This review is a year-end series that highlights 10 amazing AI projects in photo and video in 2024.

Even though many people are practicing social distancing in 2020, nothing could stop the progress of technology, especially artificial intelligence. Clearly, AI is changing almost all aspects of our lives. More and more AI projects and ideas are coming out and AI has been evolving faster than you can imagine.

In year 2024, we have seen a lot of AI products and projects that have a great impact on our work and lives. Among them, AI projects in photo and video are bringing amazing applications that entertain us in many ways. Hence, in this full-year review about AI projects, we will highlight 10 amazing AI projects and tools in photography and video.

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Top 10 Amazing AI Projects in Photo & Video

1.Face Depixelizer PULSE

This AI face depixelizer is an AI project launched on June 20 this year, which is available on Github. It is amazing to see how the new algorithm transforms pixelated and blurry face photos into clear and lifelike ones. There are lot of tweets about this AI that entertained us in an interesting way.

Read the previous news about PULSE here: This AI Remove Pixelation from Pixelated Faces.

2. DeepFaceDrawing: Generate Face from Sketches

Previously, we have covered an amazing AI tool to turn photo into line drawing. But AI is beyond your imagination. In 2020, generating face from a rough freehand sketch has been possible via deep image-to-image translation techniques. DeepFaceDrawing, the AI project available on GitHub, makes it possible for those with no training experience to get high-quality face images from incomplete sketches.  The algorithms are smart enough to assemble the eyes, nose, mouth and other facial element from an incomplete sketch.

3. Toonify-Turn Face to Cute Disney Character

Ever wonder how you would look like in Disney world? Toonify can transport you into an animated world of Disney characters using deep learning and Generative Adversarial Networks. Developed by Justin Pinkney and Doron Adler, Toonify allows you to turn yourself into a cartoon-style character as if made by Pixar and Dreamworks.

3. toonify

4. Restore Old Vintage Photos with VanceAI Photo Restorer

Restoring old damaged photos used to be time-consuming and expensive as we have to send the photo to professional stores. Now, with the help of AI trained by deep learning, we can easily find an online tool to go through old photo restoration. VanceAI Photo Restorer is such an AI solution to help you restore old precious photos by removing scratches, fractures, spots and etc. In this way, we can only scan our old photos onto digital devices and let AI handle the rest work.

VanceAI Photo Restorer

5. OpenAI's Image GPT Model: Predict the End of Your Image

Predicting text helps us increase efficiency in communication. The case is true when you write an e-mail via Gmail. But predicting what is coming next in images is another mind-blowing thing. OpenAI, an AI research lab, uses Image GPT model to generate the rest of an image automatically. GPT, or generative pre-trained transformer, was employed to predict and generate text. But now, this architecture can help generate pixel values and images

5. image gpt

6. White-Box Cartoonization-Turn your image & video into a cartoon

According to an AI paper "Learning to Cartoonize Using White-box Cartoon Representations", researchers use a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) framework to turn your image into cartoons.

6. white box cartoon

The open source architecture is now applied in this AI cartoonizer app online, which is a demo project. With the AI cartoonizer, you can turn any photos or home videos into cute cartoons.

7. Latest Video Inpainting using STTN

In our popular post Top 10 Inpaint Alternatives in 2024 to Remove Object from Photo Review, many readers have learned how to get rid of unwanted object from images. But if you think removing your ex from an image seamlessly is the limit of AI, then look at this AI for video inpainting. An AI project from the paper Learning Joint Spatial-Temporal Transformations for Video Inpainting aims to use a joint Spatial-Temporal Transformer Network (STTN) for video inpainting. It helps fill up the missing pixels behind an object in a clip without much blurriness and artifacts.

7. video inpainting

8. Deoldify-Bring Back Missing Colors in B&W Images & Videos

Available on Google Colab, a simplified version of Deoldify Colab Notebook allows you to instantly turn a classic black and white video into a modern footage. Apart from videos, DeOldify lies behind many AI tools that add colors to grayscale photos, including MyHeritage. Check out this: Top 15 AI Photo Colorizers to Colorize Black and White Photos 2024

8. deoldify

9. Unscreen - Say Goodbye to Green Screen

When AI comes into play, you can say goodbye to traditional video-making using a green screen. Unscreen is a video background removal tool that allows you to get rid of video background in one click. This AI is a boon for e-commerce professionals and individuals. There is no need for chroma keying and green screens. Click here for more alternatives to Unscreen: Top 15 Tools to Remove Green Screen 2024.

10. Is Mosaic Safe? This AI Project Can Remove Text Mosaic

Removing text mosaic from photos can be easily made with this amazing yet a bit terrifying AI, Depix. This AI project on GitHub uses algorithms to remove mosaic or pixelization from text, like text password. Next time when you want to censor your password with a black box, remember AI is making progress. A better way out is to totally cut out that secret parts.

10.depix remove text mosaic


The top 10 AI projects in this post are mainly changing our mindset in images & videos. But AI is becoming ubiquitous. In 2020, we see many headlines about auto-piloting, AI writing, AI music, AI bots and more.

AI is making improvements, but this is like the two sides of a coin. Behind the breakthroughs lie some ethical issues and biases we should never overlook. For example, removing text mosaic involves privacy issues that concern everyone. Yet, nothing can stop the trend of AI. In 2024, more and more amazing AI projects, ideas, tools are expected to come out. For latest AI projects and tools, follow TopTen.AI on YouTube Channel.

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