Just imagine typing 'A chicken egg riding a roller coaster with a blue muffler.' and software brings out the exact same thing for you in an image format. It would be unbelievable, right? Well, It wouldn't be unbelievable considering the signs of progress we are making in technology. Google has done it for us!

We are here to talk about a trend that is on popular notes these days. It is by far one of the most acknowledging innovations done by Google this year for the category of text to image creation. Bound by no limits, Google charges its potential into the thought of creating something unique that has zero imagination barriers. Something of its capability should definitely be encouraged and must hold a valuable launch platform so the world knows about it.

Let's talk about some basics of this exclusive development of text-to-image AI technology by Google itself.

Imagen: A Powerful tool for Text-to-Image Creation by Google.


With something like this, we can actually say that the world is advancing and technology is the reason behind this advancement. With the launch of 'Imagen' Google has been trying to advertise its new feature but still, not a lot of people are aware of it. The reason behind this is the lack of appearance at technology launch events.

How Does It Work?

It's simple! You feed some text into it and it will make and generate a picture matching the same description. You can try doing it yourself by going to this link: Imagen: Text-to-Image Creation.

The Pioneers In The Business

The category of creating pictures based on the input text was first pioneered by DALL-E which became hot news for its time. But a few days, Google launched its very own advanced tech Text-to-Image AI Generator that compelled and attracted lots of other people including clients and graphic designers to this block.

As compared to DALL-E, Google's Imagen looks like an upgrade to what the users want i-e quality. With better results from Imagen, the time is not far long when this AI tool will be looking to stand at #1 in the niche/industry.

Google's AI: Pros and Cons

To further investigate the quality and ratings of the product, human ratings were taken by creating a new benchmark product named Drawbench.

According to the benchmark result on Imagen vs Other Methods, it was quite clear to witness that humans preferred Google's Imagen AI over other methods on the internet.

At the moment, it would be difficult to say anything about the reliability and compare Imagen to its competition because Google has not opened this tool to the public yet. The program is being tested and will be available to command once it is out of its development phase.

With that said, let's have a look at both; the Pros and Cons of Imagen for further information gathering on the subject.

Besides, for the reason of nowadys technology limitations, some AI-generated images are of low quality. As for generated images' resolution of DALL.E may not satisfying for all of the people who value image quality, VanceAI Image Upscaler is necessary for this situation.

Note: VanceAI Image Upscaler only offers AI upscaling service and does not offer any creative generation.


  • Supports multiple ranges of input styles including CGI rendering, oil paintings, and photographs.
  • Prompt fed command, leading to instant remarkable results within just a few moments.
  • Better than rival text-to-image systems according to DrawBench Benchmark as Imagen preference rates over than other methods on the internet.
  • The creation of photorealistic images from text is super easy and at your command.
  • Multiple Modes of output returns by Imagen, you can now tell the program to provide the output results in a painting format.


  • Google has decided not to open Imagen for public use and only provide limited access to suitable beta testers.
  • AI-generated images could be out of context sometimes as the technology might get confused. This problem is currently under remedial review and will be cleared out once everything is in its place.

Similar AI Technology Recommendations

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VanceAI Art Generator's website
Of course, if your conditions do not allow it or you want to try some similar AI technology products in order to obtain a more complete experience, and then decide which software to choose as your favorite, here are other recommendations for you. That is VanceAI Art Generator.
VanceAI Art Generator is an online website that is based on AI solutions. It will come out with an art image based on the keywords you input into the workplace. In just a few minutes, the AI image generator will be based on the AI algorithm that automatically generates HD art, imitates the artist's style, and adds to the artistic ambiance.


Due to the limit to public usage, there is no possibility of telling the exact things before even using it ourselves. We are currently reviewing some information that is running over the top and conveyed by Google itself.

There's a rumor going on that in a few weeks, Google will be conducting another benchmark analysis to understand the number of grounds they have covered. Until then keep yourselves posted on this platform and learn evident news like every week.

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