited) ★★★★ $6.50/user/mo.
Quantime ★★★★☆ ✓Free  (limited) ★★★☆ Free
Calendly ★★★ ✓ (basic features)  (limited) ★★★★ $8/user/mo.+
Calendar.AI ★★★☆ ✓ (basic features) ★★☆ ★★★☆ $4.99+/user/mo.
Sidekick.AI ★★★★★ ✓ (14 days) ★★★★☆ ★★★★ $7/user/mo.+

1. Reclaim.AI

Price: The Reclaim calendar app is completely free to install and use till March 28. Under normal circumstances, however, the app would cost $6.50 per month for each user.

Notable features: AI-based scheduling, Google Calendar integration, compatibility with Slack, Jira, and Zoom

Reclaim.AI is a popular calendar app utilized by reputable brands, offering AI-driven scheduling to optimize time management for meetings, events, and personal tasks. When integrated with Google Calendar, Reclaim.AI unlocks additional features for enhanced productivity. The app can also be integrated with Slack, Jira, and Zoom for seamless communication and task management.

Reclaim.AI could benefit from more integration options and enhanced security features. Additionally, some users might find it takes time to become familiar with the app's interface and functionality.



  • Great features.
  • Huge offers.
  • Smooth UI.


  • Could add more integrations.
  • Takes time to get used to the app.
  • Can add more security options.

2. Quantime.AI

Price: The AI calendar app can be used for free for a while after a quick sign up on the website, which you can do with your Google account as well.

Notable features: Flexible AI-based model, Trello and email integration, continuous learning capability

Quantime.AI boasts a flexible AI model that continually learns and improves its performance over time. The app allows for easy integration with Trello and email, enabling users to import tasks and events without redundant data entry.

While Quantime.AI offers valuable features and ease of use, its free version is limited in functionality. The app's website could provide more information about its features, and additional integration options would be beneficial for some users.



  • Great AI model.
  • Good features.
  • It is easy to use.


  • Limited free use.
  • Needs to give more info on the site.
  • Can add more integrations.

3. Calendly

Price: There are multiple paid plans for this AI calendar app, meant to cater to all users. The free version is always available with basic features. The paid options begin from $8 per month for each user.

Notable features: Easy account setup, customizable preferences, interactive scheduling with multiple users

Calendly provides a user-friendly experience, with quick account setup via email and a customizable interface that manages schedules based on user preferences. The app facilitates interactive scheduling, allowing users to coordinate meetings with others based on shared availability.

Despite its ease of use and interactive features, Calendly could benefit from additional integration options and AI improvements. Some users may also experience occasional bugs within the app.



  • Easy to use.
  • Good paid options.
  • Interactive features.


  • Can add more integrations.
  • The AI can be improved.
  • Can be buggy.

4. Calendar.AI

Price: The smart schedule app is for mobile devices and offers basic features for free always. To upgrade, you can get a premium subscription which costs $4.99 per month and upwards.

Notable features: Mobile compatibility, automatic event adjustment, attendee information access, agenda and goal setting

Calendar.AI is a versatile app designed for Android and iOS users who prefer managing their schedules via mobile devices. The app automatically adjusts events, provides access to attendee social profiles and work experience, and enables users to set meeting agendas and goals for enhanced productivity.

Although Calendar.AI offers a well-designed app with valuable features, its user interface could be improved, and the free version has limited functionality. Users may also encounter occasional bugs during use.



  • Good app design.
  • Usable on mobile devices.
  • Offers info on attendees.


  • The UI can be improved.
  • Limited free use.
  • Can be buggy.

5. Sidekick.AI

Price: The AI calendar app offers three plans. The free plan offers the basics for absolutely free. The Superhero plan costs $15 per month and the Enterprise plan requires you to contact their team.

Notable features: Quick access and use, email forwarding for schedule updates, extensive integration options

Sidekick.AI offers a fast and user-friendly experience, allowing users to sign up with a Microsoft or Google account and forward emails to update their schedules. The app provides numerous integration options and enables shared scheduling with Sidekick.AI users as well as non-users.

While Sidekick.AI has a visually appealing design and extensive integration options, it could benefit from additional features and AI improvements. The app is also somewhat more expensive than its competitors.



  • Great integrations.
  • Great design.
  • Quick access and use.


  • Can add more features.
  • The AI can be improved.
  • A bit more expensive than others.

