How to Generate Pixel Art Picture by PixelMe

Taking photos, especially of our own like selfies, have become a standard on the Internet and social media. Naturally, it is still useful to have your own photo for many purposes. By using a pixel art picture for your profile picture and similar photos, you can put a creative spin on your images. Moreover, these images are sure to catch the attention of many viewers and would like to try it themselves. Other than that, this picture to pixel art style can be used for creative projects such as videos, animation, and more. In this guide, we will be giving you better insight into picture to pixel art style apps such as PixelMe and other good alternatives. Not to mention the steps for using these apps, which you can refer to anytime.

What is a Pixel Art Picture?

There are now many art styles blended into normal images. Some of the popular ones are vintage style, aesthetics, black and white, and more. The pixel art style then is another popular style that makes an image look pixelated but in an artistic way. These kinds of images are used in many other art forms, such as futuristic and 80s themed movies or video games. They are also present in mobile games with similar styles. One of the key components about these images is that they are able to portray key details of an image even though they are pixelated. These images can be landscapes or any other kinds of images though they arguably work best as portraits. With the apps given here on this guide, you can get a pixel art picture for yourself in a matter of seconds and for free.

How to Generate Pixel Art Picture by PixelMe

In this section, we will go through the steps on how to use the PixelMe online application to turn a picture to pixel art style.

Step 1: First, you should use the link given above to access the picture to pixel website and click on the Get Started button. The website will automatically scroll you down to the upload function wherein you can upload your image. The images you see are simply sample images that should give you an idea about the results you'd receive.

step 1


Step 2: Now, click on the Select From the Library button to open up the window of your local files in order to upload an image from there. If you do not have an image of yourself, you can simply download any portrait from websites such as Unsplash. Alternatively, you can also get a different kind of image, such as landscape, to convert it instead. If you do have a landscape, you can select the Landscape Mode option before starting to process the image.

step 2


Step 3: After a short time of processing, you will see the results in a row. You can select different pixel sizes for the images, all of which affect the way your image looks. Basically, the lower the amount of pixels, the more obscure the image looks. In this case, obscurity isn't meant as a negative, since all of the images are simply artistic styles. You can download whichever style that you prefer. Apart from that, you can access the pro mode just below the images to further edit them. You can choose the background color, adjust contrast, saturation, color pattern of the image, and more.

step 3

Step 4: You can scroll down further below to select any patterns or other edits for your image before downloading. You can choose the rotation angle of the image, collages, and much more. Simply click on Download in order to begin the downloading of the image. You will find the image in your local storage. Otherwise, you can also choose any of the social media quicklinks provided on the website to instantly share your image on your feed.

You can follow these steps anytime to get yourself a pixel art picture within seconds without needing to pay for anything.


Alternative picture to pixel art applications that you can try out for images like these.

1. Pixilart

Price:  free

Pixilart is an amazing online pixel art style website that enables users to craft their own artstyle from scratch. The advantage of making use of an application is that you can make comprehensive and complex pixel art images that you can use for various projects. However, if you are a user who is not into this professionally or just wants an image automatically, this website won't be too helpful. A great feature of this application is that you can view a lot of the projects done by the community through the application.

How to use:

  1. Click on the Start Drawing option to get to the editor.
  2. Make use of the tools to create a pixel art picture.
  3. Click on the Save Picture option to save your work.

2. Minecraft Image Converter

Price: free

Inspired from the highly popular video game called Minecraft, Minecraft Image Converter is designed to offer you an image that fits the game's aesthetic, which is also pixel art. Similar to the PixelMe application, you can automatically convert an image into its pixel form within a matter of seconds. Although, there aren't as many further editing options for the pixel image like in PixelMe. Regardless, it offers a quick conversion with good results. Furthermore, you can choose some beautification options such as transparency, luminance, and more.


Overall, there are enough options for users to convert picture to pixel in convenient and effective ways. When it comes to PixelMe and Minecraft, you can easily get a pixel art picture without needing to invest time and effort into it. They are automatic tools that provide great results, regardless of the type of image you upload. As for Pixilart, it is a comprehensive application that offers an editor mode suitable for users who want to make a pixel art picture entirely from scratch. The application you use depends on the kind of results you want as the applications are useful in their own way.

However, sometimes you may wish to get pixel art with higher resolution and have been stuggling to find an pixel art upscaler. Now VanceAI Image Upscaler can be such a tool, it can perfectly upscale any pixel art images in one click.


1. How to make pixel art pictures easily?

You can make a pixel art picture easily by making use of an application like PixelMe. It is a free to use and automatic application online that converts your uploaded image into pixel art. Simply go to the website and upload your image from your device. From the results, choose the one you like and use the Download button.

2. How to make pixel art for free?

Many applications like these can cost money. However, there are still enough alternatives such as PixelMe and the other applications listed in this guide that allow you to get pixel art pictures for completely free. Moreover, these apps also offer editing options to improve your images.

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PixelMe is an AI-powered pixel art generator, perfect for creating pixel art from photos and illustrations.

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