Video game controller or PC game controllers are adopted worldwide by most new players. Back in the old days, when there were no controllers, people only used a keyboard and mouse. But now, due to advancements in technology and the extra features of the controller, people are loving it. You will love playing games with a controller as they are easily accessible.

Game Controller vs Keyboard

Game controllers are a combination of a mouse and keyboard that were officially made for games. There is no proper comparison of the game controller with the keyboard, as the keyboard has vast options than the game controller. There is a proper category of gaming that requires a controller and one that requires a keyboard. Due to the vast options and customisation of keyboards, most gamers prefer them, but this doesn't mean they dislike controllers. PlayStation and Xbox, which are well-known and popular gaming platform that offers game, only have controllers, so, many people are interested in controllers.

If we compare the features of game controllers and the features of the keyboard, then it's for sure that keyboard features will surpass that of the controller. But the keyboard only itself cannot be used for gaming properly as you should have a mouse along with it to play games. The keyboard is directly independent of the mouse. Without a mouse, a keyboard is of no use in gaming platforms. Most of the gaming competitions worldwide that are more popular are played on a keyboard and mouse. There are separate categories for controllers where only the controller is used, and no keyboard is used.

We can close the statement of keyboard vs controller with that there is no comparison of the controller and a keyboard. The keyboard has its own advantages that the controller does not provide accurately, and the controller has its own distinguished features that you cannot enjoy with the keyboard.

Fighting games worldwide are played on controllers only, while the games in which there are characters and an open world where you use guns, then the keyboard and mouse are used. If there is a side-by-side competition between a player who is using a controller and one who is using the keyboard, then it's certain that the keyboard player will win because you can get stronger reflexes with a keyboard and mouse then than with the keyboard.

Top 10 Video Game Controller

If you want to know about video game controllers, here are our top 10 game controllers that you can use to play games on various devices.

1. Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

One of the best Xbox video game controllers that you can buy is this. It has a lot of customisation options that make it so sophisticated. The unique design of the game controller makes it even more appealing due to its futuristic appearance. It gives you various options for customisation, which provides an unparallel level of control over your gameplay. You are able to handle all the aspects of the game more properly with D-pads, shift paddles, and joy stick tension.


  • An enormous amount of customisation features.
  • Detachable charging dock via USB-C.
  • Bluetooth enabled.
  • 3-step trigger modes.
  • Replaceable thumbsticks.
  • Paddle switches.
  • Internal rechargeable battery.


  • Its price is 129$.

2. PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced

PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced

PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced is a video game controller used to play games on the Xbox platform. The two extra programmable buttons around the back of the controller are accurately placed to provide a proper grip for the game controller. They are within the reach of your fingers, so you can comfortably play the game, and you won't have to change your grip while playing the game. It also has another nice feature which is a 3-way trigger lock that has a great advantage for people who have an interest in shooting games. The sweet edge lighting enhances the appearance of the controller and gives it a great outlook at night time.


  • Awesome experience with a button feel.
  • It matches the Xbox X/S controller.
  • Improved lighting feature.
  • 3-way trigger lock.
  • Wired controller via micro USB.


  • Its price is 39.88$.

3. Xbox Core Wireless Controller

Xbox Core Wireless Controller

Xbox Core Wireless Controller was a staple for PC game controller. The controller has the capabilities that people usually love, making it feel original. The design and outlook of the game controller are comfortable and extremely pleasurable. The design of the game controller is texturized with rubber grips that make you feel great in your hands when you hold the controller. Much like the original, it has the features like a superior d-pad that you will love using while playing fighting games.


  • Comfortable feel.
  • Officially supported by many games.
  • Share button.
  • Hydra D-pad.
  • Textured grip.
  • You can connect it with Bluetooth or use Xbox wireless.


  • Its price is 47.99$.

4. Sony DualSense Wireless Controller

Sony DualSense Wireless Controller

Sony DualSense Wireless Controller is one of the best top used and is affiliated with the PlayStation 5, the latest gaming platform. This video game controller is the most advanced form of game controller that you can ever experience. Not only it allows you to play the game properly, but with the haptic vibrations, you can feel the game. The quality of the controller is extra good. The adaptive triggers and haptic motors give you a proper feel of the game.


  • Super active thumbsticks.
  • Adaptive triggers.
  • Haptic motors.
  • Li-Ion battery that lasts for about 6- 12 hours.


  • Its price is 200$.