6. Trevor AI

Price: The calendar app can be used for free for scheduling 3 tasks per day. If you want more, you can buy the Pro version for $4.99 per month for unlimited scheduling and other features.

Notable features: Google Calendar compatibility, desktop and mobile access, customizable paid plans

Trevor AI ( offers compatibility with Google Calendar and is available on both desktop and mobile platforms. The app allows users to purchase modules according to their specific needs, providing greater freedom and customization. Users can create and drag tasks into their timeline, marking them complete as needed.

Despite its design and ease of use, Trevor AI could benefit from more integration options and improved mobile app responsiveness. Additional AI-based features would also be advantageous.



  • Great design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Customized paid plans.


  • It can add more integration options.
  • The mobile apps can be unresponsive at times.
  • Could add more AI based features.

7. Kronologic

Price: In order to get access to this calendar app, you can request a demo from the official website. This is an automatic messaging tool which charges only if you engage with others.

Notable features: Fully automated scheduling and messaging, AI-driven lead generation, performance-based pricing

Kronologic ( is an unconventional calendar app designed for automated scheduling and messaging to potential customers. The app focuses on AI-based lead generation, charging users only when their messages receive a response. According to the website, Kronologic can increase engagement rates in areas such as content downloads, events, and webinars.

While Kronologic offers a unique and result-driven approach, it's important to note that it is specifically designed for lead generation and marketing purposes, lacking features found in traditional AI calendar apps. Users should be aware of the app's specific use case before opting for it.



  • Fully automatic app.
  • Great pricing system.
  • Offers great results.


  • Users should know the app.
  • It is specifically for lead generation and marketing.
  • No other AI calendar app based features.

8. Lumin.AI

Price: The Lumin application is similar to the previous app since it offers automatic messaging to customers and to get the payment and plan info, you will need to require the team.

Notable features: Advanced AI design, consistent results, multiple tools for customer engagement

Lumin.AI is an innovative app that automates messaging with customers in a natural-sounding manner, seamlessly integrating with your calendar. The AI-powered tool enables users to focus on other tasks while Lumin.AI takes care of customer communication.

Although Lumin.AI has an impressive AI design and delivers consistent results, it may take time for users to learn how to use the app effectively.



  • Good AI design.
  • Consistent results.
  • Offers multiple tools.


  • Takes time to learn the app.
  • Can add more features.
  • Can be buggy.

9. Motion

Price: The AI calendar app offers a limited free trial with the basic functionalities. When it comes to the paid options, you can either take the Pro account for $19 per month or contact the team for a package for a team more than 5.

Notable features: Easy and quick to use, multiple features, automatic task management

Motion ( is a popular AI calendar app endorsed by many well-known companies. Designed with user convenience in mind, Motion allows users to simply drag tasks into the frame and have the app automatically adjust their schedules. The app is also capable of adapting quickly to urgent changes.

While Motion offers a user-friendly experience and a variety of features, its free version is limited. The app could also benefit from more integration options and a lower price point.



  • Easy and quick to use.
  • Offers many features.
  • Automatic tool.


  • Limited free use.
  • Can add more integration options.
  • More on the expensive side.

10. Sync.AI

Price: The app offers the basic functions for free. For the paid options info, users can request one from the team.

Notable features: Free basic version, useful features, mobile device compatibility

Sync.AI is a complementary app to Calendar.AI and Calls.AI, designed to create a comprehensive business communication system. Sync.AI manages emails and provides information about contacts, streamlining the email communication process.

Despite its useful features and mobile compatibility, Sync.AI may take time to set up and might not function optimally as a standalone tool. Some users might also experience occasional bugs during use.



  • Good free version.
  • Offers useful features.
  • Available on mobile devices.


  • Takes time to set up the apps.
  • Doesn't work well as a standalone tool.
  • Can be buggy.


These apps can help you create an AI schedule in a matter of seconds. Not to mention that with apps such as Reclaim, you can also make an AI time blocking calendar that prevents a lot of schedule clashes and missed opportunities. Automation is a powerful mechanic if utilized correctly. Given the advancements of such applications, you can now not only manage your schedule with much more efficiency but also make them a part of your marketing efforts. Apps such as Lumin can help you keep your potential customers engaged through automated yet natural sounding messages. Read more: Top 10 AI Time Tracker Tools Review.

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