How to Colorize Black and White photos with Algorithmia?

Despite the progress in digital imaging technology, it is still not easy for us to colorize old black and white photos. In most cases, you need to learn how to colorize old photos through special photo editing tools, such as Photoshop. It takes much time and even some extra skills to create a fine colorized photo. The reality is that most of us might end up messing around with colorized photos. Clicking “Undo” is the most common step. The result, as you can guess, often turns out not that satisfying.

Why colorize black and white photos with Algorithmia?

Is there any quick and easy way to colorize old photos? Definitely. As long as you make use of the right tool, colorizing is actually not a big deal. We have tested dozens of colorizers, including online tools, mobile apps, and software. Guess what we have found? Algorithmia, an AI colorizer.


We have taken into consideration the quality of output, price, and ease of use. And Algorithmia ranks the top on our list. Check out more alternatives to Algorithmia in our previous article:Top 10 AI Tools to Colorize Black and White Photos 2020.

No.1 This AI colorizer is easy to use.

Algorithmia allows you to colorize old photos in seconds. It comes with an intuitive interface. You don’t bother signing up. There is no need to install any apps or programs. You will not see complex buttons on its page.

No2. Colorize black and white photos automatically

Algorithmia uses the model trained with over one million images. Powered by deep learning, this online colorizer helps you colorize black and white photos automatically. All you need to do is upload a black and white image from your device. Then, let this AI photo colorizer do the rest of the work. Note: Though Algorithmia provides an alternative to colorize photos via URLs, such function is currently not available through our test.

No3. No limit & Free to use.

Unlike other photo colorizers, Algorithmia does not limit the number of images you upload. You can colorize as many old photos as you like. To colorize more images, you just need to open multiple windows of this website. Plus, it’s 100% free.

No4. Fast to use.

We have tested with over 10 photos with Algorithmia. Normally, this colorizer can colorize black and white photos in about 10 seconds. It takes a bit longer to process photos with higher resolutions.


  • Simple to use
  • Free to use
  • Fast to use
  • No limit
  • Preview before download
  • Free to download
  • No ads
  • Compatible with any websites, such as Firefox and Chrome


  • Download with watermark
  • Unable to choose color
  • Only support uploading images from PC
  • Colorized image has a smaller size and lower quality

How to colorize black and white photos with Algorithmia?

Colorizing black and white photos cannot be easier with Algorithmia. Let’s take a look.

Step 1: Open the website and upload an image



Step 2: Click the button Colorize it and wait a few seconds.


Step 3: Then you can drag the slider in the middle to see the result.

colorize photos


Step 4: Download the colorized photos directly to your PC. Click DOWNLOAD COLORIZED IMAGE. You can choose to download the comparison image or the colorized one as you like.

colorize photos

Easy right? No extra work, no extra buttons. Really intuitive. Just follow the four steps above and you will be amazed by the result it produces. When you preview the result, you will notice that Algorithmia only adds color to half of the photo. No panic. You can drag the purple line in the middle to the left side so that you can see the whole colorized photo. You can either click Download Colorized Image or Download comparison below the result.

Are colorized photos accurate?

Here are three photos colorized by Algorithmia.

The first picture was taken along an old city street. There are a lot of details. You can see from the result that AI can add relevant color to the trees, buildings, tower, sky, and cloud quite accurately. Yet, it is not 100% accurate. The algorithm fails to add the right color to some small objects in the photo, such as road signs and street lamps.

colorized photo

The second is an old family photo. Algorithmia has added the right color to the skin of family members. But it failed to give appropriate color to their clothes. Some of the human faces were not identified and kept with the original color.

colorized photo

The last is a colorized photo of natural scenery. The buildings and forests were colorized in a right tone. Quite impressive.

colorized photo

Algorithmia was trained on millions of images. It can generate seemingly real results when it comes to colorizing non-living objects, such as landscapes and buildings. But it has no idea about the true colors of objects in an image. This may lead to inaccurate results.


Why add color to black and white photos?

Colors can evoke our emotions. You can even elicit powerful emotional responses just by choosing the right color in an image. No wonder both professional artists and amateur photographers are eager to add color to black and white photos. Colorized photos give us a stronger impression than purely black and white images. Plus, colorized pics can help us remember the past. Psychologically, you tend to forget something when it’s in black and white. So, if you have an album of old family photos, you can try to colorize them to bring them back to life.


We live in a world of photos. Photos can record everything in our lives. Black and white photos are a special type of photos because they are a symbol of memories. There are many tools to bring an old photo back to life, such as mobile apps, desktop programs, or plugins in Photoshop. To create accurate colorized photos, it requires far more work than mere colorizing. For example, you need to do a lot of research ahead of time to look at what the original color of the old photo is. It also requires some extra skills to make every detail alive. But if you want to find the easiest tool for it, Algorithmia is your best choice. This AI colorizer makes things extremely easy. And It’s 100% free. These are important reasons why we have it on our list. You can colorize your old black-and-white photos and share lasting memories with your families or friends.

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