Top 10 Alternatives to Review

What is, often known as an Email Hunter, is a tool that can assist businesses in locating contact details linked with any address. This is perfect for companies that employ unsolicited emailing to build their channel. may also be used to validate emails and do mass operations. It's a simple and inexpensive HubSpot product that every company should have on hand. email finder can also save the time that you would generally waste manually searching for emails within web pages. provides more data and emails to assist you in making a much better selection while conducting your research, confirmation, and engagement.

How to use is very simple to use. 

Step 1:  Click on the domain search, then selects the "new bulk" button. After this, enter a list name. 

Step 2:  Join a list of domain names from where you want to extract the email addresses. You can also import a list of domain names files in a CSV file and set filters if you require. 

Step 3: If you select "Yes" to the verify email addresses option, then will first check if the email is correct or not and then show the desired results. 

Step 4:Then, select email addresses type just like earlier. And choose a department or choose "ALL." Then, click on the upload button. This step shows that has found all the domains' email addresses in just a single click.

Top 10 Alternatives to Review:

1. Mails Hunt

Pricing: Mails hunt is available online for free, albeit with restrictions. The pricier versions provide you access to additional functions and searches in general. The premium version begins with the Standard account, which is $19 per month. alternative_mialshunt

Mails Hunt enables you to locate anyone's email address and communicate with the essential individuals for the business.


  • The Domain Check displays all of the email addresses of employees who work for a specific firm.
  • It employs advanced algorithms to filter pertinent email addresses from a database of over 20 million email addresses.
  • Hours of connection exploration have been shaved down to milliseconds.


  • Free use chance is limited.
  • The standard edition is quite restricted.

2. Snovio email finder

Pricing: Customers are targeted by the premium plans, which begin at $39 per month. Higher-priced packages are geared for bigger parties. The free edition allows for approximately 50 free monthly visitors, sufficient for absolute novices or if you only wish to use the application occasionally. competitor_Snovio email finder

This competitor software is precious for marketing and business since it can easily simplify your operations. It includes many features that might help you reach out to new people and communicate with them. 


  • Excellent user interface design.
  • The free plan is adequate.
  • It is a tool that interacts.


  • More functionalities could be added.
  • Paid plans are somewhat pricey.
  • The website may be unstable.

3. Anymail Finder

Pricing: The free edition of this replacement gives you 90 credits for confirmed email addresses and infinite points for questionable email addresses. Furthermore, the rest of the free credits will transfer over when you subscribe to any premium account start at $49. alternative_anymail finder

This web application has a great pricing mechanism since it only costs for email addresses that have been confirmed. As a result, you will make better use of your time. Aside from that, its bulk search tool may help you save a lot of time. Furthermore, it provides lessons on many program elements, which might be beneficial to newcomers.


  • Reasonable pricing.
  • API version is now available.
  • Best meet the needs.


  • There aren't many options.
  • Sometimes the results are off.
  • It may take some time for results to appear.

4. Find Email Address

Pricing: You will be given 20 free credits to seek and locate email addresses. You may begin by acquiring the Basic account for $29.99 per month to access more services and search tools. alternative_find email address

This competitor is simple to use and offers personalized priced options. It gives consumers much-needed freedom. You may just enter the website and search using the provided search box. Aside from that, this programme offers bulk search capabilities. Your results can also be exported and integrated into your applications.


  • Customized paid plans.
  • Findings can be exported.
  • We can simply search from webpage as well.


  • It may take some time to see consequences.
  • The free plan has limitations.

5. Skrapp

Pricing: This internet tool charges $39 per month for a thousand email id inquiries that may be used by up to two persons. alternative_skrapp

Skrapp is a straightforward internet application for quickly scanning email addresses and obtaining necessary information about the email address. You may then grab these credentials with a single click and utilize them elsewhere. It will also tell you whether or not the email address has been validated. In addition, you may perform a mass search.


  • Simple for use.
  • The site search function is practical.
  • An extension is possible.


