How to Remove Background from Picture with

Do you know how to remove background from picture? And what’s the easiest way to cut out background from a photo? We have tested dozens of products and the answer is, an AI-powered Picture Background Remover. In this article, we will look at how to remove the background of a picture with Is free? Does it work well? Let’s check it out.

Fixing edges with this online tool is quite challenging. You can also read our previous post for AI Background Removal.

What is is an automatic background remover powered by AI technology. This picture background remover makes things much easier without using heavy software like photoshop. It allows you to remove picture background free automatically. It’s easy and fast to use. All you need to do is upload a picture to this web app. And AI will remove background from pictures in seconds.


  • Easy to use, no sign-ups, no email
  • Accurate result
  • Free to use.
  • Work fast
  • Minimal design


  • Small file output
  • No option for tuning

How to remove background from picture with

It is easy to remove background from picture with Let’s check it out.

Step 1. Upload a picture to

There are three ways to do this. You can upload a pic by clicking on the button “Upload Image” or simply by dragging it to this web app. Alternatively, you can enter the URL of the picture.


Step 2. Remove picture background automatically in

You just need to wait a few seconds. This AI tool will remove picture background automatically and you can see the preview picture.



Step 3. Edit picture with no background in

Option 1 Change Background as you like

If you want to add a background to the transparent result, you can click on Edit icon. Then, a pop-up will show up. Here, dozens of backgrounds are available for free. You can select a photo from local device to set a background. Close the pop-up if you don’t like it.


Option 2 Fix edges in

If you want to remove edges, a key takeaway is to zoom out of your picture. The brush size is adjustable. You can choose a small brush size so that you can fix edges more carefully.


Step 4. Download free png pictures from

Tap on the upper Download button to save the result for free. The best possible quality is 0.25 megapixels. Note: To download results with no background in lossless quality, you need to sign up and subscribe.


Is accurate when used to remove picture background?

Since we have shown you how to remove a background from a picture, the next question you might have is how accurate is. Based on our tests, Remove Bg is more accurate than other picture background removers. That’s one of the reasons why we put it on the top of our list. From our tests, its accuracy depends on how strong the contrast is between the foreground and background of pictures. Let’s look at how well works when used to cut out glass, multiple objects, animals, and person.

1. Remove the background of a picture with multiple objects

This is a picture with many balloons in it. If you use tools such as PowerPoint or Photoshop, you need to be careful with the edges of these balloons. But has handled the edges perfectly. Here is the result of our test.


2. Remove the background of a picture with glass

Cutting out glass or any other crystal objects has been notoriously difficult because the foreground and background are extremely similar. did a great job. This result shows it really tops many other online picture background removers in removing background from pictures with glass.


3. Remove the background of a picture with portrait

If you ever tried to cut out a person from a picture so that you can add any background for it, dealing with hair is not easy. With, it’s really a piece of cake. Upload a pic to this web app and it will process it automatically. Then you can see how great the result is from this comparison picture.


4. Remove the background of a picture with pets is not perfect when it cuts out pets from an picture like this one here. There are some flaws like the white dots around the ears of this puppy.


Tip: You can use the editing feature to change a background similar to the color of your pet. We have added a background for this puppy and the result looks much better. You can blur the picture to make the flaws less evident.


5. Remove the background of a picture with fire

Can you use to cut out any objects from backgrounds? The answer is No. We’ve tried to use this AI picture background remover to remove picture background with fire. But it failed to identify the foreground. And it recommends you to try other pictures with a contrasting foreground and background.

5-remove-background-of- fire


1. What are alternatives to

Still have problems with how to remove background from a picture? Here are five alternatives to These picture background removers allow you to remove picture background free easily.

  • Picsart
  • PhotoScissors
  • Bonanza Background Burner
  • Clipping Magic
  • inPixio

2. Is free? is free to use when you download low-resolution pictures (up to 0.25 megapixels). If you want to download results in lossless quality, you need to purchase a premium plan. An alternative to is PicsArt, which allows you to download HD pictures with no background for free.

Want to find out more details? Click on this quick tutorial video.

3. How to Remove the Background of a Picture on a Mac?

With, it’s easy to remove the background of a picture on a mac. This online tool is compatible with almost all operating systems, including macOS. To start with, you can drag & drop a picture to and leave the rest to this AI tool. Then, you can download the low-res result for free to your Mac computer. For lossless quality, you need to upgrade the plan.

With picture background remover, you can make a logo transparent easily. All you need to do is upload an picture with a logo to this picture background remover. And it will remove the background of logo automatically. Then you can download a transparent logo for free.




From our limited tests, you can see that can identify objects intelligently and auto remove the background from pictures. It is better at cutting out objects from pictures with a clean background. It’s a handy tool for beginners. However, it’s not easy to remove background from pictures when their foreground and background are extremely similar. Therefore, for professional users, more advanced tools such as Photoshop are recommended.

Still want to learn more about how to remove the background of a picture or video? Check out in this post:Top 15 Tools to Remove Green Screen.

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