Do you want to make immersive WebAR experiences that work on phones and tablets? But usually, the apps take away the soul of XR. Firefox and Janus VR have been the only web VR companies that have moved seamlessly between virtual worlds.  It has been a challenging ride throughout for the apps to tackle. Do not expect VR to leave the app any time soon because it does not have a lot of bandwidth or storage space. However, with the launch of 8th Wall's new "8th Web," interactive AR content that could only be seen by downloading an app can now run on any website. You cannot underestimate this new development in the webAR world. Read a detailed review of this new 8th wall web AR technology.


What Is WebAR?

WebAR (Web-based Augmented Reality) is a new technology that does not need mobile applications to function. Users can directly access the WebAR experience using their mobile web browser and web camera. The seamless user experience of WebAR is a significant reason for WebAR's popularity.

This smartphone WebAR technology enables you to embed interactive content wherever you want. If you wish to avoid QR codes, you can share your AR-enabled URL.

Features Of WebAR

  • No Apps Necessary
  • Ultimate compatibility
  • A web-based technology that rolled out globally
  • Accessible to the masses
  • Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems
  • Highly engaging; often uses interactive 3D elements

Popular Industries for WebAR

In a world where physical contact is challenging, WebAR helps in meaningful brand engagement. WebAR is used across a lot of industries; here are only some of the popular sectors:

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • FMCG
  • Enterprise
  • Sports & Entertainment

What Is The 8th Wall?

8th wall_8th wall

8th Wall is a world-class programming platform that allows you to create significant web AR experiences. Several top brands trust the 8th Wall platform to power their immersive experiences. It lets users view realistic 3D objects and volumetric videos in their local area without waving their phones or resizing content. You may have all features of the 8th Wall on android smartphones. However, the files and other experiences will be smaller on your smartphone.

Many smartphones do not support AR, and app downloads are a constant issue. 

As seen by Pokemon Go, many organizations are developing content geolocation solutions, which lacks anchoring. 

A proprietary "AR Cloud" would allow developers to generate geolocation and other critical capabilities like occlusion, surface detection, multi-user shared experiences, and light level estimate. These capabilities will enable web-based mobile AR to enhance reality and provide a compelling presence for digital content. 


  • Works well with all phones
  • Compatible with ARCore and ARKit
  • Offers with very solid tracking
  • Different templates are available to speed up development time


  • The license is relatively expensive.
  • Not friendly for biginners

8th wall AR games increase up to 70% frame rate and provide 50% improvement in accuracy of SLAM systems. Moreover, it offers more precise images, targets, and smoother video recordings.

8th Wall for Entertainment Guidance

8th wall_entertainment guidance

By providing developers, agencies, and brands with web-based augmented reality solutions, 8th Wall aims to make augmented reality accessible to everyone.

For example, for the promotion of their new album "Music of the Spheres" and the single "My Universe" with BTS, Coldplay released two limited-edition albums that featured out-of-this-world augmented reality experiences as part of the album artwork.

The WebAR experiences focus on the imaginary solar system known as "The Spheres" as the album's central topic. The album cover included a planet and alien language for each tune to emphasize this. Fans may access the WebAR experience by scanning their record cover with their smartphone or tablet.

Also, Coldplay released a CD single of "My Universe" featuring BTS with a neon pink alien letter cover. The artwork's letters begin to whirl once scanned in the users' space. The symbols start falling from the sky like confetti. When the artwork stops spinning, the alien letters reveal the message, "Coldplay BTS My Universe."

8th Wall's Image Target technology was utilized to initiate both experiences. It is just one example of how artists might use augmented reality to offer unique experiences.


Immersive AR content that was previously only available through an app can now be viewed directly on any existing website thanks to 8th Wall Web. This means that AR is available to anyone with a smartphone and a web browser.

8th Wall is a mobile-optimized version, built with standards-compliant JavaScript and WebGL (SLAM) for real-time augmented reality (AR) on mobile browsers.

Using the 8th Wall, brands will provide seamless interactive AR experiences for the first time. 

You can take your businesses in the e-commerce, advertising, gaming, education, and entertainment sectors to reach billions of mobile web browser users with the 8th Wall.

You can try the 8th Wall by visiting  its website.

8th Wall Review - FAQs

Q1:What Makes The 8th Wall Different from Others? 

Using 8th Wall, web developers may interact and publish Web AR experiences that run in a browser. 8th Wall Web is a JavaScript and WebGL-based implementation of 8th Wall's Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) engine, optimized for real-time Web AR in browsers. Face Effects, Image Targets, and World Tracking are all included.

Web AR projects can be developed with the 8th Wall Cloud Editor, and real-time collaboration is possible with other members of your team. Using 8th Wall's stable and secure worldwide network, you may publish projects to several deployment states, including a password-protected staging environment, using the Built-In Hosting feature. It also gives you a self-hosting option in it.

Q2: Is The 8th Wall Free?

8th Wall provides a free trial for 14-days which offers full access to a complete set of tools during this time limit. 

Q3: What Is Cancellation And Refund Policy Of 8th Wall?

The subscription to the 8th Wall will automatically renew until you cancel it. You can cancel the subscription to the 8th Wall plan by simply logging into your account. 

Canceling the subscription in the trial period does not charge anything. If you cancel on a paid plan, you will have access till the end of your billing period. However, there are no refunds for partial or unused months.

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8th Wall

8th Wall is a world-class programming platform that allows you to create significant web AR

  • 3D Image Maker
  • AI Avatar Generator
  • $12 / month for Starter ($108 ∕ year)
  • $59 / month for Plus ($588 ∕ year)
  • $129 / month for Pro ($1188 ∕ year)
  • Works well with all phones
  • Compatible with ARCore and ARKit
  • Offers with very solid tracking
  • Different templates are available to speed up development time
  • The license is relatively expensive.
  • Not friendly for biginners