This article provides an overview of the top denoising tools available, including paid and free options. The review covers factors such as processing speed, output quality, user-friendliness, and suitability for various types of users such as photographers, graphic designers, and video editors. This resource is ideal for anyone in need of effective noise reduction solutions to enhance their images or videos.

If you shoot in reduced light and with a camera at high ISOs, you'll possibly get horribly noisy images. Heavy noise reduction causes images to lose important detail. But you can denoise images while preserving details if you find the right tools. Especially, with an AI denoiser, you can easily make images less noisy or grainy.

Top 15 Denoise AI Review 2024

In this article, we will walk you through the 15 best tools for image denoising as well as how to fix grainy photos with them, some of which are powered by AI. We have tested whether they can really make photos less grainy. We'll both introduce several products for denoising and illustrate what types of noise they can deal with.

Featured AI Denoising Online Tool Recommended - VanceAI Image Denoiser

  • Price: Free, Basic ($9.90/mo) & Pro ($19.90/mo)
  • Compatibility: Online, Windows

VanceAI, online photo editing and enhancement tools, offers both an AI denoiser online tool and an integrated AI denoising solution when it comes to noise reduction. VanceAI Image Denoiser allows you to remove noise free online without any hassle.  This denoise AI application is supported by advanced algorithms that learned how to detect and remove noise in your images. Free users can denoise up to 5 images free online each month.

And after you denoise your picture, you can further enhance image quality by using its image upscaler online.


  • Reduce noise in images automatically using AI technology
  • Easy noise reduction online
  • Recover details of images intelligently
  • Intuitive interface
  • Offer free trial

If you like VanceAI Image Denoiser, please click the upvote button to help it get featured on Producthunt!VanceAI Image Denoiser - Reduce noise from image with AI Denoiser | Product Hunt

How to fix grainy photos by using this AI denoiser from VanceAI?

  • Upload an image to this online noise reduction tool
  • Move slider to adjust the level of noise reduction
  • Click "Start to process"
  • Wait a few seconds and then download the image denoised to your device

This is a general overview table made by us, if you want to see our more detailed review, please keep reading:

Product Name Processing Speed Output Quality User-Friendliness Free/Paid Suitable for
Topaz Denoise AI ★★★★☆ ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ Paid Professional photographers or serious amateurs
Blender Denoise ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆ Free 3D artists or video editors needing noise reduction
Waifu2x ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆ Free Anime or manga fans wanting to upscale images
Denoise Photoshop ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ Paid Graphic designers or digital artists requiring advanced noise reduction
Lightroom Noise Reduction ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ Paid Photographers looking for fast and efficient noise reduction
DxO PhotoLab ★★★★☆ ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ Paid Professionals and enthusiasts seeking high-quality image processing
Pine Tools ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★★ Freemium Casual users or amateurs needing basic denoising functionality

Part 1: Top 5 Best Denoise AI Tools

1. Topaz Denoise AI

  • Price: $79.99
  • Compatibility: Windows & Mac

Topaz Denoise AI is developed as an AI image denoiser to fix noisy images and sharpen details in your images. Powered by AI, Topaz Denoise AI is able to examine the whole images and determines the difference between detail and noise. With that, you may feel free to shoot fast action shots, night images, or any other situation that requires a high ISO. This AI denoiser is easy to use and can be used as a standalone app or Photoshop and Lightroom plugin.

Read our full review: Topaz Denoise AI Review.



  • Effective at removing digital noise
  • Chroma noise reduction strength
  • Working as both a standalone version and plugin for Photoshop & Lightroom


  • A bit expensive

How to denoise a photo with Topaz DeNoise AI 

  • Open Topaz DeNoise AI Standalone version
  • Drag or open your image
  • Adjust the setting sliders or leave it in Auto mode
  • Save the new file with the output settings selected

2. Blender Denoise

  • Price: Free
  • Compatibility: Win & Mac & Linux

Blender Denoise comes with NVIDIA OptiX AI-Accelerated Denoiser, which is now built into the Blender view layer system. Supported by machine learning, Blender Denoise can help you produce beautiful noiseless images in just seconds with low numbers of samples. To use the denoising feature in Blender Denoise, you need  NVIDIA RTX GPU and at least driver 441.87 (Windows) or 440.59 (Linux). Check out more in this video.


