Chatbot Xiaoice Generates a Song for WAIC 2020

Microsoft Xiaoice, an AI-powered chatbot, recently generates a song called “Smart Home” for WAIC 2020 Summit Online in just two minutes. Together with other three virtual singers, Xiaoice gives a great performance in a short video released at the opening ceremony on July 9.

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Who is Xiaoice?

Xiaoice is an AI-powered chatbot created by Microsoft. This AI bot has been designed with the personality of an 18-year-old teenage girl. Xiaoice, one of the most popular chatbots, comes with an interdisciplinary AI system. This chatbot can serve as an intelligent voice assistant and AI song generator. It outperforms most of its counterparts in that it understands your emotions.


The six-year-old chatbot is very popular across five countries including China, India, Indonesia and Japan. It has over 660 million users across the world, most of which are from China. It generates content accessible to over 900 million users. It is available on over 40 platforms in the world, including WeChat in China, and Facebook Messenger in USA and LINE in Japan.


What makes Xiaoice different?

Xiaoice is different from other AI bots. She is quite talented. For example, she can write a 3-minute song of different styles in just 2 minutes. Apart from making songs, she can also write poems, sing songs, and draw.

This song generator can generate songs

Dozens of songs were made by Xiaoice, such as Breeze, I Am Xiaoice, and Miss You. Based on the fifth DNN singing model, this AI song generator can learn more details of music and learn various music styles quickly. The new singing model is composed of different voice mode, enabling Xiaoice to acquire different singing styles.

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Xiaoice can generate poems

Supported by poem generating neural network, Xiaoice has composed a book of poems and written 12 million of poems. It has also helped millions of users create poems. Even if you have never wrote any poems, you can also create some with the help of Xiaoice. It analyzes images using convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and produce a list of nouns to depict images.

Xiaoice can create paintings

Microsoft Xiaoice has learned the works of over 200 famous human painters in the 400-year art history. It can create original paintings when inspired by text. Over 100 pictures has been created by Xiaoice. This is possible through Generative Adversarial Network, which enables Xiaoice to produce broad strokes and fine details.


Making music, writing poems or drawing were exclusive to human beings. These are not easy skills. To sing songs, you need to have the ability to sing at a certain pitch and synchronize with notes. It is difficult to train a machine to sing, not to mention making music. But that’s where the opportunity lies. AI Xiaoice, a milestone for AI bots, is expected to have greater application and influence.

About Xiaoice and Microsoft

Microsoft, a global tech giant, recently spins off Xiaoice into an independent business. Such move might show that Microsoft will focus more on commercial areas instead of consumers.

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