Top 10 Best AI Vocal Remover Review 2023

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When it comes to any form of work that is even remotely connected to art, the Internet provides endless ways for users to create it. You can edit images, videos, music, and all kinds of stuff online. Music is such a complex art, but it is possible to break it down into parts and use them separately.

With an AI vocal remover, for instance, you can choose to just remove vocals from a song. It is really difficult to cover vocals otherwise. An AI vocal remover manages to read through the entire music file and detect voices to remove vocals from a song. It is a testament to how advanced online technology has become that you can simply remove vocal online without even thinking about a dedicated music desktop software. Remove vocal from songs with AI vocal remover to maybe get yourself an instrumental version of your favourite tunes or to perhaps use specific parts of music to incorporate into your own songs.

With an AI vocal remover available to you always, you really have all the options in the world when it comes to anything related to music. So, we will go through a list of 10 awesome vocal remover software applications that you can use right now to remove vocals from a song.

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Top 10 Best AI Vocal Remover Review 2023


Price: You can use Spitter’s vocal remover online software right now for free. This tool will remain free forever, according to the developers. Furthermore, you won’t even require to make an account or download any kind of additional plugins.


You can use this vocal remover online not just through its website, but also through its web browser extension. This extension is the only part of Splitter that costs money. However, it also gives users mobility and features that are otherwise not available on the website. Splitter has a really good way of dividing up music. It has two systems that are called 2 Stem and 5 Stem models. With the 2 Stem model, the application will divide just instrumentals and vocals whereas the 5 Stem model will divide bassline, piano, drums, vocals, and other. The speed at which the online tool works is quick too. Splitter is becoming a premium app as a vocal remover online tool which everyone should try.


  • One of the known applications for removing vocals and instruments.
  • Solid software capabilities.


  • The UI design could be more organized.

2. VocalRemover

Price: VocalRemover is a vocal remover online free tool but you can always choose to donate to the developers if you want.


This tool relies heavily on its AI based technologies and techniques to first analyse the entire song and then automatically divide the instrumentals with the vocals. Compared to other tools though, this application has a big advantage in the fact that it has a big list of features all related to music cutting. There is a voice recorder and a karaoke recorder mixed with the features which are really good if you want a platform to edit and create music together. Apart from that, you can cut down audio, join separate audio, change the pitch of the music, and more to create music the way you want. Finally, you can also use this tool to detect the BPM of a song, which is really helpful for beginners.


  • Download options that cover all possibilities.
  • It is really easy to use and quick in processing.


  • The end results can sometimes be a little weird and inaccurate.

Price: Lalal will process 3 input files or 10 minutes total for you for free after which you will need to pay for processing. For 90 minutes worth of processing, you will need to pay $10 and for 900 minutes, $30. You can always download previews of vocals and instrumentals for free.


Lalal, from the name, suggests that it uses AI technology to remove vocals from a song and it uses sophisticated technologies. It is developed from neural network technologies like Cassiopeia which is relatively new and much more capable than earlier technologies. Thanks to this new technique, your output files will have much lesser chance of containing audio artifacts and other audio issues. This online vocal remover is designed in a way to put front its technology rather than anything else. You can also browse through the official website of Lalal and listen to its sample audio conversions to test the tool beforehand.


  • Sophisticated and latest technology, even amongst AI tools.
  • It processes audio files relatively quickly.


  • The 900 minutes for $30 is a bit steep for a paid plan.


Price: Though you can divide your audio and remove vocals for free, you can only download a part of the song. You can opt for any of the paid plans by PhonicMind which start at $3.99 for just one song and many other plans.


The Deep Learning technology at PhonicMind is a well trained one. It is put on a loop to listen to music for 24 hours a day at the speed of 20 mins per seconds. This repeated training of listening to songs and analysing them has made the tool incredibly quick in discerning the depth of music and dividing it. Similar to the Splitter vocal remover online tool, PhonicMind’s tool can also remove vocals and a bunch of other instruments, all of which can be played separately by the user. You can also download the file in a way that divides all the parts of the music for the user. Other than that, this tool offers a range of compatibility since you can upload many different audio file types, from AAC to FLAC.