  • A little pricey.
  • It is deficient in characteristics.
  • It may take some time for findings to appear.

6. Find Emails

Pricing: The Basic subscription is $29 per month and includes up to 1000 queries, export capabilities, API compatibility and deployment, and other benefits.

Anyone may use this software to obtain its online and through API features. In addition, this utility is accessible as a Chrome Browser plugin. It also has decent exporting capabilities and email support. This application is a beautiful place to start for novices because it contains dependable capabilities.


  • API is available.
  • Useful both online and as an extension.
  • Reliable outcomes.


  • The website might be sluggish at times.
  • API access is little time-consuming.

7. Voila Norbert

Pricing:When you begin utilizing this tool, you will be able to obtain up to 50 suggestions or searches  for free. The premium options start with the Valet package, which costs $49 a month and allows for up to 1000 monthly visitors. alternative_voilanorbert

This alternative has all of the standard elements you'd anticipate from an email id discovery tool, such as bulk search, API description, etc. However, you will find it simpler to interact with individuals using this program because of its helpful properties, such as enhancing contacts, contacting prospective advertising chances, and much more.


  • Excellent characteristics.
  • Online bulk search service.
  • There are no costs for repeated emails.


  • Learners should avoid working on this genre.
  • It is expensive as compared to other alternatives.

8. Mine Lead

Pricing: In this alternative pricing, users can get up to 100 complimentary searches and accessibility to the chrome extension and API—the premium version, which includes more  queries and features, costs at least $15 per month. competitor_mine lead

This plan is meant to be both creative and practical for consumers. You may begin using this program without providing credit card information and can begin using the free app right away. Aside from that, you may directly access the homepage, where you can transfer your data with a single click, access the massive database of email addresses, a regular email id generator, and much more.


  • Has a lot of excellent features.
  • You may start using the free version right away.
  • API and plugin are both accessible.


  • It takes time to export.
  • Results might be sluggish.
  • The Invite & Earn option is a little time-consuming.

9. Ninja Outreach

Pricing:This tool is available for a free trial on the website. The  user determines the paid alternatives. Instead of inflexible-priced plans, you may talk or email the team and design a paid package tailored to your individual needs. competitor_ninja outreach

In comparison to, Ninja Outreach appears to be a distinct type of email id search service and software. This is because this software is commonly aimed at Instagram and YouTube. Compared to other alternatives features and functionalities, this provides the program a more contemporary feel. This tool is ideal for social media marketers and other celebrities.


  • Pay adaptable plans.
  • Has more current capabilities.
  • Online accessible.


  • The website might be sluggish at times.
  • It is not intended for users who are explicitly seeking email-related functions.
  • More social media outlets might be targeted.

10. Clear-out

Pricing: We can immediately set up a free membership without entering any credit card information and earn 100 free credits. Users may pay for more credits, with the lowest tier costing $21 for 3000 credits. competitor_clear out

This tool includes phone verification and the standard email id confirmation, which is unusual. We can also use this program to check phone numbers from over 240 countries, which is an enormous quantity. 


  • Register right away.
  • Paying affordable choices.
  • Unique characteristics.


  • It lacks typical or basic email functions.
  • Synchronizations need optimized.


Even with all of the emphasis paid to social networking sites, email marketing remains a significant component of digital marketing. Emails are regarded as entirely formal ways of communication, and fantastic images allow you to provide the most critical impression to potential clients, partners, and so forth. Email is one of the most effective ways for business people to reach out to B2B and B2C prospects. You need a reliable email-finding tool if you would not want to lose out on potential chances. A formal communication tool in which the language does not need to be convenient since it is designed to be easy, as in a conversation, to ensure the organization's smooth operation. Emails may be utilized as a technique to start a dialogue since they are quick, enabling the business to function smoothly.

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  1. Great list! I've tried many of these.
    I've recently found an affordable lead generation tool: Skymem . It’s simple to use, it has a variety of search filters, you can create your own email lists, and their unlimited free search makes it even more affordable. Highly recommended!

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