Top 10 AI Photo Editors Review | Is AI Photo Editing the Trend in 2023?

AI photo editor review

In 2023, AI-powered photo editing tools are going to revolutionize the way individuals and photographers edit their images. Traditional photo editing tool providers, notoriously time-consuming, are now tapping into AI to make the job easier and quicker.

Will artificial intelligence be the game changer in photo editing industry? Can AI photo editors live up to the hype? In this post, let’s delve into 10 best AI photo editors, which will give you a glimpse of how AI is in use in photo editing. They include AI photo editor online and AI photo editing software. We will rank them based on their AI features, ease-of-use, speed, and performance. Also read our best reviews: Top 15 AI Image Upscaler for 2023.

Top 10 AI Photo Editors 2023

1. Refine App-Video & Photo Editor

Price: Free; Pro, $9.9/mo, $39.9/year

Refine is a popular app that allows you to edit your videos and photos online. You may download it to your iPad/iPhone and simply upload one of your photos to create unique images. With it, you can have fun changing faces, cartooning yourself, and automatically editing your photos with AI in seconds.  It has quite a lot of features that are creative and interesting. Choose one and upload your own photo. You'll then get a stunning image.



  • Quick AI picture editing service
  • Various features
  • Also allow for editing videos


  • Quite expensive
  • Only available for iPad/iPhone

2. VanceAI Photo Retoucher

Price: Free, 3 credits/mo; Basic, $9.9/200 credits/mo; Pro, $19.9/500 credits/mo

VanceAI Photo Retoucher is a multi-featured photo editor that allows you to adjust photo brightness, color saturation, contrast, and etc. Based on AI, it can edit photos 100% automatically. With it, you can easily enhance the photo details and transform your dull photo into DSLR camera quality in just one click.

VanceAI Photo Retoucher


  • Easy to use
  • Offer multi-features in one click
  • Process the photos smartly


  • limited credits

3. Luminar AI -All Round AI Photo Editor

Price: $79

Luminar AI is a photo editing software that’s packed with advanced AI technology. AI skin & portrait enhancement, AI sky replacement, and AI structure (smart filters for clarity) are features that make Luminar AI a powerful AI editor. It is a great choice for sky editing with its features like sky defocus, atmospheric haze, and sky temperature. You can also edit clouds like changing their shape, color, and tone. Check out the full review in this video from PiXimperfect:


  • AI Sky Replacement
  • Offer AI filters to make images clear and crisp
  • Adaptive templates suggested by AI so you don’t need to spend hours selecting


  • Quite expensive
  • Require some learning curve

4. Adobe Photoshop -Combine AI Filters with Editing Tools

Price: $20.99/mo

Adobe Photoshop offers you powerful AI features such as neural filters, refine edge, refine hair, or sky replacement, enabling you to be more creative. In particular, AI-powered neural filters help you to retouch photos for amazing effects easily and explore creative ideas in seconds. Based on machine learning and Sensei AI-powered features, Adobe Photoshop can be a top choice for photographers and photo retouching professionals.

2.adobe photoshop


  • Access new AI filters
  • Skin smoothing, style transfer, sky replacement


  • Monthly subscription
  • High requirement for your computer system

5. VanceAI -One-Stop AI Photo Editing

Price: Basic, $9.9/mo/200 credits; Pro, $19.9/mo/500 credits

VanceAI provides intuitive AI-powered photo editing features that simplify post editing. This image enhancer AI solution not only covers AI image upscaler, but also excels at sharpening, denoise, but also background removal, colorization of black and white images, and retouching for increased editing control over details. You can not only slash editing time with the AI-powered photo editor but also unleash creativity using its new AI features to go from photo to cartoon or sketch.

VanceAI Image Enhancer


  • 100% automatic photo editing
  • 8 different AI editing features to enlarge by 40x, colorize, retouch images and more
  • Cloud-based AI conversion system makes it much easier and faster to use than most AI editor software
  • Batch processing
  • Pro users can access PSD format (limited to colorization feature)


  • Monthly subscription
  • Not support RAW format

6. Aurora HDR -Boosted by Quantum HDR Engine

Price: $99

Aurora HDR can be the top choice for professional photographers alike. With quantum HDR engine powered by AI, the photo editing software makes your image look their best, with no halos, no artifacts. Over 20 editing features are there for toning color, enhancing details and adding depth to your image.

4.aurora hdr


  • Support RAW format
  • Batch processing
  • Use quantum HDR Engine to remove noise, bring clarity to images
  • Suitable for outdoor photographers
  • Work as a standalone or plugin


  • Above-average pricing

7. Topaz Studio 2 -Automatic Photo Editing Software

Price: $99.99

Topaz Studio 2 is a creative AI photo editing software that allows you to transform common photos to something stunning. 31 filters and 200 one-click effects are designed to simplify the workflow so you don’t need to be trained in post-processing. This AI photo editor from Topaz works wonders at improving contrast and real details with AI.

5.topaz studio


  • Over 100 presets for different types of photography
  • Auto photo editing


  • Not support RAW images
  • High requirement for your computer system

8. Photolemur 3

Photolemur 3 is an AI photo editing software that makes face editing fully automatic. You can easily smooth skins, whiten your teeth, enhance eyes and get rid of imperfections like wrinkles. The handy AI photo editor comes with useful features like RAW processing, sky enhancement, color recovery and more.

6.Photolemur 3


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for editing portraits
  • Automatic photo editor


  • Occasional system glitches

9. Befunky – Best AI Photo Editor Online

Price: Starting from $4.99/mo

Befunky uses artificial intelligence to make photo editing fun and easy. Features like AI portrait enhancement and background removal distinguish Befunky from other photo editing apps. With portrait enhancement feature, you can fix underexposed portraits, reduce blemishes from skin, retain the natural appearance, and brighten eyes in portrait. In addition to AI tools, this AI photo editor also lets you crop, resize, rotate, blur and add effects to your image.

7.befunky AI portrait enhancer


  • Combine editing features with AI technology
  • Automatic photo editor for balancing exposure, adjusting contrast and shadows


  • AI features are not free to try

10. Pixlr -Automatic Photo Editing for Background

Price: Starting from $4.9/mo

Online photo editing can be faster and easier once you choose Pixlr, an AI photo editor that’s free to use. Thanks to its advanced AI algorithms, you can adjust image color, add sharpness, eliminate background, reduce blur and apply vignette in photos without much effort. The AI photo editing software online also provides vibrance, highlights, and shadows settings. Cool pop-art effects and filters are available.



  • Support different formats: PSD, PXD, JPEG, PNG (transparent), WebP, SVG and more.
  • Online AI editor that’s quick to use
  • Rich editing tools to customize effects


  • Provide limited AI feature (only for cutout)
  • Complex buttons


Major photo editing brands such as Skylum and Adobe are pioneering in AI filters & sky replacement, while new AI image editors including VanceAI Image Enhancer makes automatic photo editing possible. With more and more breakthrough in AI technology, photo editing will no longer be a tedious task but a journey full of fun and creativity. For more creative AI editing tools, you can also read: Top 10 AI Cartoonizers to Cartoon Yourself Online Free 2023.

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