  • Powered by OptiX AI Denoiser
  • Reduce noise automatically with AI technology
  • Reduce noise with fewer samples
  • Tailor the denoiser to fit your render


  • Not easy to use

How to denoise a photo with Blender Denoise

  • Go to Edit>Preferences on the top of the menu
  • Install add-on from file to install Optix Binaries
  • Save preferences
  • Go to D-noise AI Denoiser on the view layer tab
  • Choose HDR Training or Use Extra Passes

3. Waifu2x

  • Price: Free
  • Compatibility: Online

Waifu2x can be used as an AI denoiser online tool that works best with anime characters. Based on AI Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, this noise reduction tool lets you reduce noise automatically without manual work. You can also use it to make images a bit larger without losing quality.


  • Choose the level of noise reduction
  • Free to use
  • Easy to use


  • Not a professional tool for denoising

How to denoise a photo with this noise reduction tool?

  • Click "choose a file" or enter the URL of your image
  • Choose a noise reduction mode (medium, high, highest)
  • Choose "None" when it comes to upscaling
  • Click "Convert" and "Download"

If you are interested in Waifu2x alternatives, also read: Top 10 Waifu2x Tools Review.

4. is an AI image denoiser for photo noise reduction online. This AI denoiser online tool allows you to process multiple noisy images at the same time. Though this image denoiser markets itself as the tool to recover details to images, I have tested three noisy images and the results are not


  • Free to use
  • Easy to use
  • Reduce noise automatically with AI technology


  • Not effective at reducing noise
  • No option to choose noise reduction level

 How to reduce noise in photo with this noise reduction tool?

  • Click "Drag image or click the button"
  • Wait a few seconds before AI reduces noise automatically
  • Click "Download" to save the result

5. Bigjpg

  • Price: Free
  • Compatibility: Online

Bigjpg is an AI denoiser online tool that lets you enlarge image while reducing noise. Powered by Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, Bigjpg allows you to reduce noise automatically. Like Waifu2x, this AI denoising tool also lets you adjust the noise reduction level. But technically it is not a noise reduction tool that specializes in image denoising.bigjpg


  • Choose level of noise reduction
  • Support greater file size (10Mb) and higher resolution (3000x3000px)
  • Easy photo noise reduction online


  • Not a professional tool for denoising

How to reduce noise with this noise reduction tool?

  • Click "Select file" and "Start"
  • Choose a noise reduction mode (medium, high, highest)
  • Preset image type, the scale and noise reduction mode
  • Click "OK"

Part 2: Top 8 Best Noise Reduction Software

1. Denoise Photoshop

  • Price: $20.99/mo
  • Compatibility: Win & Mac

Denoise Photoshop serves as a useful image denoising software. If you have grainy images, you can upload them to this image denoiser software for post-processing. Once you get started, you can work with the built-in filter from the menu and move slider to reduce noise manually.

Though it is nearly impossible to remove all the noise with Denoise Photoshop, you can still use it to make your photos less grainy. This noise reduction software comes with advanced options. You can reduce grain on a channel-by-channel basis. You can reduce as much noise as possible while retaining more image details.



  • Reduce noise on a channel-by-channel basis with advanced settings
  • Reduce luminance and chromatic noise


  • Not easy to use

How to reduce noise in photo with Denoise Photoshop 

  • Upload an image to Photoshop
  • Go to Filter>Noise>Reduce Noise
  • Move three sliders to change parameters of Strength, Reduce color noise, and Sharpen Details
  • Click OK and save the edited image

2. Lightroom Noise Reduction

  • Price: $9.99/mo
  • Compatibility: Win & Mac

Denoising in Lightroom is one of the easiest ways to remove noise in your photos. You can apply Lightroom Noise Reduction to your RAW files. Additionally, you can use plugins for image denoising in Lightroom. These third-party plugins allow you to remove noise in more different ways, in some cases, to compensate for Lightroom downsides, such as with more advanced local noise reduction adjustments.