5. Scuf Instinct Pro

Scuf Instinct Pro

Scuf Instinct Pro is a video game controller that does not mess with the quality and comfort it provides to its users. It offers one of the best premium pads rather than Sony and Microsoft. The Scuf instinct Pro has the accurate Microsoft-focused pad controller that you wish you had experienced. There is soo many customisation options and features that this game controller offers.


  • Awesome customisation options.
  • Feels pressurizing solid within your hands.
  • Responsive and accurate.
  • Changeable thumbsticks.
  • Removable face plates.
  • Paddle switches.
  • It has USB type-C, Xbos Wireless, and Bluetooth connectivity options.


  • It ranges from 229$ to 179$ based on the design you want to buy.

6. Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Razer Wolverine Ultimate could be the best gamepad that is available today. It is a PC game controller that connects with the PC by using a wire. This Xbox-style gamepad offers a similar feature of the luxurious as the Xbox One Elite Controller. This game controller for PC has a swappable D-pad and customisable back paddles. As we all know, it is affiliated with the Razor company, which surprises its users with its products. This is yet another surprising collaboration of the three-headed green snake company with Xbox.


  • Swappable sticks and D-pad.
  • Loud and satisfactory face buttons.
  • It has USB-wired connectivity.


  • Its price is 84.99$

7. Sony DualShock 4

Sony DualShock 4

Sony DualShock 4 is a comfortable switch game controller for PlayStation. If you have smaller hands, like most ordinary people worldwide, then you will love this game controller. It has a built-in powerful rechargeable battery that you can charge while playing games. The analogue sticks give a very nice feeling when you rotate them, as they are soft. It has left positioned directional pad that's more comfortable for playing 2D games. It has some nice extra features that most video game controller lacks.


  • Comfortable design.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery.
  • A vibrational system that makes you feel the game.


  • Its price is 59$.

8. Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro

Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro

Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro is a game controller for PC that is one of the best PC game controller you can buy. It has a solid feel when you hold it in your hands, along with various customisation features programmed in it. It has great speed when it comes to response time, with an endless supply of extra buttons that make it easier to play complicated games on a PC. You will enjoy the accessibility options that are baked into this particular model. It has a good built quality, larger in size than most of the average game controller for PC. the extra weight of the controller makes its front feel heavier as it flourishes comforts.


  • So many buttons and extra options.
  • Fantastic versatility and accessibility.
  • No lag in input.
  • Accurate weight and built quality.


  • Its price ranges from 209$ to 159$.

9. Victrix Pro BFG Wireless

Victrix Pro BFG Wireless

Victrix Pro BFG Wireless is a game controller for PC designed with an elite-level performance in mind. The amazing design of the modular allows you to tailor your exact preferences properly. Smaller analogue stick that helps to boost your precision of aim. Multiple D-pad choices, stick gates, and a fight pad module provide you with six face buttons. The modules can be flipped around, so the sticks are symmetrical.


  • Deep customisation options.
  • Its price is lower than its competition.
  • Amazing performance.
  • Quick response time.
  • Works for PC, PS5, and PS4.


  • Its price is 179$.


10. Turtle Beach React-R

Turtle Beach React-R

Turtle Beach React-R is the latest PC game controller that remains within the boundaries of your budget. It is lighter in weight than most premium quality controllers and has a unique design along with a great comfort level that will make you feel great when you will hold it in your hands, which strives for the attention of gamers. The streamlined aesthetic, along with remappable fly paddles, makes it feel far more expensive, but in reality, it is not that much of expensive.


  • The grippy texture of the game controller.
  • Properly balanced and spaced.
  • On the fly remapping.
  • The movement of the controller is smooth.


  • Its price is 40$.

How far can game controllers go?

As far as the gaming community is going, the game controllers are going to get more advanced. The more the features of the new games, the new game controllers along with the features should also be introduced. The gaming community will be different as it is now due to game controller and keyboard mouse gaming. All the features of the new games will be according to the features of the controllers. As we all know, most well-known and popular games are introduced with controllers first, then converted into PC gaming.


That's all the top 10 game controllers! If you are a gamer and want to enjoy the game peacefully with extra comfort, then you should use game controllers. Because they are the new era of gaming.  In this top 10 game controller list, some of them are original, some are stylish, and some are easy to use. No matter what kind of games you like to play, you will find the one game controller for you. If there's one you think is better, feel free to comment below.

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