What is AI cam on my phone? The term 'AI' or Artificial Intelligence is fairly popular by now but the same is still recent when it comes to camera technology in smartphones and similar devices, which may puzzle users. An AI camera, in the simplest of terms, is simply a camera with AI based functionalities. Naturally, simply adding the term AI to any existing technology doesn't explain everything. So, in this guide, we explore the AI camera meaning and how it all fits into our current technology. In addition to that, we will also see an AI camera vs normal camera comparison in order to give you a better idea of the differences and similarities.

What is AI Camera?

So what is an AI cam? In shorter terms, an AI cam is a camera device that is powered by AI or AI based technology. These cameras have automatic processes and features that you wouldn't find in traditional cameras and smartphones. Similar to the fundamental principle of AI in general, the technology paired with cameras and smartphones will give you access to features such as face recognition, adding complex effects such as bokeh, and more. AI is meant to automate. The logic behind AI is that it should be able to learn on its own and produce better results with greater efficiency as well.

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What is AI Camera

When this is taken into cameras, we have a camera that can look at a frame given by the user and analyze the frame in really good detail. When your camera AI suggests or automatically enhances a part of the frame, such as the greenery when you are around nature, tones your face when you take a selfie, and more, are all part of the AI doing its job. AI camera is becoming a prevalent term and at this pace, there will be an AI camera Android version, iOS, Windows, and more. Not to mention that AI camera devices will assist you in expert level photography even if you don't have much knowledge about the craft.

How does AI Camera work?

Similar to other Machine Learning algorithms, the technology and systems placed in AI camera devices are first trained by feeding them a huge number of images. This allows the system to thoroughly understand different kinds of images, what is the focus on these images, how to recreate them, and more. The AI camera becomes an expert in recognizing images in a way that a photographer would. The collected data is stored and so are the techniques usable for various kinds of enhancements. Users then only need to select features that they want to use and the AI camera does the rest on its own.

How does AI Camera work

This leads to various useful features such as image enlargement, removing backgrounds, converting black and white images to color, repairing old photos that are damaged, and more. For instance, an AI based image enlarger simply duplicates the pixels of the original image to increase resolutions while maintaining the high quality.

Not to mention that all of this is done automatically and requires no expertise from the user. It also saves the time of hiring an expert to do it for you. If you want to know what is AI cam and how it works, you can consider your smartphone, apps such as Photoshop, or even online image editors like VanceAI or Fotor.

What can you do with AI camera?

Once you know what is AI camera, you can ask what the AI camera can do for you. As of now, there are a ton of highly complex photo editing processes that AI manages to do faster than most. These processes include tasks such as removing objects from an image, repairing old photos that have scratches and fractures, and even color correcting images. What's more is that once you implement AI and Machine Learning algorithms into these applications, they simply keep getting better with time. More and more brands, such as Google, Apple, Samsung, etc are finding ways to incorporate AI based image processing technology into their hardware. As previously mentioned, AI camera is exceptional at enhancing images on the get-go just by reading the frame.

What can you do with AI camera

AI based camera features are only set to increase in the near future. For instance, AI camera devices are now trained to scan customers entering highly valuable stores, such as jewelry stores. The camera scans find out whether customers are carrying potentially dangerous objects, such as knives or guns, and alert the shopkeepers through text messages or any other instant messaging techniques.

AI Camera vs Normal Camera

Considering everything, it may seem as though AI camera devices are in every way the next step to normal or traditional cameras but we're not really there yet. An AI camera definitely comes across as a better option if you are dealing with complex photography and editing tasks that would normally require hours of work. For example, things such as red-eye removal, coloring an image, converting an image to a different style such as cartoon or oil painting, etc. can be done faster and arguably better with AI.

AI Camera vs Normal Camera

However, the AI technology is still an automation based technology and till now, there hasn't been a better use found for it yet. When it comes to cameras, photography, and anything that requires innate creativity, AI cameras leave a lot to be desired. Hence, to get the original shots and to experiment on them, you still need normal cameras that don't keep editing images according to some algorithm. Not to mention that AI, though really smart, is still prone to errors.


So now that you know what is an AI camera, you can go ahead and search for devices and smartphones that incorporate them into their hardware. An AI camera can definitely bring a lot to the table thanks to their dynamic and modern designs and functionalities. Admittedly, an AI camera is not the answer to everything as they are still a technology in-progress but they can still assist you greatly in almost all kinds of photography. Perhaps the best asset you can get from them is the time saved from complicated editing.

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1. What is an AI cam?

An AI cam is quite simply a camera device, either standalone or in a smartphone, that is powered by AI and Machine Learning based technology. What this results in is a device that can automate a lot of photography processing, such as enhancement of images, editing, filtering, and more. The AI cam is like an expert that constantly improves your image gallery.

2. What is AI cam on my phone?

The AI cam in your phone is nothing but the AI based technology acting as an editing and enhancement software actively. Whenever you activate the AI and point your camera to any scene, the AI either automatically enhances the frame or suggests changes that will improve your image quality. You can use this AI for many types of photography tasks.

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