  • Extensive and straightforward catalog and editing functions
  • Reduce luminance and chromatic noise


  • Not easy to use

How to reduce noise from Windows or Mac using Lightroom

  • Upload your image in Lightroom
  • Zoom in 100% to see the noisy areas and the effect of the adjustments
  • Go to the detail tab
  • Move the luminance slider to reduce luminance noise
  • Move luminance detail to recover part of the sharpness
  • Recover part of the contrast
  • Adjust the color slider & detail & smoothness

3. DxO PhotoLab

  • Price: £ 86.99
  • Compatibility: Win & Mac

DxO PhotoLab preserves more details and colors while removing noise from high ISO images. Powered by DxO PRIME denoising technology, this Denoiser can fix grainy images shot at high sensitivities. The denoising technology uses a more relevant image model to improve the preservation of details and textures. It gives you more freedom when you take photos with DSLRs as it lets you shoot at the very highest sensitivities.

5-dxo photolab-noise-reduction


  • Preserves more details and colors during image denoising
  • Use relevant image model to retain details and textures
  • Fix grainy images shot at high sensitivities


  • Not suitable for those with a tight budget

How to fix noisy images with DxO PhotoLab 

  • Open a RAW image in DxO OpticsPro.
  • Click on the DxO PRIME button in the Noise reduction sub-palette
  • Move sliders to adjust the luminance, chrominance, low freq, and dead pixels.
  • To apply DxO PRIME denoising, export the image

4. Movavi Photo DeNoise

  • Price: £19.95/lifetime 1PC
  • Compatibility: Win & Mac

Movavi Photo DeNoise offers an easy way to remove noise from photos. This noise reduction software comes with 10 filters that allow you to fix grainy photos to different extents. If you want to remove as much noise as possible, you can apply "Strong" or "Extreme" filter. Integrated with the Smart removal algorithm, Movavi Photo DeNoise can help you clean up any type of digital noise.

6-Movavi photo denoise


  • 10 filters are available
  • Advanced denoiser settings for precise photo fixing.
  • Edit the frame: crop, rotate, and level images. Resize pictures
  • Export your noise-free pictures to almost any image format – JPG, GIF, PNG, and more.


  • Results look not natural

How to fix noisy images using Movavi Photo DeNoise

  • Add your picture by clicking on Browse for images
  • Choose a preset for denoising or adjust the parameters manually.
  • Now click Export to save the edited photo in the folder of your choice.

5. Luminar 4 Noise Reduction

  • Price: £69 per license, 2 PCs
  • Compatibility: Win & Mac

Luminar 4 Noise Reduction makes it possible to handle both color noise and luminance noise. This denoising software has a "Denoise" filter, which lets you adjust the parameters of noise. You can enhance the effect of a noisy image through a "boost" slider. This denoiser can detect colored pixels to fix color noise and smooth the texture to remove luminance noise. It allows you to remove noise from a whole picture or from selected parts. This image denoiser can work as a standalone denoiser or a plugin.



  • Removes luminance noise from an image
  • Removes color noise from an image
  • Boost slider increases how aggressive the Denoise filter
  • Work as a standalone or plugin


  • Not suitable for beginners

How to reduce noise in photo with Luminar

  • Upload an image to this noise reduction software
  • Go to "Denoise" and move the slider of "Luminosity denoise and color denoise"
  • Apply the effect and export the denoised image

6. Capture One Pro

  • Price:£20/mo
  • Compatibility: Win & Mac

For pro professional photographers, Capture One Pro is one of their best choices. It allows you to handle RAW files. With the Color and Luminance noise reduction sliders, this image denoising software helps remove luminance and color noise from photos.

Unlike other noise reduction tools from our list, Capture One also comes with a "single-pixel" slider, which focuses on reducing hot pixels. Besides, the denoising software can evaluate each image and reduce noise to a certain degree automatically.

