AI in energy

Just like other industries, AI has also been used in the energy industry to accelerate the energy transition. AI has become a core pillar in the energy industry and is having great potential for the future design of the energy system to fulfill global energy needs. Electricity trading, smart grids, or the sector are typical areas of applications that are the coupling of electricity, heat, and transport. AI in the energy system is used for the digitalization of the energy sector. AI has the potential for more security and efficiency in the energy industry by analyzing and evaluating the data volumes. AI in engergy helps in data processing as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why is AI important to energy industry?

In addition to the energy industry, AI is making its way into all types of industries. AI is affecting our lives as energy consumers, which is categorized as energy storage, load, and generation.  For example, using AI in energy industry can result in a decrease in the cost of service for a consumer.   AI may also alert or inform a consumer of leak location and severity based on real-time sensing.  AI is needed in energy sector to inform on an emergency issue, such as a failing appliance in the home, or a downed power line in an expected path of travel, or to recommend choices and services, such as energy-related instruments settings, replacements, or upgrades. AI is important in energy industry to better manage the use of energy for each consumer, via IoT system interaction, smart device integration, and so forth as it better predicts the failure of critical equipment in the energy distribution chain.

What fields can AI be used in energy industry?

AI in the Power Grid, Smart Grids, and Sector Coupling

Mainly, AI is present in the area of intelligent networking of energy consumers and generators across sector boundaries. As decentralization and digitalization of the power grid are increasing day by day, managing a large number of grid participants and maintaining the grid in balance is becoming more difficult. Now, AI is used in Power Grids, Smart Grids, and Sector Coupling, which helps process this data by evaluating and analyzing a flood of data as quickly and efficiently as possible. AI is used to evaluate, analyze, and control the data of consumers, producers, and storage facilities connected to each other through the grid.

AI in the energy industry is particularly focus on the integration of electro-mobility. An increase in electric cars offers options and challenges. AI coordinates and monitors charging in electric cars and at the same time it offers the potential of storing electricity and stabilizing the grid. AI helps in adjusting the charging demand to price signals and availability.

In addition, the AI is used to stabilize the power grid by, detecting peculiarities in the generation, consumption, or transmission in near real-time, and then it develops appropriate solutions. AI helps to minimize costs and loss of profit as well as disturbances to the network operation by monitoring maintenance work and determining optimal times for the maintenance of networks or individual systems.

AI in Electricity Trading

AI is used in electricity trading helps improve forecasts that increase grid stability and supply security.  It is simple to evaluate systematically the large amount of data such as weather data or historical data in electricity trading using AI. AI in the energy industry can help to facilitate and speed up the integration of renewables, especially in the field of forecasts. In energy sectors, Machine Learning and Neural Networks play a vital role in improving forecasts. In recent years, developments in forecasting quality have shown the potential of AI in this area.

AI in the Virtual Power Plant

A flood of data is processed and forecasts are made in the Virtual Power Plant. The AI in energy industry helps to generate increasingly accurate forecasts, in addition to coordinate various participants in the Virtual Power Plant. AI is used, when it is necessary to coordinate which plant generates or consumes how much electricity and when. AI in energy industry is used to analyze data, such as live feed-in data, historical data, data from electricity trading centers, and weather forecasts. Some AI algorithms, Machine Learning and Neural Networks are already sufficiently intelligent that they can trade on their own. AI in the virtual power plant helps to automatically monitor and analyze trading on the electricity market. With the help of AI, it possible to detect and prevent deviations from the norm, such as the abuse of market electricity, more quickly and specifically.

AI is used for Power Consumption

With the help of AI in energy industry, consumers, intelligently connected and may contribute to a durable and green power grid. Smart home solutions and smart meters are used for power consumption. In a smart networked home, the networked appliances respond to prices by boosting their output on the power market and adjust to household usage patterns in demand to save electricity and reduce expenses.  By investigating user data, AI can also include information about user preferences and time windows in their estimations.


AI in energy industry has the potential for more security and efficiency by analyzing and evaluating a flood of data. Automatic design generation devices and grid functions are improved by AI in energy. AI in energy helps in data processing quickly and efficiently. AI in the energy industry is offering a multitude of suitable application scenarios that will support the energy transition and a climate-friendly energy system.

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