Once you have internet, you have an access to the whole world. Similarly, for work purposes, there are a lot of applications and software on the web that are used to facilitate clients converting their document or file formats. In this article, I will be telling you about that one particular piece format of the document that is used for image purposes and how you can convert it into your presentational PDF. Let's Talk about How to convert Tiff to PDF online.


What is a TIFF file?

Abbreviated; Tag Image File Format, a TIFF file is what you call an image file format that is created for the purpose of storing raster graphics and picture information. This file format is an incredible way of pre-storing high-quality and high-resolution images to avoid any loss of pixel.

Most photographers love TIF Format because they find it a secure method of saving images before editing them further into a masterpiece.

Benefits of Storing Image Files in TIFF

If you are a professional photographer and make a living out of it, you will always look for better quality presentative platforms rather than going for something else. Since this is the case for most people, A TIFF will help user to store their images in a much richer, high-definition, and detailed quality as compared to any regular formats including the JPEGs.

Converting TIFF To PDF

Foresay, you have an amazing image that you want to have edited and made into your masterpiece or you are working on making a PDF document that requires something. Here's how to convert TIFF to PDF online.

How to Convert Tiff to PDF Online

There are either two ways to handle things on this requirement; either you go to google and try to find yourselves a suitable tiff to pdf online converter or simply follow our indications. Down below is a complete guide on how to convert tiff to pdf online.

  • Save the Tiff file to a known location that you can remember. Now, open your internet browser and click on this link; tiff2pdf. There will be a simple yet easy-to-use website load up in front of you.

convert tiff to pdf

  • After the second highlight point, you will be able to see multiple options including, PDF to TIFF, TIFF to PDF, JPG to TIFF, etc. Make sure that the TIFF to PDF is enabled.

convert tiff to pdf

  • Tiff2pdf has both uploading and drag n drop features in its interface. Click on upload to find and save the image or simply grab the TIFF image and drop it on the box where it says ‘Drop Your Files Here'.
  • Once the upload is done, click on the ‘Combine' or ‘Start Process' button to begin the procedure. It will take a few seconds to process the file and bring forward the end result to download.

convert tiff to pdf

  • Download or save the file that is converted to your computer system and enjoy!

This is a pretty simple experience that involves a simple uploading and downloading facility created by the developers. All you have to do is open the online Tiff to Pdf converter website, upload your document, and start the process. After a few seconds, it will be completed and all you will have to do is save the file to your system. I have explained the whole process in detail so you can easily navigate through the steps.

Why use Tiff2pdf?

If telling the benefits of this platform was up to me, I would have put it into two straightforward reasons;

  1. A very simple and easily understandable website is not a bit confusing and sticks only to what its purpose is.
  2. It is secure and protected! All of your entry data will be deleted after 1 hour so that the user's privacy remains intact and safeguarded. There is zero chance of this website keeping the data stored in its database. All of this is already mentioned on the website's main page and further explained in the terms and privacy section.

Alternatives For TIFF to PDF Convert

Although the above-mentioned website and tutorial on how to convert tiff to pdf online is the absolute best, however, we cannot look away from the possibility of connection failure or server down. Here is a list of Alternatives that you can use if the up mentioned website doesn't work.

  • Soda PDF

For the conversion of documents or file formats, Soda PDF is yet on the top prioritized platforms that can get the job done easily. Select conversion settings that in your case are Tiff to Pdf and start the procedure.

  • Small PDF

This platform is another great fix for people concerned about their privacy and security. Small PDF is a professionally built online file converter with SSL encryption and supports multiple conversion settings.

  • Online 2 PDF

Online 2 PDF is another great alternative for converting file formats to desired outputs. Just like other platforms, forexample, you can combine multiple files into one single PDF document for making a complete file for work, personal use, or something else.

The procedure to convert tiff to pdf is the same although the options might be placed in different areas.


Tiff to Pdf Convert is not a big task, all you need is a little knowledge on how to perform the process in the right possible way. All of this is well researched, gathered, and presented in the easiest way so that majority can easily understand each word of it. Usually, this method is suitable for all of the conversions required online, however, you can adjust a few steps according to the options provided by the developers of different websites.

That's It, Great People! Congratulations on getting this far. Feel free to comment and share thoughts.


Q1: Can Adobe Reader convert TIFF to PDF?

Ans: Adobe Acrobat Reader is a powerful software that can easily turn multiple file formats including; PNG, TIFF,  BMP, JPG, and GIF into PDF. Adobe reader can get this done offline, so if you are working without internet, this software would be a great fit for you.

Q2: What program will open a TIF file?

Ans: Photographers are usually more active in opening a TIFF, however, for a non-regular person, a TIF file can be opened in either, Adobe Photoshop, MS-Paint, CorelDRAW, etc.

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Tiff To PDF

A suitable tiff to pdf online converter or simply follow our indications.

  • Productivity
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  • Support multiple formats such as PNG, TIFF, JPG, PDF.
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