8-capture one-denoising


  • Reduce color and Luminance noise
  • Reduce noise to a certain degree automatically
  • "Single-pixel" slider focuses on reducing hot pixels
  • Remove long exposure artifacts and high ISO noise


  • Not suitable for beginners

How to denoise a photo in this noise reduction software 

  • Go to the Details Tool Tab
  • Auto adjustment settings will display
  • Use the Luminance slider to adjust the level of luminance noise
  • Use the Color slider to adjust the level of chromatic noise
  • Adjust the Details slider to smooth the surface of an image

7. Noiseware

  • Price: $79.95 per license
  • Compatibility: Win & Mac

Powered by noise filtering algorithm, Noiseware helps you reduce noise while retaining details in images. This noise reduction plugin provides tons of preset options. For beginners, they are quite confusing. But fortunately, you can just choose default settings, which can also meet your basic demand. Noiseware allows you to adjust the level of Color or Luminance noise reduction. This image denoiser also lets you customize the level of detail protection, color range, and detail enhancement.



  • Customize effects with more options, like Noise level, Noise reduction, Color range, and Detail Protection
  • Fast speed and stable performance
  • Reasonable price, many advanced options to satisfy your requirements


  • Not easy to use

How to use Noiseware for image denoising?

  • Upload an image to this software
  • Move the slider of luminance and color to adjust the level of noise reduction
  • Export the denoised image

8. Neat Image

  • Price: $39.9 per license
  • Compatibility: Win & Mac & Linux

Neat Image can help you reduce noise in images effectively. But it takes more manual work than other noise removers we recommended. More careful work is needed. You can adjust the parameters of luminance, chrominance, and, of course, noise level. More settings are available. You can choose to work with advanced mode so that you can adjust the effects as you like.

10-neat image-denoising


  • Advanced noise filter for image denoising
  • Complete control over noise reduction
  • More control over noise filter settings
  • Work as a standalone or plugin for Photoshop


  • Not easy to use

How to use Neat Image for noise reduction?

  • Start Neat Image as a plug-in in Photoshop
  • Click "Auto Profile" and "Noise Filter Setting"
  • Adjust noise reduction amount and click "Apply

Part 3: Top 2 Best Tools to Denoise Photo Online

1. Pine Tools

Pine Tools is a handy website that you can work with to reduce noise in images. Since this web-based image denoiser is a simple tool with no option for manual adjustment, you can use it to denoise photo online if there isn't much noise in it.



  • No limit on file size
  • Denoise photo online easily
  • Free to use


  • Not a professional tool for image denoising

How to reduce noise with this noise reduction tool?

  • Upload a file by clicking "Choose File"
  • Click on "Remove Noise!"
  • Choose the file format: PNG, JPG, or WEBP

2. Online Photo Converter

Online Photo Converter allows you to reduce noise online in one click. You can choose denoise level (1 to 6) and image quality before you start. This denoiser delivers much better results than its similar products. It's easy to use. All you need to do is upload an image and then leave the rest to this website.


  • Choose level of noise reduction
  • Max file size: 10Mb per file
  • Denoise photo online in one click


  • Show ads
  • Not support preview image

How to reduce noise with this noise reduction tool?

  • Upload an image to the website
  • Choose a level of noise reduction from 1 to 6 and click "OK"
  • Hit "Download" to save the image denoised


For professionals, it will be easier to remove noise from digital images with noise reduction software, such as Lightroom, Photoshop, DxO, Luminar, Capture One. We also have reviewed the latest software to enhance image quality for you, check here to get more information.

If you are an amateur, fixing grainy images with denoisers is a little difficult but quite rewarding. If you don't want to spend much time on tutorials, Topaz Denoise AI and VanceAI Image Denoiser are highly recommended as it is powerful and easy to use.

Things are tricky if you work with Blender Denoise, Noiseware, and Neat Image. These three denoisers are effective at reducing noise but they are not quite user-friendly when it comes to image denoising.


How to fix grainy photos with Denoise AI

Thanks to the development of deep learning techniques, there seems to be a solution to image denoising. However, deep learning methods of different types deal with different noise. Specifically, discriminative learning based on deep learning can well address thermal noise. Optimization model methods based on deep learning can deal with real noise.

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