  • Multiple divisions of music.
  • Multiple file formats supported.


  • The free version has little use.


Price: You can not only use this AI vocal remover for free but you can also convert a bulk of audios with it.


This AI vocal remover is powered from AI and Deep Learning based algorithms that are designed to catch everything going on in a song. This is done by making the AI vocal remover algorithm used to all kinds of music tracks. Its simple UI allows for any kind of user to start creating.


  • Really quick and easy to use.


  • It is not as filled with features as other applications.


Price: You can opt for a paid option that starts from $5 and upwards.


This AI vocal remover is one of the popular vocal remover tools out there with a huge fan base and innovation. It caters to many professional music makers and creators, be it DJs or Songwriters. Similar to Apple technology, this tool has both a web and mobile version which are synchronous to each other. This allows for some seamless productivity for users. It can also divide a song by vocals or by a bunch of instruments like drums and bass.


  • One of the best UI designs for such kinds of applications.
  • Highly professional and mobile.


  • The paid options can be inconvenient.

Price: You can get 5 uploads per month for free and the songs need to be within 5 minutes. Otherwise, you can get the Premium version for $3.33 per month.


Moises is another professional AI vocal remover tool that is based on Deep Learning and offers many features other than just to remove vocals from a song. For starters, Moises has its own cloud storage that it offers to all users regardless of subscription type. In this storage, you can expect your songs to remain for 3 days. It processes audio files online and the priority is based on the account type. The paid versions go higher on the queue. The premium version of Moises also comes with a mobile application.


  • A complex tool with useful features.
  • Attractive and bold UI design with simplicity of use.


  • It can sometimes take a lot of time to process images due to its queue based system.

Price: Melody is a free AI vocal remover but you will need to give your email address in order to receive the download link of the output.


The UI is really to the point with this online tool. It has just one simple page for uploading and choosing settings and that’s it. Once you click on Upload MP3 and select the audio file, the application will take care of everything from there. It sends a link to your email id for download. Similar to some of the applications here, you can either divide just vocals with instrumentals or go for more with drums and other instruments divided.


  • One of the quickest tools for removing vocals.


  • It could use some features

9.Remove Vocals

Price: You can use this tool for free for 2 songs per day.


This tool uses the AI tech based on the open source library of spleeter which is used for reading audio files in-depth. This is one of the convenient tools that lets you process audio files without asking you to register or download unnecessary tools. With just a few clicks, you can have your audio file ready for download.


  • It supports MP3 and WAV files of upto 80 MB size which is pretty inclusive.


  • It is not the most accurate at processing.


Price: You can always get preview versions of your converted songs from this AI vocal remover but for more, you can buy any of the paid plans that start from $5.99 per month.


By using AI techniques for audio processing, Vixoso analyses each aspect of the audio and divides it perfectly for the user. It also provides storage for songs to remain on their servers for 5 days and allows 10 MB size of files on the free account. If you are a paid user, you can do a lot more with the tool like isolate drums, bass, and more.


  • It has a lot of features besides audio cutting.


  • The free version is limited.


1.How to Remove Vocals from a Song?

You can easily remove vocals from a song by using any of the applications listed above. Most of these applications are built from AI and so it makes them really easy to use. All you would need to do is upload your image and wait for processing. After that, you can download instrumentals individually.

2.What is the Best AI Vocal Remover?

Although you can use any of these tools effectively for any task, VocalRemover and are the tools that have it all. They are free to use with consistent performance and that is basically all you’d want from software like them.


These tools are amazing at what they do and offer so much more than removing vocals. A couple of these tools are also suitable for professional use and offer sync with different devices to ensure that you never lose valuable time and progress just for switching devices. Besides, we can also look forward to something new to see how far can AI bring us to; for instance, the upcoming Vansmedia uses AI to make royalty-free music for video games, podcasts, videos, and it sounds natural too.

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  2. This is a great article! I love how it breaks down the different parts of the song and explains what each one does. I also really appreciate the tips for creating a successful mix.

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